Hairy wizardry

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Once upon a time, there lived a young wizard. He made the caves of the plains his home.

Through his magic, he could make his beard longer or shorter (according to his desire) and turn animals human.

Well, after a long nap, the wizard woke to find pioneers in his plain.
Going into their town, he saw that men shaved their faces every day to impress their gals.

Over time, the wizard came to like the people, advising them a many occasion.

One autumn evening, some noble men came to him and begged for help. A plague had struck the village, causing their food to thin their wives’ hair.

The wizard agreed to help on one condition: he must receive a third of their female sheep.

They agreed so the wizard followed them and poured a potion on their crop. When harvest came, the wizard tempted a young girl to be the first one to feast upon his crop.

One bite of a carrot restored her thinning hair and then some.

The hair was ten fold thicker and twenty fold softer and fluffier. When the wizard came for his payment, the village refused to pay.

Furious, the wizard cursed the women’s hair to never be able to be cut.

A few days later: the noblemen returned and begged on their knees for help.”Please, please”,they pled,”Our wives’ hair have grown to monstrous length and we can’t have it cut for its strength is a hundred fold”.

The wizard agreed but upped his price to two thirds.

Coming to the town, the wizard saw dirt and grime in the women’s hair. Feeling sympathetic for the lasses, he took a giant tub and poured another elixir in it.

It took all week for every woman’s hair to be washed and scrubbed thoroughly.

The wizard advised them that it takes an hour for the liquid to do its magic.

When the sun rose on the 8th day, the wizard demonstrated the effects by cutting a redhead’s fluffy, thick lock off.

The people rejoiced in the wizard’s success and the barbershops was filled to the brim that day.

Learning from their mistakes, when the wizard came to collect: they gleefully gave up their two-thirds of female sheep.

During the winter, the wizard let his sheep grow out their woolly coats for he wanted the coats to be at peak fluffiness for harvesting.


“Come my flock”,he said,”Let me take your heavy burden off you”.

The sheep gleefully followed their to a tub he planted in the center of his hut. This time: two elixirs were poured into the tub. As a sheep stepped in, its hooves became hands and feet. All its wool became fluffy, bouncy foam atop her head.

It retained its set intelligence as a sheep. The wizard wrapped her breasts in linen along with her privates. He also gave her dress of beige.

Her sisters received the same outfit and they were prodded into the open.

The wizard set a stool and small table in the center of the open. He summoned tools to his hands.

He daintily led his first sheep to the stool and set her tush on the the circular top.

With a wave of his hand, a cape fluttered down and draped itself on the wizard’s girl. Its strings secured themselves to her neck.

A teasing of the woolly hair later, the wizard used the shears to chop off chunk after chunk of hair.

The girl bleated gleefully as her wool cascaded to the ground.

When only short stubble remained, the wizard cranked the clippers over the sheep-girl’s scalp.

No hair was left on the girl’s head. After storing the chopped wool in his shed, the wizard continued to shear all his girls.

The girls stayed human throughout winter to help the wizard to make potions or to keep the cave tidy.

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