Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

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I’ve never been a suspicious or jealous woman, but my husband had been acting weird lately. We had been married 5 years, and from what I could tell, we were a perfect couple. Ted was my college sweetheart, and we were inseparable after graduation. He was still as strapping and handsome as he was the day I met him. I tried to keep my athletic build by running daily, as well as teaching Zumba at a local gym. I kept my brown hair at shoulder length, not because of preference, but I never seemed to be inspired enough to change it at the hairdresser. For months now, it felt as if the fire had left our marriage. Ted had been spending much more time online. When I asked him what he was doing, he always closed his laptop and attempted to change the subject. I had started to worry that he was cheating on me with another woman.

“He just doesn’t seem interested in me anymore Robin.” I said, reaching across the diner booth for the creamer. “The more I think about it, the more I believe that there has to be another woman.”

“You’re being silly Audrey.” Robin said touching my hand. “Just talk with him. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“He doesn’t talk ever talk about what he’s doing online.” I replied with tears welling in my eyes. “He always changes the subject.”

“Well then you need to get your hands on that laptop.” Robin said with a smirk. “Do some good old fashion detective work.”

Robin had a point, but I had always tried to respect Ted’s privacy. The thought of going through his laptop made me feel like a bad wife for not trusting my husband.

After getting home from the diner, I made my way to Ted’s office, where I found his laptop sitting peacefully on his desk. Knowing that I had hours before I would see Ted walk through the front door, I settled into his chair and powered his laptop on. The password didn’t pose a barrier at all, as Ted always used the same one. I searched through his files and browser history, finding nothing out of the usual, before I began to skim his emails. Most of the inbox was filled with spam or benign work emails. As I was beginning to lose hope of finding evidence to support my paranoia, I stumbled across an email chain with the subject “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.”

Latest Email:


I’m sorry but I’ve decided to not go through with it. I don’t think I could live with myself if I caused my wife any suffering. I’ve hidden the conditioner bottle under the vanity. I’ll dispose of it, as per the instructions. Thank you for everything.


“What the hell was Ted up to.” I said to myself as I moved on to the previous email.


I’m glad the product got to you with no difficulties. For maximum effect, you’ll need to empty the contents of the bottle in your Wife’s conditioner bottle. With the extended exposure of the chemical, you should start to see substantial hair fall in a matter of days, with full depilation in a month. She likely will not notice the extent of her hair loss for a week or so. My advice to you is to enjoy the process as it unfolds. Thank you again for your purchase.


I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I had to keep reading.


I recently read about your product, and I ordered a bottle. I’ve always had a fantasy of seeing my wife completely bald. It’s not a fantasy that I’ve ever shared with her, but I am sure that she would never willing shave her head. Your product would let me indulge my deepest desire. Thank you.


With that, I closed out of his email and powered his laptop off. I sat there in the dark, running my hands through my hair. I had just discovered that my loving husband bought something online to cause all of my beautiful hair to fall out. I should have found solace that he had decided to use this chemical on me, but I couldn’t shake the fact that he secretly wanted me to be bald. I got up from Ted’s desk chair and walked over to our master bathroom to search for the conditioner bottle mentioned in the email. Sure enough, buried in the very back of our vanity sat a bottle of my favorite conditioner. I couldn’t help myself from taking the bottle and unscrewing the cap. All I could smell was the coconut and almond sent that I had fallen in love with over the years, but I knew what sinister liquid was hidden inside. I screwed the cap back on, and placed it back in its hiding spot. The only reason why I hadn’t poured the bottle down the drain, was the curiosity behind Ted’s fantasy.

Before Ted came home, I straightened up the house and started cooking dinner. I had a million thoughts running through my head as I stirred the spaghetti sauce. I was so lost in thought, that I didn’t even hear Ted come through the door.

“Smells good.” Ted said leaning over my shoulder. “I’m starving.”

I shrugged off his comment with a smile and started plating dinner.

Much of dinner was filled with pleasantries but there was no real substance to our conversation. After dinner I settled onto the loveseat with my laptop, and Ted retreated to his office. I knew he was likely engaging in his fetish, and I was joining him. I scoured the internet for stories and videos highlighting women going bald. Although I had only started looking at the videos to try and understand my husband’s obsession, I couldn’t stop myself from getting turned on. I gravitated towards the videos showing women going completely bald. The transformations were drastic and the women honestly looked beautiful.

Ted emerged from his office, so I quickly closed my browser and hid my laptop as to not raise any suspicions.

“Mind if I join you?” Ted asked taking a seat next to me on the couch. “Shame to let a Friday night go by without hanging out with my lovely wife and watch a movie.”

“Sure.” I replied scooting over towards him and covering his legs with my blanket. “Have a movie in mind?”

“You pick.” Ted said turning the tv to the Netflix app. “I picked last time.”

A stroke of brilliance hit me as I took the remote from Ted. I found what I was looking for and pressed play.

“Dr. Strange?” Ted responded. “Didn’t we just watch that last year?”

“Yeah.” I replied with a smile. “But Benedict Cumberbatch is too good to pass up right now.”

Ted smiled back as we settled in to watch the movie. As we watched, I got comfortable and placed my head on Ted’s lap. Right on queue, as soon as the Ancient One appeared on the screen, I felt something throb in his pants. I could tell that Ted was trying to restrain himself, but the appearance of a bald woman was getting the best of him. I felt it was time to test the waters.

“God, she really pulls that look off.” I said, snuggling closer to Ted with my head still firmly planted on his lap. “Bald really does suit her.”

“I guess.” Ted said. His erection becoming even more pronounced. “She is pretty.”

“Sometimes I wonder if I would look good like that.” I replied, running a hand through my hair. “Like if all of my hair fell out, would I still be pretty?”

“You always look beautiful Audrey.” Ted said as he shifted to stifle his hard on.

“You’re only saying that because you’re married to me.” I said with a smile as the scene continued to play out. “If I were completely bald, you probably wouldn’t find me attractive.”

“Of course I would Audrey.” Ted replied, reaching down and petting my hair. “Who knows, I might like you better bald.”

With that, I slowly unzipped his pants and guided his penis out of the opening and into my awaiting mouth. Ted placed a hand on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down. Before long, I felt his member throb as he exploded in my mouth. I struggled to swallow every drop, but I managed.

“Well that was a pleasant surprise.” Ted said as he looked at me lovingly.

“It certainly was.” I replied with a smirk. “And I expect you to return the favor after the movie.”

“Were you serious about shaving your head bald?” Ted’s voice cracked.

“Oh I don’t think I could ever shave my head.” I chuckled, pushing my hair behind my ear. “I’m just saying that it probably wouldn’t bother me if all of my hair fell out one day, like if I were sick or something.”

The rest of the movie went on uneventfully, with Ted excusing himself to the bathroom about midway through. After he returned to the couch, I excused myself as well, not because I had to pee, but because I wanted to confirm my theory.

I entered the bathroom and inspected Ted’s hiding place. Sure enough the bottle was missing. In the trash can next to the toilet, I discovered an empty bottle of my conditioner. I considered briefly that Ted had disposed of the tainted bottle, but quickly found that my partially used bottle in the shower was replaced with a brand new bottle. Ted had pulled the trigger with his plan and made the swap because of a comment and a blow job. I place the newly empty bottle back into the trash, flushed to the toilet to maintain appearance and exited the bathroom.

After the movie ended, we made our way to the master bedroom to get ready for bed.

“Maybe I can return that favor for you.” Ted said touching my shoulder.

“Maybe.” I replied suggestively. “I want to take a shower first though and freshen up.”

Ted’s eyes went wide at the prospect of his plan coming to fruition. “Okay. I guess I’ll wait for you in the bedroom.”

I closed the bathroom door, disrobed and stood in front of the mirror completely naked, wondering what I would look like if I decided to use the tainted bottle of conditioner sitting ominously in the shower. My brown hair shone in the bathroom lighting, as if it was pleading for its life. Would shedding the hair from my head save my marriage, and give our relationship a much needed libido boost?

I ultimately decided on love as I turned on the shower to my typical temperature and stepped inside. I engaged in my normal shower ritual, shampooing my hair and washing my body thoroughly. After rinsing the shampoo from my hair, I picked up the new bottle of conditioner and opened the cap. The scent of coconuts and almonds wafted through the air, encouraging me to indulge. I hesitated for a moment before pouring a generous amount of the concoction into my hands and massaging it into my scalp and hair. At first application, I thought I could feel a slight tingling sensation that quickly dissipated. I left the conditioner on my hair for double the time than I usually do, before rinsing. I ran my hands through my hair expecting to see a significant fall out, only to see little to none. The email did elude to it being a slow process.

I toweled off and wrapped my hair into a turby-twist before entering the bedroom for my treat.

“Sorry I took so long.” I said as I let the towel fall from my body. “My hair has felt dry lately and I wanted to give my conditioner enough time to seep in.”

Ted said nothing as he threw me onto the bed and buried himself in my mound. I laid back and relished the sensation of Ted lapping away at me. Eventually he migrated back up to my eye level and slid himself into me. I attempted to remove the turby-twist from my head but he stopped me. Surely it gave allowed him to imagine what I would soon look like without any hair, as I could feel his thrusts growing in power and depth. Eventually neither one of us could hold out anymore before we both climaxed. It was easily one of the greatest orgasms I had ever had. We remained on the bed in a sweaty, breathless heap staring at each other lovingly.

“Happy Friday to you too.” I said kissing him on the forehead. “I’m going to go dry my hair before bed.”

I retreated back to the bathroom and took my hair down from the wrap. It wasn’t until I turned on my hairdryer and began brushing my hair, that I noticed my hair coming out more than usual. More and more hair began accumulating as I worked around my head. After I finished, there was a sizable amount of hair on the brush, but my hair didn’t look any thinner. I decided to not clean out my brush so that Ted could see the fruits of his labor. Although the thought of losing my hair was scary, I knew that this sacrifice would bring my husband back to me.

I finished getting ready for bed and quickly fell asleep before Ted got back from the bathroom.

The next morning I awoke to the sounds of Ted making me breakfast. I got up and looked down at my pillow and noticed quite a few hairs had fallen out during the night. I left them on my pillow and went into the bathroom to inspect my head. My hair felt dry, likely from all of the hair that had fallen out and gotten stuck in the remaining hair. I cleared my brush from last night and began brushing my hair again in an attempt to shed the dead hair. Once again, the brush quickly accumulated with the discarded hair. Looking in the mirror, it was difficult to tell if my hair was any thinner, although the two sizable mounds of hair sitting on my counter told another story. I pulled my hair into a tight pony tail and migrated to the kitchen to see what Ted was cooking up.

“Smells good.” I said kissing the back of his neck.

Ted smiled and kissed me on the top of my head. “Not half as good as you.”

“You know I love that conditioner.” I smiled back

We ate breakfast and made smalltalk about the week. Ted had mentioned that he had some things around the house that he wanted to take care of, and I had mentioned that I wanted to go for a jog before it got too hot outside.

“After I get back, I’ll shower and we could go have a lunch date if you want.” I said getting up from he table.

“Another shower?” Ted asked

“Well duh.” I chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere with my hair all sweaty and me smelling bad.”

Ted didn’t say anything else.

I went back into the bedroom and put on my running shorts and a sports bra before I took off out the door. As I jogged through the neighborhood, I could feel that my hair was quite a bit lighter as it bounced in its ponytail. I wondered how light it would feel when I was completely bald. I began wondering what I would do once I was bald. Would I wear a wig? Or would I show myself to the world? What would Robin say? It was partially her fault for coercing me to snoop on Ted. Before long, I had made it back to the house completely saturated in sweat.

I pealed my clothes off of me and took my damp hair down from the ponytail only to have several hair clinging to the hair tie. I jumped into the shower and lathered up my body. I let the water beat on the top of my head for a moment before I shampooed and rinsed. I instinctively reached for the conditioner bottle and lathered up without hesitation. I made sure that the substance made contact with every inch of my hair and scalp. With my hair as thin as it was becoming, I could definitely feel a tingling sensation. It actually felt quite nice. I stood there in the shower for what seemed like forever letting the water beat on my back leaned forward with my hands on the wall. I eventually rinsed off the conditioner and stepped out into the steamy bathroom. I toweled off and attempted to place my hair into a wrap but was having a difficult time doing so. I took my towel and began wiping away at the foggy mirror only to find that my hair was significantly thinner after the shower. I could clearly see my scalp in many areas. I looked in the shower and discovered a fair amount of hair was sitting on top of the drain. I plugged in my hairdryer and began brushing at my thin hair. Just like before, the hair seemed to slide effortlessly from my head and get stuck in the brush. I kept brushing until I reached a point where there was clearly more hair on my brush than on my head. The few hairs on my head seemed to cling on for dear life for the moment. As if in a trance, I took my leg razor and quickly removed the stragglers with a swipe. I needed to emerge from the bathroom as the bald woman my husband wanted. Once I was satisfied of my work, I put the razor down and wrapped a towel around my smooth head as best as I could. It was difficult without any hair to keep it tied together.

I emerged from the bathroom and found Ted sitting on the couch with the newspaper.

“Ready to go to lunch?” He asked looking up from the paper with a smile. “I figured we could try that new seafood place in town.”

“I just need a moment to figure out what to do with my hair.” I said as I took the towel down from my head. “I need your opinion though.”

Ted’s jaw dropped as I revealed my hairless head. “Honey. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think it would happen so fast!”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I ran my hands over my scalp, playing coy. “Did you know this would happen to me?”

“I’m so sorry Audrey.” Ted said as he stood from the couch and embraced me. “It was a stupid fantasy of mine, and this happened because of me.”

“Oh Ted.” I said kissing him on the mouth. “I knew about the conditioner, and I let you do this to me. Do I look okay?”

Ted ran his hands over my hairless scalp. “You look perfect.”

“Damn right I do!” I replied with a smile. “From now on, no more office time for you when you get home from work, because you’ll be too busy making it up to me.”

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