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Emily had just opened a new package of shampoo, but what caught her eye was a golden ticket inside the package. She quickly grabbed the flyer and quickly read the text on the back.
“Dear customer,
You are the lucky winner of our lottery, so we would like to invite you for the hair treatment of the new generation. We would like to introduce the Hair Chair T-3000 – a peak of technology ready to serve!
Our Hair Chair is a masterpiece capable of washing, cutting, and shaving hair. In addition, it has over 200 different hairstyles programmed, so it will find a perfect style just for you!”

Under the text, there was a map and the address where the Hair Chair was. Emily nervously bit her lip and touched her hair reaching her waist. She wanted to cut her locks for a long time, but was she ready to trust a robot?
She took a second glance at the map – the location of the robotic salon wasn’t that far away, and she would be able to get there within 30 minutes. That is plenty of time to reconsider all of her choices, right?
Before she left Emily changed her clothes to something more presentable – a dark corset with a white shirt and black jeans, finishing her look with boots on small heels. She also did delicate make-up, putting eyeliner, and purple eyeshadow, topping it with mascara. With her beating heart, she closed the front door of her house, wandering into the unknown.



When she finally arrived at the address marked on the ticket she saw a bunch of women standing outside. There was a huge booth inside the salon – from this place Emily saw bright lights and a screen showing HAIRCUT IN PROGRESS, so she quickly assumed that someone was inside right now.
After a while, the text changed to HAIRCUT COMPLETE, and the woman in a red dress stepped out from the machine, touching her new fluffy, platinum blonde bob. When she lifted her hair on the nape Emily and all the people in the queue were able to see that underneath the bob was a dark stubble, probably in her natural color.
The next two friends came in – a tall brunette with shag and wispy bangs, all of it reaching her shoulders at the longest part, and a shorter, chubby redhead with long, wavy hair up to her waist.

Those girls left doors wide open, so Emily who was next in line was able to hear everything from the inside of the salon.
First, the brunette came in, hiding behind a red curtain.

The redhead let out an audible gasp “so we can’t choose our haircuts? Ann, I’m not sure about this anymore…”
But her friend couldn’t hear her, because in a flash a loud, buzzing noise came out from the machine. At first, it was raspy and metallic but it quickly changed as the clippers touched Ann’s hair.
The chair somehow detected that other people are watching the haircut because it showed on the screen inside of the booth. The brunette girl was sitting in the barber chair with closed eyes, as the robotic arm with the clippers was shaving the top of her head, leaving very short stubble behind. The only hair left was her bangs and two longer strands neatly framing her face, exposing her best features. 

When the shaving was done a big tube emerged from one of the walls, and sucked all the hair from the girl’s clothes and the floor.
Then the camera did turn off and the girl left the booth with brand new chelsea.

“It feels so good! I was scared to get a short haircut, but I finally feel like myself. Don’t be a pussy, jump in!”
Ann was rubbing her head with one hand as she forced her stunned friend inside.

The camera was turned on again, showing as the metal arms forced the redhead girl to sit and pinned her to the chair.




Again the robotic voice said, but this time another tube came out of the wall and sucked the girl’s hair inside.




Emily saw as the tubes connected to the helmet started to fill with different colored fluids, mixing inside. Low humming noise filled the whole room, but after a few minutes, it stopped.



The helmet was lifted, and the girl’s hair was in the most beautiful shade of copper. It was way better than her previously vague, boring shade of reddish blonde. She was clearly relieved that the change wasn’t very drastic, but the robotic arms were still holding her tight.




The machine sorted her hair into three parts, quickly cutting a few inches from each of them. It didn’t make the whole hairstyle visibly shorter, but it gave it a nice texture. The scissors were sliding across the redhead’s hair with ease, and the short strands were dropping on the floor, where they were sucked by a vacuum. 

When the haircut was finished a huge blowdryer dusted off all the snippets that were left and finally let the girl get up.



“Oh my god, it’s… different. But cute, I love it!”
And the two friends finally step out of the salon, giggling like high schoolers.

Emily squeezed the golden ticket in her hand, feeling tons of mixed emotions. She was excited, scared, and somehow turned on by the idea of giving full control to the machine.
After taking a few deep breaths, she decided to come in.




A big arrow appeared on the screen, pointing at the slot below. So she was chosen, and all those girls were here by accident? Or did they pay to be here? Emily had no idea, and as the happy pair of girls left she lost the chance to ask. 

Emily nervously placed the small piece of paper into the machine, and suddenly everything started to change. The robotic voice changed, and the face appeared on the screen.

She saw a blonde woman, with hair pulled into a tight ponytail.

“Hello! It seems like you are the lucky winner of our lottery. Let me introduce myself. I’m Alice, your personal assistant. Well, I’m still an AI, but I will do my best to make you satisfied. Please, take a seat!”

Emily’s heart was pounding, but seeing a friendly face was somehow calming. She swooshed the red piece of fabric aside, unrevealing the barber chair inside. The leather was very soft, and the chair was way more comfortable than it looked.

Alice finally appeared on the screen inside of the machine.

“Previous haircuts were done with the old software. It was able to scan physical features, but with the new update, we can scan the brain waves and see what your desired hairstyle is. Say YES if you agree to the treatment.”
The girl on the chair was way too excited to resist her urges, so she nearly shouted “YES… Ehm, I mean… yes.”
Soft music filled the room as the metal helmet emerged from the wall, and the machine slowly put it on Emily’s head.

“Scanning in progress. Searching for the best haircut. Please sit still and relax”


Thousands of thoughts were rushing through her head – should she go short? Or maybe go crazy with the color? Maybe bangs, maybe…


Every time Emily changed her mind the image on the screen changed, rotating through all the possible options. The noise from the machine was louder and louder and the AI started to glitch out.

Error, error, error – best solution: all/none. Resta-“
The rest of the sentence was cut out by the sound of whirling clippers inside of the helmet on Emily’s head.

The girl on the chair squeezed her thighs when blades touched her nape and started to slowly chew through her locks. Metal arms were quickly grabbing shaved strands of hair, but Emily was too focused on the buzzing feeling on her head. She never thought about cutting her hair that short – it was the ultimate fantasy for her, but she was never brave enough to do something about it, but now it was definitely real.

Warm blades reached the top of her head, reassuring her that she would leave this chair without a single long strand – after a couple minutes of slow, careful shaving she was left only with the outgrown bangs.

She was squeezing armchairs to the point where her knuckles were white – her body was tense from the anticipation, fear and excitement. Even the wetness between her legs was screaming that today’s visit to this place was the best idea in her life.

When she felt the blades on her forehead her head willingly moved forward, giving away her last brown locks to the machine.

As the last strands were sucked up by the helmet Emily was ready to get up, ready to feel her shorn head, but the screen was showing “MAKEOVER : 75%”

What more could be done? She was shorn like a sheep, and only stubble was left. The machine might shave her bald, but would it be one fourth of the whole process?

Dear customer, we would like to introduce the revolution in the history of hair. Do you like your skin smooth and shiny? We can guarantee that after permanair you will never ever see a hair in the place of the application!”

Emily’s heart stopped – she will be permanently bald?! She wanted to press the STOP button, but if she lost all those years of growing her hair she would never be able to reach its former glory. Also she realised that the bald head was always her desire and even the permanent part didn’t scare her off.

A wide smile appeared on her face when the first dose of liquid covered her head and she felt a warm sensation on the scalp. The timer on the screen started counting 30 seconds – after this time she will never be able to grow hair again.

The former brunette didn’t press the STOP button.

It was done.

After a few loud beeps the machine wiped her head with the soft cloth and she finally was able to see herself in the mirror hanging on the wall. She couldn’t believe that the girl in the mirror was really her. Emily was shy, she had a forgettable face and she wasn’t the most eye catching girl, but the girl she saw was. With the bald head her pretty eyes were more visible and the shape of her face was quite cute. As she was admiring her new looks the machine pinged one more time, opening a huge panel on the side.

Inside, on the mannequin’s head was a wig – it looked like the hairstyle she came up with – long hair with subtle bangs, but it was neatly trimmed and brushed. It did not only look like Emily’s hair. it WAS her hair.

Virtual assistant again appeared on the screen, like nothing happened.

Dear customer!

We hope you enjoyed your visit, but our special offer does not end here. Golden ticket includes a lifetime supply of natural wigs, made out of hair collected by our machines. Insert your email address on the keypad – we will send you more information about your benefits too. You will also receive a video from today’s visit (all angles included) and discount for our products!”


Machine went silent, and Emily walked out of the store, looking like nothing happened, but she knew that this day changed her life forever.


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