Hannah gets a Buzz cut

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When Hannah got home from work, her mother said “Hannah, please come in here”.


Her mother wanted her to come into the living room of their home.


Once she was in the living room of their home, her mother said “Are we going to cut you hair, today”.

She got up from the sofa,  and then began walking towards Hannah.



Megan, Hannah’s mother, was a few feet away from her daughter, when Hannah said “Yes”.

Her mother laughed, and then said “Let’s go”.

Before Hannah could ask her anything else, Megan said “Do you still want a buzz cut”.

Right after Megan got that out, she pushed her daughter’s shoulder.

After she pushed her shoulder, she said “We can do it in spare room”.

Hannah and her mother made their way to the room that her step father converted into a barbershop.

When Hannah got into the room, she could see an old barber chair sitting in the corner.

Hannah knew she wouldn’t be leaving this room with her waist length, blonde, hair.

Megan was wearing a very chin length, brown, bob wig.

It had bangs that stopped just above her eyebrows.

Once Hannah was comfortable seated in the chair, her mother said “All off”.

Hannah looked at her through the mirror, and then said “Can we start with a bob first”.

There were a few moments of silence, and then she said “We can do that”.

As her mother took the cape off the wall, she said “I always thought you looked so cute with bob cuts”.

Hannah was caped, as she said “Maybe, we should just go for it”.

The cape was being secured to neck, as her mother said “Let’s start with a bob cut”.

Megan got some scissors and a comb.

She began combing Hannah’s hair.

Blonde hair cascaded  to the floor, soon after Megan started combining it.

Her mother continued to comb the hair to her chin, and then cut it off with the scissors.

Every cut was precisely at the length Megan wanted it at.

She made more and more snips, as Hannah watched in the mirror.

Megan was almost done reducing the length of Hannah’s hair, when Hannah said “This is just like when I was a kid”.

When it was to a suitable length, her mother started working on her bangs.

When her mother puts the scissors in front of her eyebrows, she hoped her mother wouldn’t cut them to short.

In the past, her mother had a habit of doing that.

Right before Megan snipped Hannah’s bangs, Hannah said “I’m worried your going to cut my bangs too short”.

Blonde hair falls onto the cape, right after she said that.

Her mother turned the chair, so Hannah can’t see how short they were.

She continued to snip the bangs until they were shorter than Hannah would have liked.

Megan continued to work on Hannah’s hair until she had a perfect chin length bob.

When Megan turned the chair, Hannah said “Thanks for not cutting my bangs to short”.

As she began putting up Hannah’s hair, she said “I would have left them longer, but you had to run your mouth”.

There were a few moments of silence, and then Megan said “Do you have a preference on what guard size I should use”.

Without even thinking about it, Hannah said “No”.

When the clippers came to life, they had a number 1 guard attached to them.

Her mother turned the chair, and then began  sheering on Hannah’s nape.

Blonde hair fell to the floor, but it was no where near as the long as hair that fell earlier in the cut.

She had forgotten how much she enjoyed feeling the vibrations of the clippers on the nape.

When the clippers stopped, Hannah was disappointed.

Just as her mother was about to hang them up, she said “Aren’t you going to do a full under cut”.

Her mother hung up the clippers, and picked up a blow dryer.

As she blew Hannah’s hair off the cape, she said “No”.

Megan was putting the blow dryer back in it’s spot, when Hannah said “You always did a full under cut and made it an angle bob”.

There were a few moments of silence, and then Megan said “Should I just buzz it all off”.

Much to her mother’s surprise, she nodded her head “Yes”.

Megan turned the chair, so Hannah was facing the door.

Nervous knots in Hannah’s stomach tightened, as the chair turned.

A hand clamped over her crown, as her mother pushed her head down.

After she said that, she took her clippers off the hook.

Once they were on, She grabbed a section of Hannah’s hair with her hand.

The noise of the clippers changed, when it came in contact with her hair.

Megan continued to use the grab and cut method, until she had reduced the bulk of the length from Hannah’s remaining hair.

She hung up the clippers, and picked up her blow dryer.

After the cape was blown off, the clippers came back to life.

Now, Hannah could feel the vibrations of the clippers.

Her nape hairs were quickly being reduced from the length of a number 1 guide to a the guide length of 000.

Once the back was done, Megan tilted her daughter’s head back.

One hand was on the clippers, and her other hand was under chin.

She placed the clippers in front of Hannah’s face, and then dragged them across the top of her head.

More passes were made on the top of Hannah’s head, before her mother moved onto left side of her head.

It didn’t take Megan long at all to reduce the left and right side of her daughter’s heads to a 000 length.

Cool air touched her nearly bald skin, as Megan removed the cape

Hannah was excited with anticipation, as she waited for her mother to turn the chair.

She gripped the arm rests, as she left the chair move.

Panic seized Hannah, when she saw herself in the mirror.

As Hannah quietly sat there in complete shock, her mother just walked out the room

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