Haircut and piercing (part-2)

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hi this second of the story

After jessi chopped my hair. She brushes it and said you look cute in boycut. Then she went inside and bring piercing gun and said be ready cutie
My mom grabbed my face tightly from behind
And said don’t move dear. It was horrible experience
Meanwhile Roshi and nisha piercing was done
and neha was getting her haircut. After few neha step down from chair flaunting her new
Frech bob. Jessi called mom and said
Mam you should also get a trim
My replyed no. Next time
Jessi insisted
Ok fine mom said (mom hair were long touching her boobs)
Mom gone and sit on chair
Jessi what type hair cut do you want
Something easy to maintain
Jessi suggest her to get shoulder Length bob. Mom said yes.
After few minutes my mom haircut was done.
We paid and went away. In car my cousin were teasing for my short hair (because i was having longest hair in my family before haircut).
We stayed at grandma house house for one week. Then went to our house. when we reached our home.
Next day i went to school all friends were shocked. My teacher appreciated me for my hair and said maintain it till boards.
When i reached home i told mom about what teacher said. After listening it she said
You will get monthly trim till boards.
Till then bye…..

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