Handel transform Kat into a beauty

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Kat is a 24 year-old young lady. Standing at 5’8 and weighting over 200kg, she’s not a normal-size girl. Kat always had problems with her weight. It started during high school when her weight begin to go crazy. Now, she can barely walk and is stuck at home.

The person who has been taking care of Kat is her boyfriend, Handel. Handel is just an inch taller than her, has average looks, and is of average weight. But what stood out among the normal guys was that Handel was a child genius prodigy. He graduated with 4 Ph.D.s just before the age of 18. Now, working as a professor at the top university and living together with Kat in his house

A few of Handel colleagues criticize him for going out with an obese woman. A genius guy like him could get a super-model girlfriend. But that doesn’t affect him. When Handel was in elementary, he often got bullied in school for being a genius. The person who stood out for him was Kat, who gets into fights with the boy regularly for his sake. Despite Kat’s huge size, he has loved her with all his heart and soul since that day and has promised himself he will give her everything she wants.

At home

Handel was giving Kat her monthly buzzcut. She likes it short because it’s less hassle in the shower. When he was done cutting her short blonde hair, she rubbed the back of her neck to see if it was short enough. Kat then looks in the mirror to check her freshly buzzcut. Handel noticed through her reflection that her beloved girlfriend was in tears. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and looked at her in the mirror.

Handel: What’s the matter, Kat?

Kat: I heard it…

Handel: what is it?

Kat (She cried out loud): Rumors! you’re going out with a fat ugly girl like me.

Handel (said in a calm and gently tone): It’s not true, I’m happily in love with you. (He then kiss her on her cheek to calm her down)

Kat (in tears): If only I could get rid of my fat and become slimmer. (She started punching her body in anger)

Handel try to calm her down and ensuring he doesn’t care about her weight or what people say about them.

A few week later

Kat was still upset about the gossip at the university. She has been throwing tantrums at Handel over her weight. As always, he tries to calm her down. Kat had gained over 10kg, eating more food than before to comfort herself. One day, he ordered the wrong food for Kat. In a fit of rage, she blasted at him


Handel: Kat… calm down, I’ll go get you another.


Handel went out again to get Kat’s food. He angrily kicked the trash near him and screamed out loud. Handel was emotional stressed out, and each week Kat has become more aggressive. He knew if the situation kept going, their relationship would be over. Determined to fix it, Handel would need his lab.

A month later 

Handel and Kat weren’t talking as much as before. He still took care of delivering food and giving her a monthly buzzcut, but the atmosphere wasn’t the same. Kat felt bad that day, launching her stress and anger at him. She wanted to apologize but couldn’t find the courage to tell him. Kat also notices that Handel has been coming home late to work on an important experiment in the university lab. She thought, Maybe he discovered something ground-breaking; a genius guy like that would complete his discovery no matter what.

Three months have passed, Handel came home early excited for some reason.

Handel(Excited): KAT! I got a surprised for you (opening a briefcase fill with vial inside). I have been working on this secretly for months and I finally done it!

Kat (confuse): What do you want me to do with this!?

Handel: Babe, I finally done it. Inside the vial is a serum that contain bio…


Handel: Sorry, this serum will help you burn the fat in your body!

Kat: WHAT! Is it some kind of joke?

Handel: No! I tested on the mice and it works perfectly. Trust me! I love you and wouldn’t lie to you. I want you to happy and that’s all I want.

Kat thought for moment. She knew Handel is on a different level of genius, but this sounds crazy to her. However, she never doubt his intelligence.

Kat: Fine! I trust you.

Handel (kiss her on the cheek): Thanks! You’ll be a whole new person!

Handel took out the syringes and slowly inject the serum into her body.

Kat: Is there a side effect?

Handel: Don’t worry about it, the side effect is harmless. I took out the poison material that would hurt you, but you’ll feel sleepy after the first intake.

Kat (feeling dizzy): OOOOOOOKKKKKKKkkk…. (she fell asleep after the serum took its effect)

The next morning 

Kat open her eyes and saw Handel.

Handel: Morning, babe… (with a smile)

Kat: How long was I out?

Handel: About 20 hours.

When Kat tried to get out of bed, she felt weird. Before, Kat would find it hard to get off the bed. Still feeling drowsy, she walks to the bathroom to wash up. Kat didn’t realize how easy it was for her to walk by herself.

Kat: AHHHHH!!! (a loud scream from Kat after she looked in the mirror. Handel quickly went to bathroom)

Handel: Babe, what’s wrong?

Kat was stun by the transformation. She had loss half of her weight,  Kat’s clothes were loose, and hair gotten longer touching her shoulders. She quickly step on the weighing scale. Kat loss a 100kg, and weighing at 120kg.

Kat (jumping in excitement): Handel! it works !!!

Handel: Yeah, but according to your BMI, your exact ideal weight is 57kg.

Kat: I feel so light now, and my hair gotten longer. Is that the side effect?

Handel: Yes, let me explain…

Kat: STOP! make it short and easier to understand.

Handel: Ok… Fats in the body in simplest term called store energy. In order to tap in that store energy, the serum transfer that fats into your hair that cause rapid hair growth.

Kat (touching her hair): aaaahhh… I feel like a kid again and my hair so soft. Remember you used to play with my hair when it was this long when we were kids (she teased him)

Handel (shy): aaahhhm… oh… the reason why your is soft is part of the side effect, the protein in your hair…

Kat (cover his mouth): Nah… its fine, its not important. I like this length, and I never knew my hair was this thick. Maybe I should keep it and let grow as a toy for you to play (she teased again).BTW, when can I have another jab?

Handel (embarrassed) : In 2 days to be exact. Your body need time to cope with the adjustment with the serum.

Kat gently hugged Handel with tears in her eyes. Until today, she realized how much he loved her. He went through all the effort to create a formula for Kat, even though she was mean to him. She promised herself she would never hurt him again.

Kat (with joy of tears): I’m sorry…

Handel: Sorry? I don’t understand

Kat: Its fine… not important… (kissing him on the lips)

A week later 

Kat weighting at 57kg opened the door. The moment she took her first step outside, she felt free. Wind blowing through her floor-length golden hair, and the sun warms her snow white skin. Kat was a whole new person. After years being stuck at home unable to move because of her weight. She’s confident enough to get out of the house with her new looks and body. 

Handel: Babe, let me put your hair in a bun, so it won’t get in your way.

Kat: Can you do like a fashionable bun? PLEASSSSEEE……!!!

Handel: It will take some time, maybe next time.

Kat: I allow you to play with it, and even sleep on it, it hurts my head you dirty hair pervert… and you promised to take care of my hair too…

Handel: Well… fine.

Handel brought Kat to the mall to get her new clothes. Kat picked up her dresses, shirts, shorts, and pants. She quickly changed into her new summer dress and was loving the look.

The next stop was the salon. Kat hasn’t visited the salon in years. She knew what kind of style to get and quickly sat on the chair. When the stylist opened her bun, more than 5 feet of thick golden hair drop to the floor. Everyone in the salon is amazed by the length and health of the hair.

Stylist: WOOOOhhhh !!! GIRL! I though you’re some girl with a pretty face, BUT! this thick HAIR IS GEOGERGE !! What do you wanna do with this gold in your head?

Kat: HAHA… thanks. I think its too long, can you cut my hair below my butt. And… add some waves to it.

Stylist(Said in excitement): 2 feet beautiful hair is coming off!! You’re going to look ANGELICAL baby!!!

The stylist slowly trims Kat’s hair at the butt length and proceeds to the hair washing area. It took more than an hour and 3 people to get Kat’s hair done. After everything was finished, she looked more like a goddess. At the diner, the men and women couldn’t keep their eyes off Kat beauty.

Kat(whispering): Is there something wrong with my hair?? Why everyone’s looking at me?

Handel: I think your mind is playing tricks with you, and maybe you’re hungry and you haven’t gone out of the house in years, right?

Kat: Yeah, maybe you’re right.

Waiter: Have you guys decided what to eat?

Kat: ahhh ….yes, we would like to have a 3 beef steak, 4 cheeseburgers, 4 set of fries, 4 set of pancakes, 4 large chocolate milk shake, and 4 mashed potatoes with cheese…

Waiter: ok… is there anyone coming?

Kat: No… just the 2 of us.

Waiter (confuse): OK… your orders will be here in short while.

When the food arrived, starving Kat started munching right away. Within 30 mins, she’d eaten all the orders on the table. People in diners were dumbfounded that a slim girl could finish that much food by herself. Handel paid the bill, and they left.

Next day 

Kat (Shocked): HANDEL !!!!

Handel: What’s the matter?

Kat: My hair grew to the floor again… why is it?

Handel: Yesterday, you ate a lot, so I think you have store tons of energy.

Kat: The more I eat the faster my hair grows? Is that how it works?

Handel: Its not permanent after you’re done taking the serum. But, when the body adjusted to the changes your hair will grow at least 6 inch per month. Faster than an average hair growth in human which is half an inch.

Kat: So, how can I slow down the hair growth for now?

Handel: Well…., try to eat more fruits and vegetables, run for 30 mins or other physical activity to used up the stored energy.

Kat: Sigh…. I hate healthy stuff… but you’re the genius, so I’ll follow your instruction.

Few months later

Kat was enjoying her new life and body. She got a part-time hair modeling job that pays well and is extremely in love with her life.

One day, Kat decided not to have regular hair trims and just let it grow out as long as possible. Handel was perplexed at her strange behavior; she consumed more food like her life depended on it and refused to step out of the house. He thought that might be another side effect of the serum.

A few weeks later, Kat’s hair grew to an astonishing 60 feet in length! The Rapunzel long golden thick locks were covering floor like a carpet. Handel did a recheck on the serum and found no side effects in the change of behavior. Most likely is the love of food she had, but he can’t explain her increased of sexual activity.

Handel enjoys the sexual hair play and sex, specially the master and slave role play. Kat loves when Handel dominates and abuse her body and hair. He would tied up her up with her hair, and cover up the mouth and pussy with hair and forcefully penetrate in it.  

All the sexual activity going on, Handel just ignored Kat’s change of behavior and move on with their life.

The surprised 

Handel got back home from the university after a long presentation. He only think of is covering himself like a cocoon with Kat’s 60 feet of hair and relax inside of it.

When Handel step inside the house, a strong sweet shampoo fragrant fill the house. “Kat must have waste her hair using the new shampoo, given by the agent”, he thought.

He follow the scent and it led to the “sex play” room where they have sex all the time. Handel was gearing up, and he knew Kat have planned something fun. He went inside the room.

In the room Handel saw Kat’s golden ponytail hanging on the celling and covering the emperor bed like a curtain. He touch and smell the hair bed curtains, and confirms its hers. Suddenly, an arm reach out and pull him inside the curtains of hair.

Kat: Do you like what I did to the bed, dear? (She said with a horny sound) I wash and chopped off 30 feet of my hair to make a hair curtains.

Handel: that’s incredible and it smells amazing. What the special occasion? (breathing heavy with excitement)

Kat: When I was ugly and fat, you feed me with good food. You given me a place to live. You took care of me all these years and never left when you could have. Plus, you gave me a new body, its time that I repay the debt to my professor. (She said with love)

Handel: I didn’t ….(Kat cover his mouth using her hair before he could finish up the sentence)

Kat: shut up you hair pervert….. just enjoy this moment. I hope 20 feet of hair on my head is enough for you, and its fresh out of the shower.

Handel erect with all the excitement. Kat insert his dick in her, and mourned with pleasure. Hair covering his body, and waves of hair flowing in the air each bounced from her. After 10 mins of sex. She turned around begging for a doggie action. Handel with force pull her hair hard and banging with his might. Kat quickly stop him when she feels that Handel is at his limit.

Kat: Do you like fucking me inside my hair?

Handel: Why did you stop? I was about to ejaculate…

Kat: this is just the beginning, professor dear.

Kat got out of the bed, while commanding Handel to sit still. While waiting for her, he masturbating with hair bed curtains. Handel couldn’t restrain himself, Kat’s hair feel so silky, the shampoo Kat uses is amazing and it brings out the smoothness to its max.

Kat come back and showed Handel several ponytails.

Kat: ok you dirty hair perv…another 10 feet of my hair, we could use it as a rope.

Handel: Kat! this is a great idea! (stroking the ponytail)

Kat: We could also move the hair curtains to the barber chair, and have fun in it.

Handel: Kat… (kissing her lips). Sometimes, I felt that you’re smarter than me, you’re ahead with these kind of stuff. (moving the hair curtains to the barber chair.

Handel bind Kat hand and feet, and strap her to the barber chair. The barber area is Handel sanctuary, where he could do anything with her body and long thick golden hair. He would used sex toys and devices to abuse Kat’s sexy body and pussy.

Handel would do different braids and masturbate using it. He will cover his head with hair and do buns in it. All the hair plays Handel could do happens in barber area. With the Kat’s hair curtains, Handel found himself a heaven.

Kat: Dear, you might want to open the drawer.

Handel (jokingly said): Hiding more of your hair in there? (he open the drawer, found a golden scissors, and clippers).

Kat: please give me a serious haircut …(she moaned)

Handel took a long sniff at Kat’s 20 feet of hair from the scalp to the ends and plays with it. He brought out the electric dildo and inserted into her pussy. Kat was shaking in pleasure as he put in deeper and deeper slowly and switch it on.

Kat: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! (Moaning aloud) “The chair violently shaking”

Handel: Never expected your ponytail to hold this well. (he smile with arousal)

Handel wrap about Kat’s 15 foot of silky golden hair around arms, neck, and body, and cut it off when he’s done making a suit of armor hair. Kat now left with 5 feet of hair for him to play with.

Handel standing in front of Kat: Enjoying it? (Handel then cut off the ponytail that bind Kat’s hands)

Kat search Handel penis that hide in the armor of golden hair. When she found it, Kat pull out that huge enlarged dick and begin sucking it.

Kat: Finish the job…. (as she suck)

Handel got his clippers and place in the middle. The sound of clipping going through that thick Rapunzel golden hair, and shiny gold continue to fall from each stroke from the clippers.

Enormous chuck of Kat’s hair pile  up the barber area, when Handel was done with the last stroke on her head. Kat cover his penis with the armor of hair and quickly finish it off with a handjob.

Handel: AAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh…… (the cumming sound of pleasure)

Kat: OMG…. that’s a lot of cum !!

Kat felt refresh and her light. Its been months since she gotten a buzzcut.

Handel (breathing heavy with pleasure): That was amazing!! Wow…

Kat: If you like haircutting, we could do forced haircut if you want… beside, it grows fast like grass right?

Handel: Tomorrow is your last jab of the serum. But, I would love to do that.

Handel was living the best of his life with Kat. Every few months when Kat’s hair reach to knee length. He would chop it off in and shave her head clean.

The end




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