Hairless Holiday

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This is a continuation of the story which began with ‘Tanned to Perfection’ and starts the day after ‘A Bald Day Out’.

Setting off

The taxi pulled up outside Sangita’s house promptly at 8.30.  Sangita scowled as she peered outside – it was decidedly wet and very windy.  She opened her umbrella, grabbed her suitcase and hand luggage and locked the door behind her.  The umbrella promptly blew inside out as she scurried to the cab.

‘Fuck!’ she muttered under her breath.

‘Where to, miss?’

’53 Gloucester Road.  It isn’t far.’

‘I know Gloucester Road.’

Jane was ready and waiting.  Even though she was wearing a light blue cagoule over a baggy T shirt and leggings, it was glaringly obvious that she had a very athletic build.  Jane was 5 feet six inches tall with fair skin and kept her hair in a neat blonde bob, a style she had kept for as long as Sangita could remember.  Sangita was wearing the wig that Sue had lent her and had neatly pencilled in her eyebrows in order to get through passport control, hopefully without any questions being asked.  She didn’t mention anything about it to Jane.  

‘Hi Sangita.  Bloody weather!  I hope it is better in Fuerteventura.’ 

‘Hi.  It’s horrible isn’t it?  It was such a lovely day yesterday.’

‘I like your new hair style, Sangita,’ commented Jane, completely oblivious to the fact that it was a wig.  ‘It is shorter than before.  How long have you had it like that?’

‘Thanks.  I was ready for a change so I had a few inches taken off yesterday,’ Sangita replied, being rather economical with the truth.  She smiled to herself at the thought of seeing Jane’s face later that day.

The journey to Birmingham airport was uneventful and took little over half an hour.  It was then a case of checking the baggage in and getting through security.  Sangita’s heart fluttered as she went through. She needn’t have worried – getting through into the departure lounge went without a hitch.

The flight to Fuerteventura itself was uneventful other than a little turbulence off the west coast of Portugal but when they arrived they still had a two hour coach journey from the airport down to the resort on the south of the island.  Although the coach was air conditioned, it was a hot day and Sangita wanted nothing more than to take her wig off.  She decided against it, not wanting to ruin the big surprise which awaited Jane.

They duly arrived at the hotel and once they had checked in at reception they went out to a separate building within the complex to find their accommodation and freshen up before having a look round and going to get something to eat.  Jane fancied chilling out, so Sangita used the bathroom first to have a quick shower.  She wiped off her eyebrows and eyeliner while she was at it.  She slipped on a pair of shorts and a vest top and emerged, bald.  Jane was out on the patio and nearly fell off her sun lounger.  

‘What … ?’  She seemed lost for words.

‘What? What?’ teased Sangita.

‘Oh.…  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to stare or upset you.’

‘No, don’t worry and I’m not upset at all.  I just wanted to surprise you and see the look on your face.  I’m not ill and it isn’t alopecia either.  I just like being bald.  I was only wearing the wig to get through passport control and to tease you,’ replied Sangita.

‘It was one hell of a shock, that’s for sure!’  

When Jane had freshened up, they went downstairs to the evening buffet.  Jane was wearing a short, pink sleeveless dress which showed off her broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs.

After eating, they sat chatting over a larger pitcher of sangria.  Sangita explained that although she had never done it before, she wanted to give bodybuilding a try.  Jane said that she wanted to get into the gym early before it got busy, 

‘I don’t mind going on my own if you want a lie in.’  

‘I’ll join you, unless I overlay.’  

Throughout the evening, Sangita couldn’t help noticing that Jane kept glancing at her head.  Well, that was a challenge that she couldn’t resist!  She somehow managed to turn the conversation back around to short hair and baldness while trying not to make it too obvious. 

‘I wasn’t sure how you would react to me being bald,’ she said.  ‘But I’m glad that you don’t hate it.’

‘Of course I don’t.  It really suits you.  It looks so neat.’

‘Really?  Thanks.  My friends Sue & Diane are both bald.  I really disliked the way they looked to begin with, but the bald look soon started to appeal more and I decided that it was for me too.’ 

‘I can see why.’

‘Have you ever thought of having shorter hair?  I think it would suit you.’

‘Yeah, but have never gone much shorter than my current style.  That old scrote of an ex of mine had a thing about hair and didn’t want me to.  I should have ignored him.  I’m due a haircut as I didn’t get the chance before I left, so I’ll see if there is a hairdressing salon in the hotel tomorrow morning.  And then to the beach.  I will fit in with you,’ said Jane, ‘but much of the beach is clothes optional and ideally I would like an all-over tan.’

‘I would too.  I won’t have any problem stripping on a beach.’

They agreed that if they were going to bare all on the nudist beach, there was little point in being coy in the hotel room and that they could walk around naked when they wished.  The following morning Sangita showered first.  When she emerged she was still naked.  

Jane took one look at her and said, ‘Bloody hell! You haven’t got hair anywhere.’

‘More tea, vicar?’

‘Sorry!  I suppose I should have expected it.  But you have made my mind up.  If can get an appointment this morning I’m definitely going to have my hair cut super short.  It is about time I did something for myself.  What do you think?’  

‘Why not be daring?  We are on holiday for 2 weeks and there will be plenty of time for it to grow.  How about a number 1 or even a number 0 buzz cut?’  Sangita replied.  ‘Of course, you could join me and go bald too.’ 

‘I’ll decide later.  I had better sort out my bikini area when I have a shower – I will look really untidy next to you on the beach if I don’t,’ said Jane.  

Jane showered next.  When she had finished, she too was naked.  It was the first time Sangita had really appreciated what a muscular body she had.  She also noticed that she was clean shaven down below.  

‘You have a phenomenal body,’ exclaimed Sangita. ‘And I am pleased to see that you are neat and tidy ‘downstairs’ too.  I knew you did bodybuilding but that is unbelievable. I have only just taken it up, but you are certainly an incentive!’

‘Thanks.  Don’t forget though that female bodybuilding is like Marmite – people either love it or hate it.  I would say that most people can’t understand why a woman would ever want to have a muscular body.  I took up bodybuilding about five years ago.   I had started to drink heavily due to problems at home and then, after a while, I realised what I was doing to myself and took up exercise instead.   I like the way the body can gradually change. It has taken a lot of dedication and hard work.   There is no reason at all why you can’t get some good results on holiday though – you look quite athletic to begin with anyway.  We will see how you react to today’s session, but if you want to we can work out a training program and start to increase the intensity of our workouts.  If we take our measurements, we can see what progress we make in the next fortnight.’ 

‘Good idea.  I’m up for it.’ 

‘To the gym then.’

Sangita and Jane headed for the gym.  Jane was far stronger than Sangita but was impressed with her efforts nevertheless.   

When they got back to their room, they measured each other – shoulders, chest, arms, waist, hips, thighs and calves.  Not surprisingly, all of Jane’s measurements, except her waist, were larger than Sangita’s.

Jane’s appointment

After breakfast they decided to explore the hotel and found that there was indeed a hairdressing salon in the complex.  Jane managed to get an appointment that same morning.  Sangita went along for moral support.

They arrived at the salon just before 10 o’clock and were met by a pleasant young Spanish woman who introduced herself as Maria.   Maria invited Jane to sit down on a chair at her work station, put a gown over her shoulders and asked what she could do for her.   Sangita went to sit on a couch just behind and picked up a magazine from a low table in front of her.

Jane told Maria that she wanted a very short haircut.  Maria looked puzzled and asked Jane to be more specific about the style she wanted. 

‘How short do you like?  I can cut hair very short or use clippers.’

‘Clippers please.  I am just thinking how short.’  After seeming to mull it over for an eternity, Jane said, ‘Maria – could you give me the same style as my friend over there?’   She smiled at Sangita in the mirror as she spoke.  Maria turned around to look at Sangita.

‘Same as your friend?  I can, but are you sure?’

‘Yes, definitely.  Exactly the same style as her.’

Maria picked up the electric clippers, removed the guard and switched them on.   The clippers hummed quietly.  She promptly put them to Jane’s forehead and with one pass, removed a strip of hair down the middle from front to back.  She continued until Jane’s head was completely bald.  

‘Do you want your head smooth like your friend?’

‘As smooth and shiny as you can make it.’

Maria indicated to Jane to lean forward above the basin in front of her.  Maria wet Jane’s head and spread shaving foam over her head.  Then with a straight razor shaved Jane’s head, leaving nothing but smooth skin.

Maria bent forward and said to Jane, ‘You say you want exactly same style as your friend?  But you want to keep eyebrows?’  

‘No – can you shave them too?’ said Jane.

Maria looked a little surprised, but without further ado, spread foam on Jane’s eyebrows and, with what was little more than a flick of the wrist, removed first Jane’s left eyebrow and then her right.

After wiping off any excess foam, Maria gently massaged moisturiser into Jane’s scalp, giving is a deep shine.  Sangita looked up just as Maria was removing the cloak and grinned broadly at Jane when she saw her new look.  She put the magazine down and went over to join Jane.

‘Wonderful!  I never expected you to go that far, but I’m delighted that there is another woman with a bald head to keep me company on holiday.’  

Jane went to the desk and paid the receptionist.  As they went out of the door she said quietly to Sangita, ‘You know, I could have saved 30 euros if I had decided I was going to end up bald before I went to the hairdresser.  I brought some electric clippers with me to keep my pubes trimmed and you could have used them on my head.  I don’t even need the clippers now I have shaved down below.  Anyway, now there are at least two of us with no hair on Fuerteventura.’

‘I hope you don’t think I’m being picky, but not quite – I qualify, but you still have eyelashes.’

Jane looked at Sangita closely and said, ‘I hadn’t noticed.  It is probably because of you have such a great skin colour. I should have noticed – your eyes do look bigger without eyelashes. I will rectify that oversight shortly.’

Sangita suggested that they head back to our room, have a drink, get ready and hit the nudist beach. She said that she wanted to call in at the shop on the way up, so Jane went ahead saying she would leave the door unlocked. It took Sangita a while to find what she wanted and when she reached the checkout there was quite a queue so it was about 15 minutes later before she reached the apartment. 

Jane was sitting on the patio sipping a protein drink. ‘Are my eyelids bald enough now – I have just finished plucking them?   Now there are two of us with no hair.  Happy now, Miss Pedantic?’ she chuckled. 

Sangita looked at Jane’s eyes closely, smiled and said, ‘Very happy.  How about going to the beach and showing off your new look?’

‘Let’s turn some heads!’ replied Jane. ‘As a female bodybuilder, I’m used to getting noticed.  Now I’m bald too, I will guarantee it.’

Sangita and Jane had both brought cotton sarongs, so they quickly draped them over their bodies and walked to the beach, each carrying just a small bag and towel.  After a five minute stroll along the beach, they realised they were already in a clothes optional section, so they removed the sarongs, tucked them in their bags and carried on, naked.

Eventually they reached a quiet spot and decided to stop for a swim.  The stress they had been under, their failed relationships were put behind them as they swam and splashed and laughed.  After a while they went back onto the beach and lay down on their towels.

‘I hope you don’t mind, but could you put some lotion on my back?’ asked Jane.  I can’t quite reach the middle.

‘I’m not surprised, with a back that wide,’ said Sangita, laughing as she picked up a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic and squirting lotion into the palm of her hand.

Sangita gently smoothed the suntan lotion onto Jane’s back and shoulders as Jane lay prostrate on her towel.  ‘Do you want me to do your bum and legs too?’

‘If you don’t mind.’

Sangita duly obliged.

‘I will let you do that again – you were really gentle.  Tom always managed to grind sand into my back.   I wish someone would do my front like that!’ laughed Jane

Only if you return the compliment.  I don’t see why you should be the only one to get some pleasure!’ laughed Sangita.

‘Tart!’ joked Jane.

 ‘Can you do me now?’

Jane gently massaged suntan lotion first onto Sangita’s back and shoulders and then, without asking, continued to cover Sangita’s bottom and legs. 

‘That was lovely – thanks.’ 

The two women spent the next couple of hours sunbathing, swimming and, above all, relaxing and laughing.  For the first time in months, Jane was starting to enjoy herself and Sangita was starting to put her own disastrous relationship with her fiancé behind her.

Their first day had done both of them a world of good.

The following morning, they went to the gym early.  Sangita had recovered from the previous session remarkably well and if anything, the workout was even more intense than the day before.

The start of a new romance

They went back to the apartment to shower.  They agreed that Jane would go first, but just as she was about to go in the shower she said, ‘My head feels quite stubbly and I’ve never shaved it before.  Would you shave it for me?’

‘Of course.  Where?  Over the sink or in the shower?’

‘It is a double shower – might as well do it in there.’

Sangita followed Jane. 

‘Do you want me to wash your back, while the stubble on your head softens? Sangita enquired.

‘Would you?  I do find it difficult to reach the middle.  Oooh . .  that’s nice,’ replied Jane, as Sangita started to wash her back.  Don’t let me stop you, do continue.’

Sangita did as she was asked and soaped Jane down to her ankles.

‘Seeing as you are bone idle, I suppose you want me to do your front too.’ Sangita said, jokingly.

‘Go on then.  I’ll do the same for you.  Bone idle indeed!’ said Jane turning to face Sangita.

Sangita had only been half joking and hadn’t expected Jane to take her up on the offer, but she began to apply the shower gel to Jane’s shoulders.  Jane picked up another bottle of gel, squirted some into the palm of her hand and started to wash Sangita’s upper chest.  They continued washing each other gently, gradually working down – breasts, arms, abdomen and then, almost simultaneously, between the other’s legs.  They looked at each other as they did so and their lips brushed against each other, almost involuntarily.  The first tentative touch of the lips quickly changed into a long, passionate kiss.

When they parted, Sangita spoke first, flushing furiously.  ‘I wasn’t expecting that!  I have never kissed a woman before.  In fact, I’ve never even considered kissing a woman before,’ she said.  ‘I’m sorry, I hope I haven’t offended you.’

‘No need to apologise – of course, you haven’t offended me.  I joined in willingly, didn’t I?  I have never kissed a woman before either, you know.  All of my relationships have been with men.  If I’m being honest though, I have always liked the female form and there are quite a few women I fancy.  I’ve just never admitted it to anyone and never done anything about it before.  I’m rather embarrassed to admit it, but I really enjoyed our kiss. It is a long time since I have been kissed like that.’

 ‘I enjoyed it too,’ answered Sangita, rather sheepishly.

‘Fancy another one?  We are on holiday, so nobody need know.’

‘Our holiday secret?’


‘Well I really enjoyed the last one, so why not?’

A long kiss ensued, even more passionate than the previous one – Sangita’s arms wrapped around Jane’s neck and Jane’s hands pulling Sangita’s hips towards her.  Moments later both started to thrust rhythmically. 

‘Wow! Now I really did enjoy that!’ said Sangita, panting.

‘So did I.  Shall we go and lie down for a while?’

‘I would love to but let me finish shaving you first.’

Sangita carefully shaved Jane’s head and eyebrows and then, almost as an afterthought applied foam to her pussy and shaved it smooth.

The two women quickly dried off  and then without a word, Jane took Sangita’s hand and led her to her bed.

Within seconds they were kissing passionately again and fondling each other.

‘You are so smooth, Sangita.  I love the feel of your soft, silky body,’ said Jane, as she licked between Sangita’s breasts.

‘And I just love your muscles,’ replied Sangita.

‘The way you are training and eating, you will soon have plenty of your own for me to play with.  This time yesterday I was a heterosexual blonde feeling very sorry for myself after my divorce; now it would appear that I’m a bald lesbian looking forward to a wonderful holiday with an old friend.’ 

‘The same here, except that I have been bald for longer.  And if this makes me a lesbian, I’m loving every moment!’

Sangita and Jane continued kissing and caressing but soon changed position and simultaneously buried their tongues into each other’s pussy.  

Jane suddenly burst into fits of laughter.   Sangita felt rather nonplussed and more than a little concerned by Jane’s amusement.

‘I’m so sorry, but the silliest thought just crossed my mind.  My dad was a joiner for over 30 years and I wasn’t the least bit interested in his work.  I don’t know why but I suddenly thought of an old Dame Edna Everage show which had Mel Gibson as a guest.  She told the audience they had been tonguing and grooving that afternoon.  Maybe I am a chip off the old block because I have just been doing that myself.’

Sangita belly laughed.

‘You’re not the only one.  Maybe I ought to take up woodwork – I think I have a natural aptitude.’

‘I can’t believe how smooth your pussy is compared to mine.  I couldn’t detect even a hint of stubble with my tongue,’ exclaimed Jane. ‘It tastes lovely too!’

‘Thank you, but so does yours.  I was a bit nervous about telling you earlier, in case you thought it too freaky, but last Saturday I joined a club and became a life member.  There are four members of Club Hairless at the moment – my friends Sue and Diane, Sue’s husband Pete and me.   Life membership involved removing every last hair permanently from head to toes: scalp, body, eyebrows, eyelashes – everything.  The others are as bald as I am.  Sue and Pete let me use some hi-tech equipment they have bought.  Three hair removal sessions is all that was needed.’

‘Permanently?  You are a dark horse aren’t you?  I know that I am new to the hairless look, but I love it.  I would love to be as smooth as you and never have to pick up a razor again,’ said Jane. 

‘All I can do is mention it to Sue when we get back.  It is her equipment, so I can’t say whether or not she will let you use it.  I would love to have a body like yours, though,’ replied Sangita, burying her head again between Jane’s legs and reaching up with her hands to stroke her abdomen and chest.

* * * * *

Mel and Alex

Sangita and Jane decided to grab a late breakfast and then head straight off to the beach. They decide to stroll along the sea front before turning towards the beach.  They stopped briefly to look at the skeleton of a sperm whale mounted on two large metal posts.  Holding hands as they ambled over the board walk which led down to the beach.  Turning left they wandered past two cordoned off areas with rows of loungers laid out for hire, no doubt at great expense.  A few moments later and a few nudists were to be seen.  Jane and Sangita disrobed and carried on a little further before laying out their beach towels. 

After half an hour or so, they went into the sea to cool off.  Even though it was another hot day the water felt bracing.

‘Have you noticed?’ Sangita whispered to Jane, ‘Those two women near to us have been looking at us ever since we arrived.’

‘I have.  They can’t take our eyes off us.  Probably because we are bald I expect, or maybe because I am a female bodybuilder, or both.  It won’t be because we are naked that’s for sure – they are too.  Is it bothering you?’

‘Not at all.  I am just curious.’

‘I’ll draw them into a conversation in a minute and see if we can find out what they find so interesting.’

Once they had returned to the beach and dried off, Jane called over to the two women to ask for the time.

‘About half past one,’ replied the woman with dark brown hair and quite a decent suntan .  She spoke with a broad Brummie accent.

‘Thanks.  You sound as though you are from our neck of the woods.’

‘We live in Sutton Coldfield. Where are you from?’

‘That’s only a few minutes up the road from us! It is a small world, isn’t it?  We’re both from just outside Erdington.  I’m Jane and this is my partner Sangita by the way,’ replied Jane, smiling at Sangita as she spoke.  ‘Have you been here long?  We only arrived yesterday.’

’Hi,  I’m Mel.  Actually my name is Melanie but only mum mum uses my full name.  This is my wife, Alex.  We are on honeymoon.’  The other woman with smiled and greeted them with a wave. ‘We have been here for one week.  Only one more to go unfortunately.  How long are you staying in Fuerteventura?’

‘Congratulations!  We’re here for a fortnight too.’

‘I hope you don’t mind me saying but we can’t get over how smooth you both are,’ said Alex, speaking for the first time

‘Of course not,’ Jane answered. ‘We are both new to this look ourselves. Do you like it?’

‘Just a bit!  We both think you look great.  It is a very striking look.’

‘You could always join us you know,’ said Sangita cheerfully. ‘Two days ago my hair was longer than yours.’

Alex’s jaw almost hit the sand.  ’You’e kidding!  You don’t look as though you ever had any hair.’

‘That’s another story.’

‘I had a blonde bob yesterday,’ added Jane, ‘but I went to the hairdresser in the hotel and had my head shaved.  It didn’t take long.’

‘I couldn’t do that.  I’d be too embarrassed,’ replied Alex.  What would people say?’

‘Probably what you two have just said to us – how good it looks.  You said yourself it is  a really striking look.  Besides, I can clearly remember saying less that 3 weeks ago that I would never want to have a bald head.  Now look at me.’

‘Mel is usually game for anything but I’m not sure that even she would be up for that!’

Mel said nothing.  Her mind seemed to be elsewhere.  No more was said about baldness or head shaving but the four of them quickly gelled and chatted until it was time to head off back to their respective hotels.  They agreed to meet again the following morning.

The following day Jane and Sangita were up early and began the day with a two hour gym session followed by a shower, a head and body shave for Jane and then a huge, but healthy, breakfast.  They arrived at the arranged spot on the beach before Alex and Mel.  In fact it was nearly an hour later when they heard a familiar voice behind them.  It was Mel.

‘Alex was right.  I am game for most things.  Had it shaved this morning.  Eyebrows too.  Alex chickened out though, didn’t you?’ she said, removing a baseball cap from her now bald head and then making clucking noises,  ‘Cluck, cluck, cluck.’

Alex looked less than impressed at the comment.

‘I went first, that’s all,’ she grumbled.

‘You look amazing Mel,’ said Sangita, ‘but so do you Alex.  Your hair is pretty short too.’

Whereas the previous day Alex’s ash blonde hair had reached down to well below her shoulders, now it was indeed very short.  Sangita guessed that it might be about a quarter of an inch long at most.

‘I am happy with this.  This is more than short enough.’

‘We will have to see about that,’ snorted Mel, pretending to be less than impressed at Alex’s failure to go bald too but not really meaning it and not convincing anybody. 

‘I’m sure we can finish the job for you if you change your mind.’

‘No, thank you very much!’

The women settled to some serious sunbathing and plenty of gossip.  It was later in the afternoon that Alex, of all people, raised the matter of Sangita’s baldness.

‘You know yesterday when I said that you looked as though you had never had any hair, you said that that was another story.  What did you mean.’

Sangita briefly told Alex and Mel about Sue and her machine and gave a brief explanation of how she had gone from positively disliking Sue’s appearance to getting such an overwhelming urge to become permanently bald herself that she had actually used it.  

‘I could do without this five o’clock shadow on my head.  The penalty for having dark hair I suppose,’ added Mel.  ‘I could do with having a go on that machine myself.’

‘My hair was jet black,’ said Sangita, ‘but looking at my scalp now you wouldn’t know.’

Alex, rather surprisingly, seemed to be fascinated.

‘All your hair has gone for good?  Even your eyebrows and eyelashes?’

Sangita nodded.

‘God, that’s brave.  I have to say, you do look incredible, Sangita.  The smoothness of your skin is flawless and you are right about not having any five o’clock shadow.’

‘You know what to do!’ Mel reminded her. ‘Why don’t we sort you out later?  You could look like us this evening.’

‘This is short enough for me at the moment.  I’ll have to think about it.’

Mel winked towards Jane and Sangita and mouthed, out of Alex’s line of vision, ’Got her.  She’s hooked!’

‘What were you saying, Mel?’ Alex asked, smelling a rat.

‘Nothing. Some of this suntan lotion got in my eye. That’s all.’

Nothing more was said and they all settled down to some serious sunbathing before it was time to head off to freshen up.  

* * * * *

An eventful evening

The four of them agreed to meet up that evening for a few sangrias and tapas.  Alex and Mel were wearing very short dresses whereas Jane and Sangita had both chosen vest tops and shorts to show off their physiques more than anything.

‘Good evening ladies.  Are you both ready for a girls night out?’

‘I could down a sangria or three,’ replied Alex, ‘or a few cocktails.  I’m gagging for a drink.’

‘She loves her pop does Alex,’ said Mel, winking.  ‘Mind you so do I.’

‘I don’t drink much usually but it is high time we all let our hair down,’ laughed Sangita. 

‘A bit late for three of us isn’t it?’ chuckled Mel, smirking as she gave Alex a sideways glance.

A suitable venue was soon found and a litre of sangria ordered while they waited for their tapas.

‘That didn’t touch the sides, did it?’ said Alex as she emptied the carafe, ‘Another one?’

Another carafe arrived just as the first four tapas dishes arrived – calamares, gambas, chicken skewers and patatas bravas.  The food was delicious but the sangria seemed to evaporate and the second carafe was quickly emptied.  A third one was ordered while they waited for the next round of tapas but as the evening went on, the sangria inevitably started to take effect.

Eventually Alex said she needed a toilet break and asked if any of the others needed to go as well.  Nobody did, so Alex tottered off to the toilet on her own.

As soon as she was out of earshot Mel said to the others, ’When Alex has had a skinful she can be very daring if not plain outrageous. She is already tipsy.  Actually I think drink reveals her true self – in vino veritas, I think they call it.  She isn’t anywhere as conservative as you might think.’

Alex was very tipsy.  When she returned from the toilet she caught a stool with her hip but was completely oblivious.

‘Where has your hair gone?’ she asked, looking at Mel with glazed eyes.

‘I shaved my head this morning.’

‘Oh yes, I remember. I like it.’

‘Glad you do.  Jane and Sangita are bald too.  What do you think about them?’

‘Very nice too.’

‘Would you like to try the same hairstyle yourself?

‘’Yeah.  Why not? You all look nice,’ Alex replied, downing yet another sangria.

‘I think we have all had enough,’ said Jane.  ‘How do you fancy coming back to our hotel for a coffee?  We have our own apartment and don’t need to go via reception so there won’t be a problem getting you in.  We can give you a lovely haircut Alex, if you want one.’

It took the four women a while to get back to Jane and Sangita’s apartment – Alex, in particular, was rather worse for wear after too many sangrias.

‘Shall I get the coffee going?’ asked Sangita.  ‘We’ve got ground coffee and a cafetière, so I can do black or milky.  I don’t usually bother with the milk – I can’t get on with it over here.’

They all opted for black coffees without sugar.

‘Why does our milk taste so different to that over here?’ Mel asked, not expecting a reply and not getting one.  ‘More to the point, are you ready for a hair cut, Alex?’

Alex wasn’t really in a position to make an informed decision but said she was.

‘Come on Alex, sit on this chair and we’ll soon make you more beautiful.  You might as well take your dress off.  You don’t want any hair down your back

Alex obliged by removing her dress and sat on the chair in nothing more than a thong. 

‘Are you sure you are up for a haircut, Alex?’ Jane asked, picking up her clippers and removing the guard.

Alex nodded and without further ado, Jane switched the clippers on and ran them over Alex’s head, from front to back.  A bald strip appeared in its wake.  Alex’s long tresses fell to the floor.  Another pass of the clippers and the bald strip widened.  It didn’t take long for the clippers to finish their task – Alex’s head was soon bald.  Two final passes of the clippers saw Alex’s eyebrows consigned to the floor.

‘Would you like your head to be smooth like ours, Alex?  If you do, I think Sangita would do a better job than I would.  She has been shaving my head for me.’

Alex nodded again.  She was quickly guided over to the hand basin in the bathroom and bent forward while Sangita wet her scalp and applied a generous amount on shaving gel.  She quickly changed the Gillette Venus blade in the razor for a new one and glided the razor over Alex’s head.  Within a matter of two thee minutes Alex’s head was smooth.  Sangita smeared a tiny amount of gel over each of Alex’s eyebrows (or where they had been).  Two or three sweeps of the razor later Alex’s eyebrows were as smooth and bald as her scalp.

‘That’s much better,’ said Sangita, wiping Alex’s head with a towel.  ‘Let’s put some of this moisturiser on.  It will give your head a lovely shine.’

Sangita smoothed a little moisturiser onto Alex’s head and, sure enough, her scalp shone under the light.

‘Come on Kojak,’ chuckled Mel, ‘Let’s go and get some beauty sleep.  I’ve got a feeling you will be a little dull in the morning.’  And with that the two of them headed off into the night.

The following morning Sangita and Jane’ routine was much the same as the previous day – a gym session, a shower and a huge breakfast before heading to their spot on the beach.  There was no sign of Mel and Alex but they appeared after half an hour or so.

‘You’re looking good there, Alex,’ said Sangita brightly, ‘you do look great with a bald head.’

Alex glared at her.  ‘I actually hate you three!  You took advantage of me when I was worse for wear.  I’ve got such a thick head this morning and my eyes are like piss holes in the snow.  I’m never touching alcohol again.’

‘Yeah, right,’ retorted Mel.  ‘Until later today, that is.  I’ve heard it all before. And you can wipe that frown off your face, I know you want to laugh.’

‘I don’t do smell of burning martyr very well, do I?’ chuckled Alex, instantly changing her tone.  ‘Mind you I have got a rotten headache.  I would have had my head shaved anyway, even if I hadn’t got bladdered last night.  Mel and I had agreed that we were going to get buzz cuts at the hairdresser. I went first and had my hair cut super short.  Then bugger me, she went next and had her head shaved, just to spite me.  I just didn’t feel right about going straight back and asking the hairdresser to do me again.’

‘I like to keep one step ahead of you.  Anyway, enough of this idle chat.  My suntan is rather nondescript and I need to put I more of a concerted effort to get a tan.  So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to cover myself in suntan lotion, lie down and baste myself.’

* * * * *

Mel and Alex’s last day

The week passed all too quickly.  Alex and Mel’s last day soon came around.  Sangita and Jane hadn’t seen them for the last three days as they had been on a trip to Lanzarote and stayed over.  They turned up to the beach mid-morning just as Sangita and Jane were emerging from the sea.  Both were still bald.

‘My God, Sangita – I can’t believe how much your body has changed this week!’ exclaimed Alex. 

‘I can’t believe it either,’ replied Sangita.  ‘I hope it doesn’t put you off at all.’

‘Far from it,’ said Mel. ‘In fact, Alex and I are thinking about joining a gym when we get back home and working out ourselves.  You two make us feel weedy.’

‘No pressure, but I hope you will check my gym out when you get back,’ said Jane.  ‘If you are interested I will do you both a good deal – especially if you are planning on staying bald.’

‘This is the new me,’ replied Alex. ‘ I am planning on staying bald for the foreseeable.’


‘If ‘foreseeable’ means ‘forever’ I will have a chat with my friend Sue when I get back and see if we can sort it out for you.  You are right about me changing shape though,’ continued Sangita.  ‘I’m going to have to do some clothes shopping before I go home.  My clothes are getting really tight.  I definitely need a new bra – all my current ones really dig in and I can hardly fasten them at the back even though my boobs have shrunk.  You know, I was a C cup when I arrived, but I bet I am down to an A now.’

‘I’m not surprised they are too tight.  You really are getting quite an athletic ‘V’ shape,’ replied Jane, ‘it is amazing.  I bet you have put an inch on your chest.  We will find out at the end of the holiday.  And as for shrinking boobs, I’m afraid that is a side effect of losing body fat.  I have never been large in the boob department.  I used to be a size B but now I’m about the same size as you.  If I were you I would hang fire with the bra – the way you are going, you will probably change even more next week.’

Alex and Mel only stayed on the beach for a couple of hours before telling the others, rather gloomily, that it was time for them to head off to finish packing and wait for the coach to take them to the airport.  The four hugged and agreed to meet once Sangita and Jane had returned to England.

‘You’ve got my phone number,’ said Jane as Mel and Alex were leaving.  ‘Give me a call in a week’s time when we’re back and you can come and have a look round the gym’.

‘And I’ll speak to Sue about you using the machine too, if you are still interested.  As I said to Jane, I can’t promise anything because it belongs to her and I don’t know if she would be happy to let you use it.

‘I hope she does.  It’s a deal.’

* * * * *

Getting measured

By the end of the second week, Sangita had made even more dramatic gains – whereas at the beginning of the holiday she had needed to use much lighter weights than Jane, now she was catching up quickly.  The change in her appearance was staggering. When Jane had first taken her measurements, Sangita had had quite a slight build compared to her.   Now in just under two weeks, although by no means as big, her stature was similar to Jane’s – broad shoulders, back and chest, muscular arms and legs; her waist was narrow with a well-defined six pack, making her shoulders look even broader than they actually were. 

Jane and Sangita had just returned from the gym and showered when Jane brought out her tape measure.

‘Time to get measured, Sangita.  I’m pretty sure you have changed more than me.’

Sangita measured Jane first.  She had added half an inch here and there – much as Jane expected.  Sangita, on the other hand, had exploded.

‘Bloody hell! I do not believe it!’ exclaimed Jane.  ‘Sorry for sounding like Victor Meldrew but you’ve put an inch on your arms, an inch and a half on your thighs and two on your chest!  And you’ve lost two inches round your waist and another off your hips.   Your chest has gone up from 35 to 37 inches and your waist down from 28 to 26 in just over two weeks.  Unbelievable!’

‘Wow! 35 to 37?  You were right about my boobs shrinking as I lost body fat,’ said Sangita, looking at her chest in a mirror.  ‘I’ve gone from a 35C to being almost completely flat and even my nipples have virtually disappeared.  It is only my pecs that give me any cleavage.’

‘I’m definitely not complaining!’ said Jane, smiling. ‘It is strange that your nipples have reduced in size though.  It might be worth you seeing a doctor about that when you get home.  Don’t worry about your boobs though – mine are small too.  They will grow back to normal when you ease off the exercise.  Anyway, I prefer you flatter.  I love to see your rippling chest muscles and you know what they say – “the nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat!”  You aren’t thinking of having a boob job are you?’

‘I don’t fancy that.  I never think that fake boobs look real somehow and wouldn’t want to ruin all the effort I have put it at the gym.’

‘I’m pleased about that – I’m not either.  I just can’t believe how much you’ve changed,’ said Jane.  ‘It has taken me years to look like this but you have somehow managed to do make huge progress in less than two weeks – you look fantastic!’ 

‘Thanks – I have had a lot of help. I couldn’t have got this far without you. You have pushed me all the way.  I am loving the training and the way I look – it has made me much more confident in my appearance.’

‘Just as well, isn’t it?  We look rather different to most women and are turning a lot of heads – half of them probably think we are freaks!’ replied Jane. 

‘I have realised, a bit late in the day, that I might as well please myself. I like being a hairless and I like being a bodybuilder.  If that means I am different to everybody else and others don’t like it, so be it – I love the attention, good or bad.  

‘I couldn’t agree more!  You are bald and you are now most definitely a bodybuilder.  I love the way you look and I’m so happy to have a girlfriend who is into bodybuilding as much as I am.’ 

‘And I’m pleased to have a girlfriend who enjoys being totally bald and hairless!’ said Sangita, smiling.  ‘Things have worked out much better than I could ever have hoped.  I know we haven’t talked about it, but what happens when we go home? Do we leave our relationship behind or do we carry on and see how things develop?’

‘I was hoping that we might continue,’ Jane replied rather coyly.

‘Me too!’ said Sangita with obvious relief and literally threw herself into Jane’s arms.  They embraced and kissed passionately before heading to the bed.  As they lay there, Sangita mused, ‘I think Sue and Diane will be in for a shock, when they see me.  I hope that they don’t hate the way I look now.’

‘They will be very surprised, I’m sure of that – but I bet they will both be jealous too.’

To be continued …

I really would like to receive your feedback, whether good or bad.  Constructive comments will help me to improve and maybe to point the unfolding story in a different direction to that I currently have in mind.

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  1. Love the series so far. Maybe there will be a “hairless” gym soon. Now the only thing missing in that someone invent a portable “hairless” machine and maybe a “hair” machine, so that someone can go through the whole sensations again of loosing hair… Looking forward to the next part. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much! I am really pleased that you like my stories. I had thought about a hairless gym a while ago but put it to one side. I will try to find a way to incorporate one. There definitely won’t be a ‘hair’ machine but a portable one might well be a possibility.

    1. It’s a wonderful story, but Sangita’s progress borders on the miraculous – assuming that’s not the lingering effects of the machine 🙂

      As a suggestion for a story line, maybe one of the ladies’ coworkers, struggling with her weight, is inspired by their transformation, and decides to start her own fitness journey by losing her locks?

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