Haircut and piercing (part-1)

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hi this story of my haircut with cousin sisters

My name is Saima. I am 16 year old girl.
I am in 10th standard (this year i am having boards)
My winter vacation had just started. So i went to grandma house with my mom and younger sister nisha who is 14 year old. My hair touches my waist. When we reach their
I meet my cousin sisters roshi(17) and neha(13) aunt divya(44) .Neha is good at putting mehndi
One day at noon my aunt,mom,roshi,nisha, me and neha were sitting in room. Neha was putting mehndi on my hands.while gossiping my mother said to my aunt divya

Mom- Bhabhi Saima is now 16 and her nose piercing is still pending and her boards are also coming.
Bhabhi- hmm. Roshi nose piercing is also pending and neha is having to much lice
Mom- I have an idea.
Bhabhi- what idea?
Mom- as you know saima boards are near and her hair is reaching her waist it will be difficult for her to handle hair. So i am thinking let’s take them to salon for piercing and haircut on sunday
Bhabhi- that’s great idea. I will make appointment for sunday

Mom- saima and nisha get ready we have to go to salon.
saima- why?
Mom- for your piercing and haircut
Saima- but why?
Mom- don’t argue with me. Just get ready
Saima- Ok mom (in angry tone)

In salon

When we reached salon their was three seats
And place for piercing. When we get inside. We were welcomed by a beautiful girl having pixiecut.hi Iam jessi hairdresser and owner of this salon.
In her salon one more lady was their she multalented mary

Aunt(divya)- Hi iam divya. I have made appointment for afternoon.

Jessi- oh yes.

Aunt- so we are for haircut piercing of my daughter and nephews

Jessi- ok so who is getting what?

Aunt tell mom to instruct jessi about it

Mom- hey jessi I am Meenu. (Pointing towards me) saying she is my daughter saima she her nose piercing and haircut as her boards are. Nisha needs ear piercing, roshi needs nose piercing and neha needs a short haircut

I was shivering because i was the only one who was getting haircut an piercing.

jessi called mary and said-
Jessi- mary do piercing of roshi and nisha and then do haircut of neha. Meanwhile i will handle Saima.

Mary- ok jessi and takes nisha and for piercing

Jessi- come saima have a seat

Saima- (shivering) ok

Jessi- so what type of haircut do you want?

Saima- i wan….

Mom interrupted
Cut her really short so it is manageble for her

Jessi- how about a pixiecut

Mom- great

After listening i started crying

Mom- stop crying saima. You aren’t a small child

Jessi started cutting my hair
I was crying
After few minutes my hair cut was done.

i will continue story in next part

Please give your feedback till then.

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