Hairplay of Female Friend

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Hairplay with a female friend, this is a real-life story. So, one of my friends has very long and thick hair. We met during our 1st year of college and had some chat, but then didn’t get any chance to talk around as I was shy. But I used to see her hair and different hairstyles. I like her big bun, which is half the size of her head, so after graduating from college, we met a few times as we had common friends but never got a chance to play with her hair. I always wanted to play with her hair but didn’t have the courage to ask.

So after summoning some courage, I started chatting with her on the phone to make her comfortable with me, and our friendship began. Once I invited her to my party, she came but left early as her parents are strict. I messaged her to meet me when she is free, and a few days later, we met near a park where usually no one comes. She was in a braid (I’m not a braid fan). While we were talking, I just told her that she had something on her hair and got hold of her braid and started checking it, then left. After that, I told her that her braid is so long, and she blushed and held her braid again and started playing with it. She said nothing, so I continued playing. After a while, I asked her to show me different hairstyles. She said it’s not possible now, but you can see some other day. I was so happy and again started playing with her braid while we were talking, and after some time, she had to go home, so I had a scooter. I told her I’ll drop you, she agreed, but I asked her to drive (purposely so I can play with her hair while sitting at the back). She agreed, and as soon as I sat behind her, I started playing with her braid. She said, “You really like my hair,” and then I dropped her at home. I was happy that I got a chance to touch her hair. After this meeting, we just met once but didn’t get a chance to play with her hair, and I left for my master’s abroad, and ever since, I have wished to play with her hair again. We do video calls sometimes but never got a chance to talk about her hair.

After a year, I came to India, and as soon as I reached there, I met her on my way near my house, and I was so happy to see her and her hair. They were still long and thick. She messaged me inquiring how many days you gonna be here so we can meet. I told her I can meet you on Saturday, and she agreed, but this time, I directly asked her not to come in a braid because you don’t look good in it. She said, “Okay, I’ll come in a different hairstyle.” This made my day, and I couldn’t wait to meet her again. We are meeting at the same place where we met last time. I reached there before her in excitement. She came, she was in a bun, which was loose and a little bit wet. She said, “I washed my hair, that’s why I’m late.” I said, “It’s okay.” Now, I can’t wait to touch her bun. We talked about my studies and jobs and her job. After a while, I told her, “Can we sit somewhere else?” because in my mind, if I try to touch her bun, people could see it, so we moved to a different bench.

After some time, I directly put my hand on her loose bun and said nothing. I just started pressing, squeezing, putting my finger in her bun hole. She asked me, “Is my hair still wet?” And I started checking again by pressing it, and she also checked while my hand was holding her bun. I told her, “Wait, I’ll massage your head,” and put all my fingers under her bun and started caressing her hair. She was enjoying it and continued for a while until her bun got fully loose, and I just opened her bun by removing the hair clip and ran my finger through her open hair. She started making a bun again, and this is the moment I was waiting for a long time, to hold her thick and tight hair bun. As soon as she made the bun, I got hold of it and started pressing the bun, and I told her, “Your hair is so big; it’s not even fitting in one hand.” And she smiled and said, “It’s called ‘amboda’,” and continued pressing it and started massaging her head by putting all the fingers in her hair, and the bun got loose, and it was hitting my hand, so she held her bun so I can massage properly, and again, we started talking while my hands were on her bun and pressing it continuously. I don’t know what she was talking about; my focus was on her bun only. And again, I opened the bun, and she was sitting there quietly, and then started making the bun again and said, “Shall we leave?” And I again pressed her bun and left. As we reached near to my vehicle, I told her to sit for a while. She was watching something in a direction that her bun was facing me and getting a full view of her bun. I tried to take some photos of her bun (don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see), took some photos, and with some courage, I held her bun and clicked a photo while holding her bun. A dream came true for me. And again, I opened the bun, and she started talking about something about the history of her hair while we both were holding her hair and playfully running my fingers through it. She again made the bun, and I gave her the last squeeze to that bun and told her, “Your hair is nice; take care of it.”

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