Half shave

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I am 23 year old girl priya an engineer and housewife living in chennai.I had a headshave vow in my native village temple.My hair is mid back length and not in good length.So I decided to get headshave as now the son is summer.Me along with my husband went to native village and it’s a big festival in my village temple.I am wearing green saree with long hair and lot of flowers in my head.As my turn came I sat in bench and barber started to sprinkle water in my head and wet the wholeft length and made the partition into two.Barber started to shave with razor on one half of head.My hubby turned Facebook live to telecast my headshave.I smiled on seeing my headshave in fb. Barber finished shaving on ¬†half of my head.Now my head is one side shave and another side full of hair.Suddenly some violence taken place and everywhere there was some fire and fights.Barber left in middle with my half shaved head.My hubby snatched me outside and I am running with my half shaved head.I felt ashamed because of half Mottai

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