Haircut or Pirson

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It had been a few days since the Straw Hats Team had returned from Fishman Island and after Luffy had defeated Hody Jones and also declared war on one of the 4 emperors of the Sea Big Mom.

“I did not expect you to have changed much Luffy: said, Robin.

Of course why it has he to change: said Nami.

I do not have to change I will become the king of pirates: shouted Luffy.

Aye aye captain: said Robin and everyone burst out laughing.

Hey, Robin to the next island we will stop you will come with me to explore the city: said Luffy.

I will come too: said Sanji immediately.

No Sanji you will stay on the boat: said: Luffy.

But why Zoro can stay quite well moreover he is really good to stay in a place as he would lose his way even when there is an alley: Said Sanji.

Hey, your number 9 are you looking for a fight: said Zoro as he woke up.

But before Sanji tells anything, Luffy said: as Sanji, you are the only one who has not guarded the ship, and it is the Captain’s Order, after hearing how Robin whispered something in his ear.

But Luffy I will cook the best meat if you let me come with you to the island: said Sanji.

Luffy gulped and saw Robin shake her head.

No Sanji you will stay in the ship and this is the order; said Luffy.

And so Luffy along with Nico Robin, Usop, and Brook headed to the island while the rest of the crew went to a grocery store.

But it was not long before Nami and Zoro and Chopper confronted some navy solder and had to run.

However, it did not take long and Zoro lost direction and parted from Nami and chopper.

But as Robin and Luffy were walking across the island they encountered some navy soldier and with Luffy in their side, it did not take long for them to be dictated by the soldiers and they started running.

But as they were running to escape the navy Nico Robin split from the group and was being chased by 4 navy soldiers.

As Robin was running to hide from the navy someone was sitting in the chair and was looking at Nico Robin’s reward.

Oh Mr. Robin how much I would like to cut your hair: said the person sitting in a barber chair.

I heard that the straw hat boat was seen near our island now is my chance to work with Robin’s hair.

But how the hell to make and have my hands in Robin’s hair: the person continued.

It was not long before the barbershop door opened and when he saw who it entered his eye widened.

He immediately got up and when I approached Robin he saw some navy soldiers approaching the barbershop.

Sit in the chair: he said as he pointed to the barber chair.

Robin did not hesitate at all and simply sat down in the chair and immediately felt something be placed on her neck and the chair turned facing the wall.

A Navy soldier came in and said; hey did you see Nico Robin she came in here.

No, she continued in the adjacent alley: said the Barber as he was returning from the Navy soldier and cover the mirror with his body.

Who is she: the soldier said.

She is my wife’s name Ana: barber said as he moves a little but still covers the mirror.

The soldier hurried away and Robin saw how now the chair turned to face the mirror and a boy no older than 30 with a shaved head and blue eyes were putting the cape around her neck.

Robin noticed she was in a barbershop and got ready to get up from the chair.

But the boy put his hands on her shoulders, not allowing her to get up, Miss Robin I really drove the soldiers away but you have to sit down, or they will be back again and moreover, the shop has a seastone that blocks your powers.

Robin raised her hands and after trying to use her powers, she realized he was telling the truth.

And what you want me to do to pay for your silence: said, Robin.

Oh, I know you want to use my body I understand continued Robin.

No, darling, I am married and I would never cheat my wife: he said as he pointed to the ring on his finger through the mirror.

But there is something you can do for me: continued the barber.

And what that: said, Robin.

Allow me to have a free hand, with your hair: said the barber with a smile

So you are saying a haircut will save me from prison; said, Robin.

You can also say that: said the barber.

And what model will I’m getting: Robin continued as she looked a little upset by the mirror.

Who knows I can shave you bald you will let me cut your hair the way I want: said the Barber with a smile on his face.

No, I will not shave my head: said Robin anxiously as she tried to get up from the barber chair.

The barber took a deep breath and began to scream He…. but Nico Robin I put his hand to his mouth.

“Okay, you won. You can cut my hair,”: said Robin with a sad expression on his face.

The barber pointed his finger from the chair, and after Robin sat down he adjusted his cape and said: hello Madam I am Antoni and will be your barber for today.

Try acting or your hair will end up on the floor and I will take care not to never grow, not even your eyebrows: whispered Antoni in Robin’s ear.

Nico Robin forced a smile and said: the pleasure is mine.

As Antoni began to comb Robin’s hair he said: So young lady what have you been thinking about today: said, Antoni.

Robin looked at him in the mirror and said: to be honest I am tired of long hair so you have a free hand over my hair and closed her eyes.

Really ma’am: said Antoni as he tried to be surprised by what Robin said.

Antoni took his comb and began to separate the hair at the top of Robin’s head.

As Antoni separated Robin’s hair she saw how the comb he was using had a slightly more detached tooth than the others.

As Robin looked in the mirror she noticed that Antoni was separating her hair only 1 cm above the level of her eyebrow and was creating a circle on her head almost one cm above the level of her eyebrows and above her head she saw how he gathered them in a bun.

As the part of the hair below that level was left free and he began to comb it as looked at Robin’s face.

What’s wrong: said Robin even more nervously.

Antoni got the clipper and after he removed the attachment Robin could look at the 00000 marked on the edge of the clipper.

Hey wait what are they doing, and why is there 00000 she pointing from the clipper.

Antoni turned to Robin and after passing behind her he places the clipper on her forehead.

Because if I use the clipper it will leave your hair only 0.2 mm: said Antoni and with a click and a buzzing noise filled the room.

No please do not shave my head: said Robin with tears in his eyes.

I want you to promise me something: said, Antoni.

Everything but please do not shave my head: said Robin with tears in his eyes.

Antoni started laughing out loud do not worry I will not shave your head, now please bend your head; he said.

Why should I bend my head: said Robin, as saw Antoni stop his left hand from inserting it into his apron.

Antoni did not speak but simply placed his left hand on Robin’s head and pushed it down until her chin touched her chest.

It was not long before Antoni was still holding Robin’s head on her chest and felt something cold and vibrating settle on her neck and move up to the gathered part of her hair at the top of her head.

Robin’s eyes widened when she saw her black hair parting from her head as the vibrating sensation ran again from her neck to the top of her head, slipping into her cape and gathering in a pile on her new lap.

Robin bit his lower lip when she saw how more and more of her hair were being sent to her lap and gathered in a lifeless pile of hair.

Oh god, what is he doing: said Robin to herself when she felt how and a 3rd pass was made on her neck.

Robin felt how her head tilted to the left and Antoni said: do not move your head I do not want that the clipper to hurt you.

Robin was looking in the mirror and it looked like Antoni had not cut her hair, but from the pile, on her lap, she knew this was not true and was simply hoping that would not end up bald.

Meanwhile, she again felt the clipper, place next to her right ear, and move up to the detached part of her hair and more and more hair would fall into her lap.

Antoni folded Robin’s ear and after he worked carefully over her ear and did not touch the separate part of Robin’s hair he passed behind her ear and with a few passes had finished Robin’s right side and back.

As Antoni passed to the other side he saw how den den moshi started Prpr pr pr.

Excuse me for a minute: said Antoni and turned off the clipper

Robin opened her eyes and saw how the right side of her head already had no hair but only skin and she could not believe her eyes.

Robin pulled her hand from under the cape and touched her scalp and immediately ran his hand behind her head to reveal that the part behind her head was also without a hair.

Oh god, he is shaving my head: said robin and began to weep silently.

It was not long before Antoni came back and combed the same process on the left side of Robin’s head.

Robin did not want to believe her but already the clipper had started liking her, feel so relaxed and she could not believe that she was liking the object that was sending her hair to her lap and the floor.

It did not take long before he changes the clipper with something else and starts used on the side that he has buzzed bald.

What is that: said Robin as it saw him move the device at the left side of her head.

Antoni smile and said: is just a foil shaver, nothing to worry about.

Well after he finishes with the foil shaver he saw Robin and said: I think we should go to the old school.

What do you mean with Old school: said Robin even more nervous.

Antoni turned off the foil shaver and started applying something to Robin’s neck and sides and after getting a straight razor, Robin said: I knew you would shave my head.

Antoni laughed do not worry I will shave your head but not bald: said Antoni and began to make small passes from the top of the head and down.

Robin was crying as she felt the razor scratch the tiny Stubble that had remained on Robin’s neck and sides.

Robin could not believe that the razor felt even better the feeling that the clipper gave her and she almost did wet herself.

It took Antoni almost 10 minutes to shave the sides and back of Robin’s head and he started rubbing, but he looked unhappy.

My dear, your hair does not look so thick, but I have to shave again: said Antoni and started applying shaving cream again on the sides and back of Robin’s head.

After Antoni had shaved the sides and back of Robin’s head he applied Aftershave and released the top of Robin’s head and also started combing hair in front of Robin’s eyes and covering Robin’s face and whole head and after turning the chair face entering of the shop she felt something cold touch her forehead even the only one she heard was Skrch skrch and saw how more of her hair fell into her lap.

Robin also saw how Antoni took a metal bowl and started mixing some products and with the help of a brush, and he started applying the mixture to Robin’s hair.

As Antoni continued to apply the substance to her hair she felt a strong odor she had never smelled before.

Even when Robin was not part of the straw hat team she could not go to a hair salon because of the reward she has had since she was 8 years old.

As Antoni continued to apply the substance to her hair and clothes she saw how a person who looked like Nami entered the store.

Hey, hon… oh my god Robin: said the person as I approached and kissed Antoni on the lips.

Nami: said Robin still could not believe his eyes that the person who just entered looked identical to her close friend with the only difference being that her eyes were red and her hair was cut in a bowl cut with the sides and back shaved and in blue color.

Oh no darling I am Antoni’s wife Ana glad to meet you and extend her hand.

Nico Robin put his hand under the cape and smiled as shake it.

Now tell me you would like to help: said Ana as she took another brush and started applying the substance to Robin’s hair.

It took them a few minutes and Antoni put a plastic hood on Robin’s head and then a metal box was placed on her head and Antoni graded it for almost 15 minutes.

As Robin was standing with the metal box on her head she saw how Anna sat in front of her in a small stool and pulled Robin’s left hand out from under the cape.

Even though you are a pirate there is no need for us not to take care of your nails: said Anna and started working with Robin’s left hand.

Without realizing it Robin felt so relaxed that she had fallen asleep and woke up when she felt something wet her hair she opened her eyes and saw that she was looking at the roof.

As Antoni massaged and applied shampoo to Robin’s hair she started to smile this time.

Antoni continued to wash Robin’s hair and after drying it with a towel he placed it behind her head with a pony and started cutting it.

Antoni cut a small section of her hair and began to comb, making sure that Robin did not look at the haircut.

Antoni continued to cut and still loosen a little of her hair and cut at the level of the first cut.

He kept combing and cutting Robin’s hair and she saw how Anna was blushing and smiling at Robin.

You look gorgeous darling as she watches Antoni shape Robin’s hair, and comb her hair with her fingers.

Oh my god, I will end up with a haircut like that: Robin though as she watched Anna comb her hair with her fingers.

Antoni continued to shape Robin’s hair for almost 20 minutes and then he left the scissors and comb on the cart and took a blow dryer and started drying Robin’s hair.

Ana smiled and said: you look, gorgeous darling, as Antony removed the cape from her neck.

Are you ready to watch the new you: said Antoni as he put his hands on Robin’s shoulders.

As if I have another option: said Robin with a smile on her face.

Robin’s eyes widened when she saw in the mirror how her hair was brown and long just below her eyes and there was also have bangs that reach her eyebrows but also she could see the shaved parts of her head.

What, this is me as she touched her face and saw how her nails were blood red.

Robin gulped Omg’s me: said Robin.

So what do you think you like it: said, Antoni.

Like it, no I loved it: said Robin as she hugged Antony and Anna.

Thank you for cutting my hair: said Robin as she rubbed the shaved part of her head.

Oh god, it’s as smooth as any glass surface, but what the model’s called: Robin continued.

It’s a short shaved bob: said Antoni with a smile.

How much I owe you: said Robin still playing with her hair.

Ana hugged him, no need to pay is from home.

After Robin greeted her she headed to the boat and when she got on the boat everyone was shocked by Robin’s hair and as they were asking various questions she started to feel a little embarrassed rather than uncomfortable.

Hey, stop is her hair she can do, whatever she wants I do not want anyone to ask or talk about Robin’s hair: said Luffy.

Thank you Luffy: said Robin, while not everyone can believe what Luffy just said.

Robin turned to her book and saw that they were not leaving the dock.

Navy is in town why are we not leaving: said, Robin.

Nami saw her a little upset and said: we can not leave yet as she raised left hand.

Oh, I see so we have to be careful: said, Robin.

And Franky started laughing loud after he pressed a button something that looked like a glass surface covered 1000 sunny, and started to sink beneath the surface of the water.

Luffy’s eyes began to glow, cool as he headed for the glass.

While Robin continued reading the book she saw how a member of the ship was looking at her very carefully and when she would raise her head he would pretend to be looking at something else.

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