Haircut left to my fate

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Hi, my name is Aakriti ( name changed) and I am 15 years old. This is my story of getting a summer haircut.
I live with my paternal uncle since my parents moved abroad since the last two years. I had just completed my 10th exams and was waiting for the results.
My hair was mid back length almost touching the bottom of my bra and thin in texture. I was happy with the length of my hair because my mom never let me grow it beyond my ears.
I went to the same barbershop for every haircut I got and he made sure to give me the shortest cut possible.
It was mid April and I came back from outside sweating. My uncle saw me and told me to come with him.
I accompanied him to his car and he drove to the same barbershop I went to in childhood.
It was not shocking because he usually got his haircuts here and I accompanied him a lot.

It was a traditional barbershop with two leather chairs and two men with a huge waiting line.
Hello Mr John, would you like a haircut today?

No no, I am here for this girl’s haircut today, she sweats a lot. I was shocked to hear this.
But uncle, I don’t want a haircut (I said in a submissive voice, knowing he is strict and wouldn’t listen)

He said, you know it’s going to happen, so just sit and relax.

Only thoughts which came to my mind were how am I gonna have a haircut in front of all these men ( who were waiting for me to have my haircut first, so they can enjoy the show).

The barber completed the customer and said, next.
My uncle gave barber the instructions by taking him to the side, and made me sit in the chair.
Uncle then told me that he would pick me up after my haircut. The barber put a plank on the seat and a white cape on me and started to spray my hair.
He then said, nice to see you on the chair again Aakriti, waited for you for so long. I was scared.
He then laughed and put a pair of scissors on my chin and cut a huge chunk of my hair.  Kchhh kchh kchh, he told me to look down and cut the hair near my nape. In no time, I had a chin length bob. He then powdered me and said, your uncle told me to do this haircut, but I think we should go a little shorter on you.
I said no I think this is okay, he said sit quietly or I will bald you, let me decide what looks good on you. Plus it is summer, you should have a nice short haircut. I sat quietly leaving it to my fate.

A person from the waiting chair came and said, I think you should give her a fringe, she will look like a kid and laughed. The barber laughed too and started to comb my hair near my eyes, he then cut my hair just near my forehead and said, no more hair on the eyes now.
He picked up a manual clipper and clipped my nape to zero.
The person from the waiting area came again and showed the barber a picture, the barber said yes this would be perfect.
He picked up a trimmer, and a number 1 guard on it. And he shaved my sides to number 1 all over.
He then changed the guard to number 2 and ran in on the front and top hair.
This would keep her cool during summer. Everyone laughed.
He then did the finishing and uncle came to pick me up. This is shorter than expected he said, but this would keep you cool. He paid the barber and we came back home.

I was too scared to meet anyone now.

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  1. This story almost borders child abuse. Why would he take her to a barbershop that was full of men and allow the barber to cut this young lady’s hair without he being present?
    Even though this is a story, I hope she never returns to that barber shop again!
    Just me!

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