Haircut of Rambha; an apsara

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As a haircut fetishist guy I have gone through many haircut stories on the archive. I have seen many dreams where I cut the beautiful hair of some ladies. Everytime I see such dreams it seems so real and kinda I enjoy my dreams. This is the very first time I am trying to write on the archive a story which is completely fictional. This is one of my dreams which had given me utmost pleasure where I cut beautiful lustrous long silky precious hair of two divine ladies, Rambha and Menaka.

I was called to heaven after my death because of my good deeds according to Hindu mythology. There I was sitting amidst Devtas (Gods) who were enjoying the dance of beautiful apsaras (faeries). Two ladies Rambha and  Menaka who were the lead dancers were very beautiful with fair skin tone appealing beautiful face and silky long hair. Both were wearing traditional tight clothes which were meant to be worn at the time of dancing. They were looking gorgeous with their beautiful long hair hung upto their butt. Both their hair were plaited. The long thick heavy silky plaits were swaying side to side as they were dancing. It was quite appealing.

However the king of Gods Devraj Indra was not seem to be happy that day. He was upset with something and seemed to be bored. After the show was over everyone left. Only I was there with Devraj Indra (the king of gods). I asked him that, why he was not happy everything was so well tough. He replied me that, there is nothing new and he has been fade up of all the same things, same way.

Then an idea struck to my mind. I asked him that, if he would allow me then I could change something which would definitely be something new and pleasant. He permitted me to do whatever I wanted. Then I took the opportunity and visited Rambha; the beautiful apsara. She was there in her abode all alone. She welcomed me with honour as I knocked and asked me to sit. Rambha’s beautiful long silky straight hair was opened at that time. It seemed  to be glowing silk, seemed more beautiful than before, thicker than any other girl’s hair I have ever witnessed on earth. I was awestruck looking the silk cascading down to her buttocks as she moved to bring something for me.

She asked me the purpose of my visiting to her. I couldn’t control myself as I was dying to cut her hair badly. Without wasting any time  I told her that, the king of Gods wants some changes in her as he has been bored to see her the same way everyday. She hesitated and asked me “what..! what kinda change? I suddenly replied that he wants to see you in short hair. “What..! Short hair..? what do you mean ?”, she exclaimed. I had taken a bag along which I opened and put out a huge pair of scissors. She was afraid by now. “Whh…whh… what..! What is that thing” she asked hesitantly. Showing the scissors I said “I have come here to cut your hair with this object following the command of king of gods Devraj Indra.

“Go on if my lord has ordered you to do so” she said. I made her sit on a chair and started feeling the silk. She sat quietly. I reached to my bag again and put out a hairbrush. I started brushing her silky long hair. Sometime I was touching her hair with my hands while sometime touching with lips to feel the aroma. The touch was so soft and diligent, It was so pleasant. Then I made a ponytail of her hair fastening a rubber band just below her neckline. Then I opened and closed the mouth of the scissors which produced the most pleasant krrrruuunnnncccchhhhh…..krrrrrruuuunnnccchhhh sound in the air. I had not started yet. Next I put the mouth of the scissors on the base of her long ponytail right below her neckline above the rubber band and started pressing the handle. OMG the most beloved song; kkkkrrrruuunnnccchh…..kkkkrrrrruuuunnnncccchhhstarted the long ponytail was gradually being disconnected from her head. After few more snips the thick long ponytail fell down to the ground. The silky long hair which were once kissing her lovely butts are now barely hiding her neck behind. Rambha had started crying by now. I didn’t care about her at all but kept on shaping her hair with scissors. I cut her front hair as well and gave her a nice short thick bangs above her eyebrows. I gave her a modern short blunt bob haircut and I must say she rocked it. The bunch of  beautiful long hair lying on the ground seemed to be a pile of black silk which was arousing a lot. Finally I had done with her. I showed her the mirror and to my surprise she became very happy and thanked me for the haircut. “I have always been curious about cutting hair and thinking of doing this but could never done it”, she said.

I picked  up the cut ponytail from the ground, kissed it and put it in my bag and left. Now I was on my way to my next victim Menaka who has even more beautiful locks.

To be continued…


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