Haircut advantage from Male Barber

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Hello Everyone, my name is Urvashi. I am 30 year old fair women. Today I will share true incident happened in my life. How one male muslim barber gang bang me during my haircut.
This incident happened about six months ago. In my family we are 5 members me, my husband, my 5 year old son, mother in law and father in law. We are living in one small town and we are typical Maharashtrian family. I am housewife with fair colour, 5.5 feet height and upto knee long and thick hair like a Jet.
My husband was working as a construction supervisor. First he was working in our small town but after some days he was changed his job and he got new job in Mumbai as a construction supervisor. So first he was shifted to Mumbai and after 6 months me and my son also shifted to Mumbai with him and our mother and father decided to live in hometown . It’s a first time I was moved from my native place. In Mumbai we shifted in Neral area it’s outside from Mumbai and under development area. Here we live in one of 1bhk flat at rent and it’s on 12th floor. It’s totally new area for me also in building no buddy know to each other. My husband leave for work early at morning and daily return to home at late night so all house responsibility is on me. So I decided to explore surrounding area means where is market, school, shops. But it’s new area so here shops, market are very few. After some days summer season was started. But I have no idea about summer season of Mumbai. In Mumbai in summer season humidity is very high so all our body sweating continuously. Now it’s a May temperature is very high and due to continuous sweating my headache problem was started. So one Sunday I was discussed my headache problem with my husband then he suggested me for sweating problem reduced my hair length upto my back and I also agree to reduce my hair. And my husband gives me permission for haircut. So next day at afternoon I was going to search beauty parlour but not found any parlour near our society. But at road side I found one barber shop then I thought ask them for my sun’s haircut so I was going in that shop it’s very small shop only one chair are there. Then I see barber are sleeping on chair due to afternoon time nobody is there. Barber is about 50 year old, 6 feet tall, muscular, strong and it’s a Muslim man because he has long beard. So I was wake up him and ask “Bhaiya aap chote baccho ki haircut karte ho..?” “ Brother can you cut little children’s hair.?” then he said yes. Then I ask how many changes you changed if you came to home for haircut.? Then he said Rs.100 I said ok and take his mobile number and told him I will call you after 2-3 days. He said ok and I was leave shop and return back to home.
Next day I am again searching parlour for me not found. So after some days I was call that barber at home for my son’s hair cut. At morning 10am he has came and ring the doorbell. I was open the door and request him seat on chair. He was came on his traditional Muslim dress. At that morning I was washed my long hair and I put it open because my sweating problem. And I saw barber was continuously observing me from top to bottom. I was wearing sleeveless gown. Then I was arranged all haircut setup in our balcony and call him in balcony. He was came and started my son haircut. During haircut we chat with each other he ask me all information about me and our family. I was also enquiring about him self. His name is Javed Ansari he was living in Mumbai by born. During our chat he continuously observing my big armpits which is clearly visible from my sleeveless gown. My armpits, public hair and all over hair on body are grow very big because I was not waxing or shaving my body hair about a year. Due to this also I was facing sweating problem. Then I was asking Javed about ladies parlour in that area but he also replied no any parlour for ladies. Then he told he also gives doorstep haircut service to ladies. Then I was surprised, he told at afternoon he was fully busy in ladies service. Then I told him about Mumbai weather. Then he says in summer here humidity is very high due to this sweating problem faced everybody to avoid this wear light cloth keep hair as small as possible also clean every part of body. He was indirectly told me about my hairy armpits. After that my son’s haircut was done he was clean all hair on floor then I was paid him Rs.100. At the time of leaving he told me mam your armpits also grown very large if you want to shave it then I was done it free of cost because it’s a summer season now. I said no to him and he was leaving my flat and stand near lift and waiting for lift.
Then I thought why not try something new like haircut through male barber because I am searching parlour from last 3 days but unfortunately not found. So let’s try and I was again going outside my flat and saw Javed still waiting for lift. I call them again in my flat. He came and I asked him can you give me haircut.? He happily says yes. I was again arranged haircut setup now in our bedroom near dressing table and called Javed in bedroom. I was sat on table in front of mirror. He tie white cloth on my neck. After that he grab my big hair bun and open my long hair and start combing my hair from top to bottom. During hair combing he told me for stand then I was standing in front of mirror and Javed was combing my hair at bottom side and during combing he was started to press and rub my Ass. Then he parted my hair in left and right side and put hair at my front side. He came at front of me and again start to comb my hair now he was slowly started to play with my big boobs. That day I was also not wear bra under my gown so Javed was easily found my big nipples. So he easily rub my nipples during hair combing. First I don’t like this but after some time I thought from last 3 years I am not doing sex with my husband because he works 10 to 14 hrs and after that when he came to home then he was soo tired so he was not able to give proper time to me and family. Then I decided let’s enjoy that experience with different man and specially with Muslim man because from school days I was listening many things about Muslim man from my friends like muslim men’s are very strong in sex also his dick are very long, he was doing sex upto long time etc…
Now I was started to enjoy every touch of Javed on my body. Then he ask me mam how many long hair to be cut down.? I said cut as per your choice but give me nice haircut. Then he suggest me short bob cut above shoulder. I said yes to him. He was very happy. Then he again ask mam how to cut your hair like directly cut your 4 feet long hair in one shot or cut it in small pieces.? Again I said cut as per your choice. He was again seen very happy. Then he take out a scissor from his bag, again comb my long hair properly parted hair at right and left side and take all hair at front side. He stands in front of me and insert scissor in my long hair and start to cutting it…snap…snap….snap…crunchh….chrunchhh….crunchhh……and finally my beautiful thick black and shiny hair start to falling on floor into small pieces. Javed start to cut my long hair into small pieces. He was fully enjoying my haircut because during haircut he was rubbing my all body parts my thighs, stomach, my ass. Now he reduced my hair length from knee to my boobs. Now he start to rub my both big boobs. I was also purposefully increase my boobs for more enjoyment. Javed now , rubbing my both nipples and again start to cut my hair. Javed enjoying my haircut upto half and hour and finally gives me short bob cut above my shoulder. Now he was cleaning all hair from cloth and untie cloth from my neck. And finally I was seen my new look into mirror. Javed was really gives me nice haircut like a ladies parlour. Now I was turn and seen to floor oohhh my godd…. our bedroom whole floor is covered with my black and shiny hair. My 4 feet long hair cutted into thousands of small pieces and spread every where in our bedroom floor.
Now I was intentionally ask him “kya aap mere armpits shave karenge.?” He was very happy and said yes. Now he prepared razor insert new blade into it and turn towards me. Then I was without any hesitation directly removed my gown and stand in front of Javed only on my underwear with my open boobs. After seeing me he was totally mad due to happiness. His happiness is like he won a big lottery. He came to near me catch my right hand and move upward and saw the big bunch of Curly hair. He applied some water on hair and start shaving my armpits after right hand he was done left armpits shave work. After armpits saving he was observing my pubic hair it was also grown very large and came outside from my underwear. He asked anything before that I told him shave it also. Then he was slowly removed my underwear now I was totally nude in front of Javed. By seeing me totally nude his dick was also erected very hard and long. Then I told Javed for my pusssy shaving you also removed all your clothes and came nude to shave. Then he also removed his all clothes and came totally nude in front of me. I was first time seen any muslim men totally nude. Now I was also mad after seeing him nude his body is very muscular well maintained his whole body is also clean like waxing. His dick is about 7 inch long and about 1 inch in diameter and dark black colour looks like a rocket because their is no any cap or extra skin on his dick because he is muslim.
Then I was slept on the floor and called Javed, and said “Now I am totally yours, do anything which you want.” Javed was came near to me and applied foam on my thick forest around my pusssy. I told him “i want to play with your black cobra” Then Javed came on me from upper side like “69” position. Now I was catch his Big black cobra and I realised it was soo hard, soo big and very hot. In my life I was first time seen this type of big dick. I was started rubbing and stirring his dick slowly move it up and down. Now Javed also start to rub my pusssy and forest around it and start to put his middle finger inside my pusssy. I was slowly started to moaning oohhh… yeah… After some time Javed was started to shave my pusssy and other side I was started to licking his big black cobra. It’s my first experience of blowjob in my life because I never do this with my husband. Within 5 minutes Javed was fully shaved my pusssy. And now Javed was sleeping on me like 69 position and start licking my pusssy at same time he fully inserted his dick in to my mouth. Ohh my god his dick was reached upto my throat. Now we both passionately licking each other and every parts of our body. Next half hour we both are enjoying blowjob. After that Javed was catch me in his hands like small baby and started to sucking my pink nipples and very hardly pressing my both big boobs. He was sucking my nipples like small boy. I like that very much because after 3 years I was enjoying sexxx. We both enjoyed foreplay upto 1hr. And finally Javed was came on me spread my both legs and started to insert his big dick into my pinky pusssy. But ohhh noooo….his dick is very thick so it’s not easily enter into my pusssy. Javed was failed in first and second try to insert his dick then Javed take out bottel of coconut oil from is bag and applied oil on his dick and also applied inside my pusssy. Now he again try to insert his black cobra into my hole. And at that time ohhhh…my godd he was forcefully instead his 7 inch rod into me and I was started moaning loudly oohhh….owchhhh….aahhhhh…. Now Javed grabbed my both hands tightly and start to move his dick in and out rapidly into my pusssy. I was enjoying heavenly experience. I was continuously moaning loudly and enjoying horse riding after some time Javed was discharged his cum inside me in large very quantity it’s about full of glass. After that we both are enjoying sexxx about 3 to 4 hrs. We tried all sex positions and it’s first time I was fully satisfied from sex in my life because with my husband we are doing only 10 to 15 minutes sex but that day with Javed I was enjoying sexxx upto 4 hrs and he was continuously cummings inside me. That day I think Javed was filled about ½ liter of his cum inside me. After 4 hrs we separated from each other. We both are fully sweated so we decide to bath together. Then Javed was clean all floor because every where is my cutted hair was spread. Now we both are nudely go inside bathroom and Javed start shower and we start bath together but at there also Javed again start to press my big boobs so I was also again start to suck his dick and he was again finally cummed into my mouth that time I was tested men’s cum first time it was soo sticky and salty in test. I was drink all his cum. After bathing we both wear our clothes and say thank you each other for such heavenly experience and decided to meet and enjoy sex 2-3 times in month. After that Javed was happily leaving my home. He was came at morning 10am and leaving at evening 6pm. That day I was realised which different things I was heard from my school time about muslim men he was very strong, he has more stamina for sex etc..etc…all are correct and after that day we both are regularly met and enjoy sex upto next 4 years so I need not my husband for happiness. After 4 years my husband transfer was done in Delhi and we shifted to Delhi from Mumbai. But this 4 years are most beautiful years of my life which gives me life time happiness. Thank you……….

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