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Megan and I had been dating since the 7th grade I was a quarter back for our schools football team and she was the cheer captain for the cheer squad. Megan has thick butt length blonde hair that she cared for a lot and beautiful blue eyes. My story starts in out in our freshmen year of high school when I went with Megan to a salon so she could get a trim. I sat down in the waiting area while Megan went to get her hair cut, but what caught my eye was a Beautiful brunette with waste length hair getting it all cut off. Seeing this really turned me on and I wished Megan would cut her hair off but I was doubtful she would because of how much she loved her hair. On the car ride to her house I decided to ask “what do you think of short hair” she looked at me almost disgusted “it’s hideous and definitely not for me” I decided to keep trying “babe you would look beautiful with any haircut maybe a buzz cut would look nice” “never in a million years would I ever cut my hair off love it and that’s final” I decided it would be wise to shut up and drive home I dropped her off and went back to my own house. I went online and found this website that showed girls having all of their hair shaved off and this once again turned me on and it made me wish even more that Megan would shave her head for me. After that I never really mentioned it again but over the years my short hair fetish only grew and little did I know an opportunity would appear soon enough. Now here we are in out first year of college and we are living together. It was Saturday morning and we were out of cereal so I went to the bathroom and yelled to Megan “I’m going to the store to get cereal do you need anything” she replied “yea I just used the last of my shampoo and conditioner can you get me some more” i said yes and left. When I arrived at the store I first went to get Megan’s shampoo and conditioner while I was walking down the aisle something caught my eye the label read “Hair-No-More, permanently removes hair from all areas on the body with just one rub”. I started to formulate a plan if I could place a little on her head each night it would appear as if she where balding. I excitedly grabbed the Hair-No-More along with the shampoo and conditioner and went to get my cereal. When I got home I sneakily hid the Hair-No-More in my jacket and brought in the three items I was supposed to buy and went in side I heard the blow dryer going so I knew Megan wasn’t down with her hair yet so I went to our room and hid the Hair-No-More under the bed. I then went back to the front door opened it and slammed it shut and said I’m home and she turned the hair dryer off and came out of the bathroom she kissed me and the rest of the day was pretty normal but I couldn’t stop thinking about the plan. Late that night though Megan suggested we should watch Riverdale and I didn’t complain because she often fell asleep while watching and I would have easy access to the top of her head. So after the second episode of Riverdale I realized she had fallen asleep and snuck into our room to grab the Hair-No-More I poured some onto my finger and I rubbed a circle the size of a quarter on her head and after 5 minutes like the bottle said I pulled out the hair easily and buried it deep in the garbage I woke up and looked at the time it was 12:00 and Megan was gone I went to get dressed and went to the kitchen there was a note it said going out with some friends see you at 5:00 love you. It was 5:16 when she opened the door and came over to where I was sitting on the couch and said “I am pooped” I said “yea did you have fun though” she said yea and bent down to take off her shoes now I could see clearly her bald spot and it didn’t look like she tried to hide it so I assumed she hadn’t noticed. That night we went to our room and had very passionate sex and after Megan fell asleep I got up grabbed the bottle of Hair-No-More and put some more on my thumb widened the circle then got a good idea to put some on her hair line to make it look like it was receding I waited 5 minutes and did the same thing as the night before. The next morning we woke up at the same time to go to college. Today I could really tell she was balding her forehead was obviously bigger. We did our usual morning routine and left I could tell she had started to notice because I could see where she covered it up but I could still tell. After school we had sex again and when she fell asleep I did the same as usual widened the circle and moved her hairline up a little. The next morning she was wearing a hat and I new for a fact she noticed because she never wore hats so I decided to say something “since when do you where hats” she replied with a half panicked look on her face “I don’t know I just thought it would look cute with my outfit” I ended the conversation their and left to school. That night she was wearing her hooded pajamas which she never wore and said I don’t feel like sex tonight and went to bed I waited a little till I new she was asleep pulled of her hood and widened the circle to the size of my palm and pulled her hairline far back. The next morning I woke up and saw Megan was gone I heard the shower going and heard slight crying I went to the bathroom and said babe are you ok and she stopped crying and said “yes” “oh I thought I heard crying” and I left. Once again she wore a hat to school and a hood to bed that night I decided to remove all of the hair from the top of her head and left the sides making her look really dumb and I felt kind of bad. That morning I heard the shower going but this time the crying was very loud and obvious I went the bathroom and said “babe let me in what’s wrong” she opened the door and she had a towel on her head and I said “why are you crying” she removed her towel and I had to act shocked I said “what happened” she replied “I’ve been balding that’s why I’ve been wearing hats” “oh I’m so sorry, I mean a lot of women go bald and your still beautiful” she cried even harder and said “ I’m hideous” I started to feel bad because even though I wished for years for her to have short hair it was her pride and joy and she spent hours working on it. “Is their anything I can do” she said “can you make hair grow back” I said “no, come on babe let’s get out of the bathroom and go to the salon and get the rest shaved off” she started screaming hysterically “no, I’ve always kept good care of it i brushed it shampooed it I can’t be bald” “I dragged her to our room and grabbed her some clothes and a hat she reluctantly put it on and we went to get in the car Megan didn’t cry as much in the car but her eyes where swimming in tears. We got to the salon and I toke her hand I went to the front desk and said “she needs a haircut” the lady at the desk said “do you have an appointment” I said “no but she really needs a haircut” I lifted up her cap a little and said “she’s been balding” and the lady I guess got sympathetic and said “I think we can make and exception” She went to the back and got a hairstylist and told her the situation and beckoned us over I held Megan’s hand and walked over she sat down down and removed her hat the stylist cringed and said “I’m sorry about your hair mam but it happens to everybody” Megan nodded and a few tears fell down her cheek. The stylist got to work and only then did I really realize how much hair Megan had, as she started shaving Megan started crying again as the hair piled up. This really turned me on and even as she was crying she was hot with short hair like I thought. The stylist finished and said alright all done, Megan said nothing and went to the car I payed and went to catch up with her I saw she was bent over at a trash can throwing up she didn’t have any tears left. On the car ride home I told her “ you are beautiful bald and I still love you” with that she responded but what did I do to deserve being bald I was beautiful and now I’m ugly. That night I used the Hair-No-More one last time on the sides. She never truly got over it and wanted a very high quality wig but when she was home she took it off and we had the best sex ever and we eventually got married and had kids.

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