Hannah’s Hope

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Hannah’s hope

Hannah was a single mother of two. She was a devoted mother to her children and worked hard to support her family. There never seemed to be enough, hence she was dependent on her mother for additional help. That help came with a price, control. Her mother had to approve her looks and any changes Hannah made to them. She once cut her hair into a long bob, but her mother disapproved and threatened to stop helping Hannah.

She longed to be able to wear her hair anyway she wanted and get body piercings. Her tongue had been pierced but her mother had paid her $200 to take it out. Oh to have someone take her and fulfill her dreams of happiness and remove her from under the thumb of her mother.

She was friends with her coworkers and every blue moon she got the chance to have a night out alone with them. Enter Steve and Betty. They knew what she needed and concocted a plan together. Betty would arrange for a “girls night out” with Hannah’s mother. The afternoon began with sushi, one of Hannah’s favorites and drinks. Little did she know Betty was getting ¼ shots and Hannah was getting doubles. By the time lunch was finished Hannah had a good buzz on and certainly felt at ease since Betty had been keeping up with her. They went and had their nails done and a pedicure and Betty picked out a bright red color with polished glitter for Hannah. Betty told her she could always remove or cover it up before Hannah’s mother saw it. Hannah loved it and felt a little rebellious with her new look.

Next Betty took them to a local casino where a suite had been booked. Hannah was excited about the thought of a night out but felt self conscious about her clothes. Nothing to worry about said Betty. I have our clothes at the suite I think you will like what I picked out for you.
They arrived at the suite which had flowers and candles and more liquor. Betty made her another drink of her favorite cocktail while Betty was using Vodka which was only about 10% vodka and the rest water. Hannah continued to drink and she was really enjoying herself. Betty suggested Hannah try out the whirlpool and placed fragrant oils in the water. As Hannah soaked away, Betty opened the adjoining door and Steve stepped in, everything ready he asked? Betty winked and opened the suitcase displaying all the needed items for the afternoon and evening fun. Good, Steve replied, let’s get started.

Betty found Hannah drifting off and approached the tub. Sit up so I can scrub your back. Hannah complied and Betty began to use a soft bath mitt with a scented body scrub all over her back and arms. It felt so good for Hannah to be pampered. Now the front said Betty and Hannah leaned back and let Betty continue and she began to feel the bloom of heat between her legs as Betty scrubbed her belly and slowly moved upward and began scrubbing and massaging her breasts. Betty could tell that between the alcohol and the special attention things were having the desired affect as Hannah’s breathing became shorter and faster and she began to spread her legs. That was the signal for Betty to work her way down to Hannah’s legs. Lift them up on the edge for me, Betty said, and Hannah complied without question. Betty continued and watched as Hannah spread her legs wider the closer Betty got to her melting pussy. Do you want me to stop she asked?
Hannah shook her head no. I want to her you say it, said Betty. Please don’t stop said Hannah. It feels so good, it’s been so long. So long since what said Betty, already knowing the answer. So long since I have been touched, it feels wonderful. Betty smiled knowing the bait had been taken, now to spring the trap. If I continue will you do as I say? Hannah’s mind was spinning, she didn’t know what was coming, but she didn’t want it to stop. Yes, I will do as you say, please don’t stop, I need this so badly, please…..

Betty said very well my pet. These eye bandages will allow you to feel, hear and smell what is next. You will address me as Miss Betty from now on understand? Hannah nodded. Betty quickly corrected her…understand? Yes Miss Betty was her reply. Betty covered each eye and began to finish the bath. She gently scrubbed the waiting and open pussy of Hannah and massaged her clit until swollen and Hannah panting with desire. Betty commented on how unkept her pussy was and that it soon would be fixed. She next told Hannah to get on all fours and scrubbed her buttocks paying lots of attention to her pussy and tight little asshole. Hannah panted with desire and was amazed how she enjoyed the attention to her ass. No one had been there before or ever wanted to, she felt naughty enjoying the attention and all too quickly it was over.

Time to wash and condition your hair Pet. Betty used a fragrant shampoo and massaged Hannah’s head for what seemed for ever. Now for the deep conditioning. Little did Hannah know it was hair color. Steve had picked it out. Something to lighten her long dark locks into a brilliant light brown and gold color called Topaz. It would take 30 minutes to work, but they would leave it on for 40 to make sure. After applying the color, a color cover and heat cap were used to make sure it did the job. Hannah was helped to a standing position and wrapped In a large soft robe and lead to the bed. Lay down and relax as the “conditioning” does it job. Betty then began to massage Hannah’s body from head to toe and she paid much attention to her large breasts and wet pussy and this had Hannah panting again. Time to clean up this mess said Betty as she pulled on the long pubic hair of Hannah’s pussy. The next sound was the closing of scissors and the feeling of a comb lifting her pubic hair and the release of the tension as the scissors closed. Betty would blow the cut hair away and Hannah moaned each time she did as her breath on her swollen clit was driving her crazy. That’s a good start said Betty and next she produced the small detail clippers and began buzzing her smooth. Betty would take cues from Steve on angles and directions that kept Hannah on the edge of exploding. Next a warm wash cloth was applied followed by hot shaving lather from a mug with a shaving brush. Once again, guided by Steve, Betty had Hannah like putty in her hand. Hannah was begging for release and was scolded by Betty for being such a slut. You must learn to wait and cum only when I allow it said Betty as she began to shave Hannah smooth with the straight razor. She did it twice to make sure and gentility stroked the swollen lips to make sure that it was smooth. Now turn over and get on all fours…Hannah wanted whatever would come next and willingly complied. Betty used the brush and shaving mug once again using small circles over Hannah’s butt and ass hole. Teasing it with the bristles as she slowly massaged her tight little hole and then all to quickly Betty stopped and began shaving her once again. After wiping Hannah clean Betty applied a warming massage oil and used one and the two fingers to slowly open and insert herself into Hannah’s asshole.
Tell me you enjoyed that.. beg me to continue Betty said. The response was immediate from Hannah….please Miss Betty don’t stop I need this so bad. Steve smiled and nodded to Betty and pointed to the open suit case. Betty grabbed the small remote control butt plug and with little effort guided it into Hannah’s waiting ass hole. This is to train you for my pleasure Betty said. Next she inserted the remote control egg into Hannah’s warm wet pussy. This as well my dear. Next Hannah felt them both come to life and they began to vibrate. Steve had the controls and could alternate levels between each of them or keep them at the same level. Each time Hannah came close to climaxing, Steve simply turned down the frequency. Time to rinse your hair dear, said Betty as she lead Hannah to the shower where they entered together. Betty washed her hair again and notice the beautiful color it was now. She massaged Hannah’s breasts and pussy as Steve continued the alternating vibrations. Hannah was so close and begged to cum. In time was all Betty would say. They stepped out of the shower and after drying off, Hannah was set in front of a mirror and her hair placed into curlers with a setting solution and a bonnet dryer applied. She the was dressed in a corset which pushed her large breasts upwards and out and a crotchless thong with a open back to her ass with a bow above her ass hole. Garters and stockings and 4” inch heels completed the look. Betty did the make up and Hannah ended up with bee stung swollen dark crimson lips and high arched brows. Hannah was commanded to keep her eyes shut and Betty finished the look with large winged eye liner and shimmering purple eye shadow. The curlers were removed and her hair teased and positioned to achieve a runway model head of big beautiful bouncy curls.

Now the fun began…Steve’s use of the controls had Hannah begging for release and Betty told her to open her eyes. Hannah couldn’t believe the reflection before her. Her was a beautiful sexy women and Hannah couldn’t believe it was her staring back. Betty said it has been fun and I can stop or we can continue and it is your choice. But choosing to go on means you become mine. Hannah’s reply was quick and expected. Please make me yours…I have never felt like this and I don’t want it to stop. Beg me….say it….Steve had it recording to all of their phones….Hannah begged to become Betty’s slave and promised to serve her…Betty applied a beautiful jeweled color and leash and led her to Steve.

Well done slave, Steve said to Betty. Hannah couldn’t believe it. Her best friend and tricked her into becoming a slave for a man she worked for… what now?
Now Hannah you have nothing to fear, I know what you want and need. He guided her to her knees and his waiting throbbing cock. Hannah couldn’t believe the overall size, while not especially long it was big around. She opened her mouth and took it in and began to suck on it. She was so horny and eager. Now it’s time for your reward said Steve. Betty knew what she was to do next. She went to the suitcase and grabbed the double strap on dildo and strapped it on. She then approached Hannah and removed the butt plug and egg from her warm wet pussy. She placed the heads of the two dildos at the entrance to her pussy and butt. Steve pulled her her mouth away and asked Hannah what she wanted. Hannah begged, please sir let me suck on your cock while she fucks my ass and pussy. Everything was being recorded and Steve knew he had what he wanted. He told Betty to begin and rather than being gentle to her, he knew that they were both wet and eager holes eager to be penetrated. With one from thrust she thrust into Hannah and Hannah eagerly pushed back against the penetrations she had been waiting for for so long. Just as she being was penetrated, Steve grabbed a handful of her hair and rammed his waiting cock deep into her mouth Hannah was in heaven. With one or two thrusts of the two dildos in her ass and pussy and the cock in her mouth she came like never before. She exploded in such a way that she gushed fluid out of her pussy and all over Betty. Steve continue to pump in and out of her mouth until he finally exploded cum deep into her with Hannah sucking every drop and looking for ever to make sure she got every single drop of what she knew was the best come she never had her mouth. Steve and turned her around so that her face was greeted with the warm wet pussy of Betty. Betty grab a handful of her hair and shoved her face into her warm wet cunt and ordered her to lick and suck her to orgasm. Steve then began to insert his firm hard cock into her waiting ass Hannah moaned wildly and begged him to fuck her wildly in her tight little asshole. Steve obliged her and begin to pump her with large firm strokes and she eagerly sucked on the warm wet cunt in front of her. Hannah had never known such happiness. The rest of the afternoon was spent with them in every possible position a threesome could do every hole explored every hole filled with come Hannah had never known she could feel this way. She only knew that what was coming next might be the beginning of a wonderful new way of life.. She asked what am I going to tell my mother? Steve told her when I show her the video of you today and what you said it will be the end of your relationship with her. Hannah began to cry she didn’t know what she would do next. Steve simply told her you have a choice you can leave and go back to your mother and live with whatever life she gives you. Or you can choose to live your life with me as your master And Betty as your mistress and take whatever comes from us and know that you will never want for anything. We will give you time to make your decision. Hannah needed only moments to know that any life she would have with her mother would never be the same as this day that she had with these two people. She knew they would always care for her and her children. So her answer was firm and swift. This is the life I want and need she begged please make me your slave for life. Whatever you want from me is the best that I can have. And so began the new life for Hannah as a slave and in the service to two people she loved.

Steve ordered Hannah to return to the chair after placing the egg and vibrating butt plug into their original places. Then he began to section her hair from her ears to above her head twisting it and securing it in place. Then he took the small clippers and begin removing all the hair from below her occipital bone down creating A smooth buzzed look. Hannah could hardly contain herself she felt the newly buzzed area of her head. As Betty alternated the level of vibration in her pussy and ass, Steve asked her is that enough or do you want me to shave it? You have to beg me,, please, Hannah begged,, shave it for me, I have to feel it smooth. And so Steve once again use the warm lather of the shaving mug and brush to lather up the newly buzzed Area of the back of her head. He then used a straight razor and with short slow strokes completely removed any trace of hair. He then rubbed it with oils and massaged her neck. He he then slowly began placing kisses on the newly to denuded area of her neck and head. Hannah was in ecstasy. And within moments she had another shattering orgasm which made her squirt fluid from her pussy. This will be our little secret said Steve. The only time anyone will know this is visible is when you put your hair up. Which will be only when I command you to do it. Do you understand? Hannah could only nod yes as she was beside herself with joy of the feeling she had received today. Now my pet, time for you to get dressed for us to go out tonight. Steve handed her a very short slinky dress. One that would be hard for her to disguise her shaved slick pussy and her large firm breasts.. But Hannah wanted to wear this because she knew he would please Steve and Betty. When she had the dress on she looked exactly like Steve and Betty knew she would a hot slut who needed sex. They went to the casino and played some games especially ones or Hannah would have to bend over showing the bow of the thong she was wearing and her shaven pussy. She was shameless in her willingness to do it and had many eager suitors wanting to know if they could have a shot at her. Steve just laughed at the transformation that had taken place in just the last 12 hours. When they had her in the elevator returning to the room they both begin to rub and massage both her breasts an pussy getting her to beg for more rough sex. Hannah begged them fuck her hard she needed it so badly.The rest of the night was spent with her trying every imaginable position and being entered in every hole she had over and over and her enjoying every minute of it she knew she could never go back to her life the way she knew it. But she was happy. In fact she was overjoyed. And knew that this was the best decision she had ever made. She couldn’t wait for what the next chapter of her life would bring.

The next week

Hannah was surprised when her mother actually paid her a complement on her new hair color. Little did she know what was underneath it. Her life seem to return to its normal state. Work, coming home and taking care of the children and then to bed. But each night she had dreams about what had happened last week. All she had to do this feel her shaven neck and smooth pussy and she knew that her life has been changed. She received a message from Betty saying that she had arranged for Hannah to have another day of fun the following week. It was all Hannah could do to count down the days until the following Friday and she knew it would be another day of excitement and possible changes. Her mind went from one extreme to another wondering what would happen.

Friday finally arrived and Betty told her to meet her at a salon on a posh side of town. Hannah arrived at the salon at nine as per her instructions. She was greeted at reception by a good looking woman who said you must be Hannah. She guided her to the back and instructed her to strip and put on the gown and follow her to a private salon area. In the private area the stylist name Susie had Hannah recline and then she shampooed and conditioned her hair. Next she faced her away from the mirror and told her today they would be doing something different with her color and possibly her cut. But that would be all up to Hannah. Could she behave and follow instructions or would she need to be secured to the chair in order to follow what had been ordered. Hannah knew she should comply but part of her wanting to resist. She began to squirm in the chair thinking of what might be in her future. So Suzy said I see you can’t be still. I guess we can do it the other way. She reached from under the counter and withdrew the straps and secured Hannah firmly to the chair around her waist just below her breasts and her abdomen and then each wrist to each arm of the chair. I guess this will keep you from moving Susie said. After Hannah was secured to the chair three other assistants entered the room to help with the further changes that would take place. Suzy introduced each one to Hannah. Darla here will be doing your waxing today. Peggy will be doing your nails. Emily will be doing your piercings. Hannah could only wonder what would happen. Susie began to apply a solution to Hannah’s head with a brush and bowl putting sections of her hair onto cellophane wrap. Once all the solution was applied her hair was covered and he was once again covered her hair. She knew the color was changing but had no idea what it was changing too. While under the heat dry each girl began their individual process. First her entire legs and arms were waxed then all of her abdomen and cheeks and lips. And finally her legs were spread wide open and once again her pussy and asshole or waxed to a smooth perfection. Her nails once again painted and shaped this time The tips were square and the color was bright for fluorescent pink. A color and she had never worn before. And something she’d only seen on strippers or bimbos. Emily approached Hannah and applied something that fell cold to her a little bit then she felt the firm pressure and a slight sting that was replaced with an earring going into her ear lobe. Hannah had only had single piercings before but now it seemed her Littles would have double piercings. Then Emily continued applying the cold solution up along her ears and once again pressure and slight pain as the gun moved along her ears 123456 times and I couldn’t believe how many piercings she was getting In her left ear. Now Emily moved to the right here repeating the process but instead of studs this ear held rings. And sizes from small to large as it went along the ear. Then Emily applied to cold numbing medicine to her left nostril and once again pressure and slight pain and this time small gold hoop was placed through her nostril. Then Emily moved to her left eyebrow once again numbing medicine and pain and another piercing was placed. Hannah could not imagine what she would look like but I knew it was all to please Steven and Betty so whatever happened she was ready for it to happen. Next Emily approached Hannah and once again plied the coal numbing medicine to her left eyebrow firm pressure slight pain in her right eyebrow was pierced. She can only wonder what was going to happen further today. She didn’t have long to wonder before Emily opened her gown and began to massage her breast it felt good and Hannah begin to moan. Emily began to rub her breasts and finally moved to her nipples where she begin to rub and tweak them until they became large and engorged. Then once again the numbing medicine was applied for pressure and slight pain this time barbells were placed to her nipple piercings. Emily then moved down to her abdomen grabbing her belly button and once again numbing medicine pressure and pain in this time a small tiny bell was placed her through her belly button piercing it would ring every time she moved. Darla just finished faxing her pussy smooth and was supplying a warm oil massage and Hannah could hardly contain herself and like the slut she was opened her legs so that there was easier access to her swollen lips. Darla begin to massage the oil over her clit and massaged it back-and-forth causing it to swell up and itself. That’s pretty good Emily replied but it’s not enough for me to do my job. She then took a small device out and applied it to the clit and when she turned it on suction was applied intermittently so back-and-forth back-and-forth the suction went on continuing to make the clit to become bigger and bigger. Hannah was beside herself with the feelings that were happening it felt so good she didn’t know what could come of it. But she didn’t have long to wonder has a suction stopped and Emily was able to find a spot she was looking for just above the engorged swollen clit. There she applied the numbing medicine and once again pressure and pain and another small piercing with a bell was placed. Emily told Hannah almost done dear, time for the last one. Hannah couldn’t imagine any place else that had already been pierced. And then her mind begin to think the unthinkable. Emily begin to rub her clit and as she did Hannah begin to pant and open her mouth that was all that was needed to come in with the McGill’s forceps she grab Hannah’s tongue stretched it quickly place the needle through her tongue and placed a large ball piercing into it. It was screwed down firmly and now Hannah knew everything had been pierced to perfection. Each of the three girls took turns rotating all the piercings to make sure that they were moving freely through their new access into Hannah’s body. It was more than her body could take. And after each of the rotations and finally focusing on the ones on her nipples and her clit she came violently in the chair squirting fluid all over. Each of the girls commented on what a slut she was and how sexy she looked like.

Now it’s my turn Susie replied taking Hannah to the washbasin and removing each cellophane and then washing her hair and deep conditioning. She towel dried her hair and set her up and then began to put her hair in rollers once again. These rollers were different as the hair was rolled onto them the elastics were placed over the rollers to keep them in place. And I have no idea what was going to happen next. Next a permanent solution was soaked into each of the rollers then her head was covered once again and placed under the dryer. Suzy told her it would take about 45 minutes for the overall effect to happen. While she waited that 45 minutes each of the girls once again played with her piercings teasing her to the brink of orgasm but never allowing her to cum. After what seemed like an eternity Hannah was returned to the sink and her hair was rinsed and patted dry and then another solution was applied to each of the curls and once again under the dryer and once again the girls returned to their job of almost allowing her to have orgasm but never quite allowing it to happen. Finally Susie began to unwind the curlers and allow the hair to fall down on Hannah. Oh where once her hair had reached her low back now and it only reached to her breast. She had received a beautiful spiral perm. Her hair was now a platinum blonde almost white. The effect was quite dramatic. Bright pink nails and toes. Piercings up-and-down her ears eyebrows nose nipples bellybutton and least not to forget the one on her clit. Every time she moved her legs it rubbed and made her horny beyond belief. Almost done my dear said Susie, and she applied a small brush of color through several sections of Hannah’s hair. This would last only a few minutes and once again she was rinsed at the bowl and her hair was dried. Now it was only platinum blonde but it had pinks streaks in various areas curling and quite visible. I’m quite proud of myself and my staff today Suzy said. This transformation usually takes weeks but you were able to do it in one sitting. She got her back to the changing room as a new outfit awaited Hannah. It was a simple one piece dress made of stretchy material Hannah could not believe the size and wondered if she could even fit into it. The girls helped her stretching it over her legs and finally over her large breasts. It left nothing to imagination and clearly showed all the various piercings she had. She then was given large platform high-heeled pink shoes that wrapped two or three times around her ankles and then we locked into place with small little padlocks. She had only seen people who looked this in porno’s and magazines that man bought at the truck stop. Then Suzy took her back to the styling station and began using a hot curling wand to finish the work it made her hair large curly and bouncy much like the bimbos that Hannah had always hated. Hannah knew that while her mother might have approved of the simple color change before this would be the icing on the cake that would separate her mother and her once and for all. And she couldn’t get over how large her breasts looked now. They’ve always been big. But it seemed like they had gotten bigger over the last two weeks. Little did she know that the protein drinks Steve was giving her every day to help her lose weight contained a hormone to re-lactate her breasts. Hannah had always been big in the breast department something that Betty was jealous of. She and Steve had come up with a plan to do this and to make Hannah their milk maid. When Hannah stepped out of the dressing room in her new costume each of the girls commented how beautiful she looked but how big her breasts looked . They asked if they were hurting her and Hannah had to admit that maybe they were a little. The girls asked her to sit down at a chair and each one began to slowly massage them starting from the outside and basically squeezing them up and out. They did this for about 10 minutes when one of the girls giggled with glee said I think I’m starting to see it Emily said. Yes the others chimed in I’m seeing it too. Hannah looked down to see the white drops beginning to ooze out of her nipples. It was only then that she realized it was milk. Hannah couldn’t believe it her breasts were full of milk. That’s why they had gotten so huge. Each girl continued to massage and cause a gentle stream to flow. It feels good doesn’t it sweetie the girl said you’re a milk maid now they giggled. Now girls Susie said we can’t have it like this all over here. Go get the machine and let’s do it the proper way she said. Charlotte disappeared and brought out a large suction machine and two attachments and they were placed on Hannah’s breasts and the suction machine was turned on and firm alternating suction began to go back-and-forth. The bottles held onto her breasts begin to fill with milk when she had her children she was lucky if she can get 100 to 220 mils of milk but now here was large quart size containers seemingly filling them selves easily. As the containers filled with milk the girls returned to her clit and began playing with her clit piercing bringing Hannah to the edge of another fantastic orgasm. Suzy cautioned Hannah that she couldn’t come until she had filled those bottles to the top. Hannah watched expectantly as the fill line got closer and closer just as her orgasm got closer and closer Susie cautioned her not yet sweetie we have to make the quota she laughed. Hannah tried to hold on holding back hoping there was enough of the milk in her breast to fill those containers. The milk started coming slower and slower the end seemed like it would never come. But finally Susie turned up in the frequency of the intermittency was increased faster and faster it seem like her breasts were being pumped and finally the milk started flowing again until she knew she would reach the quota begin to be exciting. Now you may come Susie said. And Hannah had what would have been her powerful orgasm to date. She not only gushed fluid out of her pussy she had a squirting orgasm. Her first. Steve told me you were slut. I just had no idea what you were this much of a slut Susie chuckled she unhooked Hannah from the suction machine and kept the collected milk. This is for someone special she said. And Hannah knew who it was going to. You know Susie said you will have to be released of this milk at least two or three times a day. I’m sure you’ll figure out away. She released Hannah from her bondage and threw her a towel and told her, time to clean up. Hannah wiped all of the fluid from her pussy and from the chair and then the milk that was still dripping slowly from her breasts. Time to be on your way sweetheart Susie said her work was complete for the day. Hannah wobbled away on her new shoes with her new look and wondered what would happen next.

Hannah had been instructed to meet Betty and Steve and went to the seedy part of town at a barbecue joint frequented by the lower class of people then Hannah was used to being around. She arrived while going into the restaurant much to the admiration of all of the patrons there. People almost dropped their ribs while watching Hannah waddle in her tight dress leaving nothing to the imagination. They made Hannah sit at the counter with them so that her butt crack and pussy were exposed as she bent forward to eat her food. There were a number of catcalls and whistles at her. She was embarrassed beyond belief. More than one patron came up and tried to see if they could buy a little time with her from Steve. Finally she was asked to leave by the manager as she was causing a scene. They left together in Steve’s truck and went off for a fun filled afternoon of exploring her new piercings. Every time Hannah took a step either the bell in her belly button or the one under her clit made a little sound. One of the customer said hey Tinker Bell. Steve thought hey that’s a good name I think that’s what will call you from now on Tinker Bell. Hannah was embarrassed but knew it was all part of a greater part of her life.

Since Hannah and her children loved Disney, being Tinkerbell wasn’t a stretch. Steve and Betty even felt they could use this as a way of making changes to Hannah over the coming weeks. They formulated plans for each transformation with care. Hannah was worried what her mother would say, but Steve had a plan for that as well. They took Hannah and bought her a skin tight dress and added a pale green frilly skirt to complete her Disney transformation and took her home. Hannah’s children were surprised but loved her look. I will leave for the night, but take your children to school and return return quickly to the house, we wouldn’t want you late for work..Hannah could only wonder what Steve meant by that, but agreed and went to sleep as she was exhausted by the events of the day.

Hannah woke to her alarm and unlike many days before got
Up on time and dressed her children and dropped them off earlier than she ever had before. The people in the carpool loved her new look and commented on her promptness. She returned home to find Steve and Betty waiting for her. A nice bath had been drawn and she was stripped and placed into the warm fragrant water. They each bathed her and rotated her piercings to make sure they healed correctly. This was stimulating Hannah and her breathing came more shallow and faster. Finally playing with her clit piercing was almost sending her over the edge when she felt Steve squeezing her very swollen breasts. She had forgotten about them being full of milk and begged Steve for relief. They made her stand and dried Hannah off and placed her is a tight open busted corset. They did her hair and makeup again so that she looked like a porn star. Time for you morning routine Steve said, leading out to the living room. He then bent her over a small table so her breasts swayed, full of milk. Does the little
Cow need to be milked, Steve asked? Please, said Hannah. What was that, Steve said. Yes, this cow needs to be milked. Steve nodded and Betty applied the suction and began with the slowest settings. Hannah could feel the pressure but nothing seemed to be coming out. Please, she begged turn it up, milk me harder. Betty complied by only increasing the suction slightly. Hannah begged again, but Steve reminded her of how she was milked yesterday. Hannah begged for Steve’s cock and for Betty to fuck her hard. They both obliged and then her milk began to flow, slowly at first, but the more turned on she got the faster it flowed. Finally as Steve came in her mouth and Betty squeezed her clit, Hannah came once again with a violent squirting orgasm. Good little cow Steve said as he patted her head. You will be milked like this every time. She was dressed in skin tight yoga pants the same colors of her regular scrubs. The cups were placed on her corset top and a wraparound tunic the same color as the yoga pant were applied, Hannah was a stunning figure to be home. With her hair pale blonde and curly with the pink streaks in her full sexy body on view. One more thing before you go baby said you need to take a little something to remember us by.. She slipped Hannah’s yoga pants down inserted the two Ben Wa balls into her vagina. You will think of us today as you move around then he laughed. And I had no idea what he meant but she would soon find out. They told her she would have to make arrangements to meet with him over the noon hour unless she wanted to be terribly uncomfortable all day. They fed her breakfast making her drink plenty of fluids and her protein drink and the added hormones to make her milk production continue to increase. An added benefit was Hannah was beginning to shed weight. Loosing 5 lbs per week. Her belly and waist were shrinking which only made her boobs look bigger and making her ass round and shapely. The Ben Wa balls slipped into Hannah easily as she was well lubricated from her massive orgasm. The first one stretched her slightly and with the firm pressure from Betty it finally slid into Hannah making a slight wet slurping noise. The second followed and seemed to enter even easier. Enjoy your day said Betty. Hannah was unsure what these new additions were for, but she quickly found out. As she bent over to raise her tight yoga pants, Betty began to assail her ass with spankings. Hannah was surprised by them and the feeling of pain and then she noticed the balls moving inside of her and she began to moan as she could feel them rolling around inside of her and it was turning her on. Just as quickly as it began it was over and Betty laughed at how quickly Hannah had been turned on both by the spanking and the ben wa balls moving inside of her. Her make up and hair were retouched and she was sent off to work.

Hannah’s job involved seeing patients in their homes and would allow her the flexibility to be a available when called upon by Steve or Betty. Her boss and coworkers complimented her on her new looks and a few wondered about the transformation over the past few weeks. Hannah noticed that walking slowly eased the movement inside of her but her boss handed her the schedule and told her to get to it right away. Hannah left quickly and was grateful to get her car as she was panting from not only the fast pace but the increased movement inside her was making her wet, she also noticed her pussy lips and clit had swollen and the tight pants showed her camel toe and the clit ring was clearly visible. Hannah turned up the a/c to cool herself off but this only caused her nipples to become firm and erect clearly showing off her piercings. Once finally composed and driving Hannah noticed each tiny bump in the road. The first stop was in the country and she had to cross several railroad tracks and drive on washboard roads. Hannah was so turned on, she thought of stopping to relive herself, but her schedule was full and there was no time for that. Luckily her first stop was an elderly gentleman who didn’t see well, if he did he would have seen Hannah’s puffy pussy lips and clit bell and a wet spot where she was clearly dripping pussy juice as well as her large taught breasts and huge erect nipples. The ride to the next patient seemed worse as she had to traverse back the same way she had arrived. She found a beach wrap in her car and wrapped it around her waist to disguise her predicament. The second stop was a couple who complimented her on her look but the wife kept saying something about their cat. She kept saying she was sorry but that the cat must have dragged a trophy into the house and kept sniffing tried to find the source of the strange smell. Hannah blushed a deep crimson as she knew she was the source of the smell. Hannah became accustomed to the balls and soon found out that sudden starts and stops of her vehicle along with the bumps was really turning her on. She met Steve and Betty for lunch and without asking stripped and got on all fours and begged to be milked and given her orgasm. Betty placed her pussy in front of Hannah and she eagerly went to work using her tongue piercing to make Betty climax. As she was doing so, Steve was fucking her ass and each stoke moved Hannah and therefore the balls inside of her. She as at a fever pitch and came hard, squirting all over Steve. My, my what a horny slut we have, but you didn’t wait for permission so we will have to induce a punishment. Hannah was secured to a chair and the suction applied. Rather than slowly, the suction was turned on full force with rapid alterations. Hannah screamed and a ball gag was placed into her mouth to silence her. Her milk quickly started flowing and she couldn’t believe the volume, in just a few days she was now over a pint from each breast. Steve and Betty each took a breast and squeezed them hard to get all the milk out. Hannah was shocked at was they did and even more that she was dripping from what they were doing to her. When the milking was finished she begged to cum again and this time Betty teased her swollen clit and played with the bell as Hannah sucked on Steve’s cock. Finally as Steve came in Hannah’s mouth, Betty squeezed hard on her swollen clit and pulled on her piercing making Hannah once again violently orgasm and squirt all over. Clean yourself up and return to work. We will see you for dinner here later. Exhausted Hannah did as she was told with an uneventful afternoon and even had two hours for paperwork at her desk. That is when the phone rang and lifting the receiver she heard her mothers voice. She panicked as her mother thanked her for the offer of dinner that night and was looking forward to what Hannah was preparing. Hannah’s mind went in circles from what to make to how to explain her new looks to her mother.

Hannah picked up her children from school and arrived at her house to find Betty waiting for her. Let me help you get ready for tonight dear Betty said. She helped each of the children get ready for the evening. She bathed Hannah’s daughter and dressed her and got her son to do his homework. This allowed Hannah time to soak in the tub and think about what might be ahead for the night. Betty came into the bathroom to help Hannah finish up. Get up on all fours dear Betty said it’s time to do your special wash. With that she took a soft bathmat and began to clean Hannah from the neck down to her feet paying special attention to her a little tight ass that Hannah loved to have rubbed so much. Now dear, push hard Betty said. Hannah wasn’t sure what the instructions meant. Betty said squeeze those vaginal muscles like you’re doing a Cagle exercise. That is when one of the Ben wa balls popped out of her.. Now for the other sweetheart she said. And Hannah repeated the exercise and once again the other ball popped out easily. There dear that wasn’t so bad was was it Betty asked. Time to get out let’s get you all dried off. As Betty dried off Hannah she replaced the vibrating egg into her moist wet pussy and a much larger vibrating Butt plug into Hannah that she and Steve would be able to remotely control. Now Hannah was really beginning to worry not only did she look so different from her hair color and make up but once again someone else would be able to control what was going on down below her without anyone else knowing. Time to get dressed Betty said and led Hannah out of the bathroom to the bedroom where clothing was laid out for her. This time everything was a pale blue color. From another tight corset it to the white stockings and garter’s that went with it. To the beautiful blue dress with a white apron and white frills underneath the skirt. The look was finished off with a blue velvet choker and cameo that hung around her neck.Then Betty did her hair brushing it out with just a slight curl and now reached Hannah’s mid back and then she placed another bright blue bow in the top of her head. Her makeup was a little more dramatic. Pale blue to purple I shadow. With very profound cats eye in dark black. Her high arched eyebrows. And her lips were a darker red than she had previously worn. Hannah worried that with nothing covered her ass or pussy as the dress was short enough that if she bent over at all her mother would be able to see what was going on down below. Betty seemed to gauge what she was thinking and told her she would have to learn not to bend over but to bend her knees and slightly squat like a proper young lady.

When Hannah left the bedroom her daughter came running up to her jumping in her arms and said mommy you look just like Cinderella. Except you haven’t gone to the ball yet. Hannah thought about it and yes indeed she did look like Cinderella waiting for the stepmother to arrive and to tell her what to do. Now her mind really begin to come in circles. Was this going to be part of the plan from Betty and Steve? She didn’t have time to wonder much before Betty came out and put a nice apron on her and took her to the kitchen to help her prepare the meal for the evening. Within an hour and a half she heard a knock at the door and her mother’s voice as she entered the house. My it smells lovely in here and look how clean your house is Hannah what’s been going on with you lately? She walked in the kitchen and at first she recognized Betty and said where’s Hannah? Hannah turned around to greet her mother and saw the look on her mothers face. Hannah her mother exclaimed you’re a blonde! What caused all this? Betty stepped in. It’s all my doing she said Hannah and I were talking and she had told me she always wanted to be blonde. I know she tried some streaks a time or two but I finally convinced her in for a Penny in for a pound and before you know it what you see standing before you is your daughter. Isn’t she beautiful? Hannah’s mother had to admit Hannah was striking as a blonde and she thought it would grow on her given a little time. Betty offered Hannah’s mom some wine and told her to sit down while they finished the dinner. Hannah’s daughter came in and sat in her grandmothers lap and ask her to read the Cinderella book. Doesn’t mommy look just like Cinderella her daughter said? Hannah’s mom thought for moment it was amazing the resemblance was remarkable between Hannah and what she was wearing and Cinderella in the storybook. Steve arrived shortly and let himself into the house and greeted everyone. It sure smells good and I’m hungry Steve said is dinner ready? Hannah and Betty told him to sit down and make some small talk with Hannah’s mother and pour her another glass of wine. Hannah’s mom was beginning to feel the effects of the second glass of wine and was feeling a lot more calm about the changes she was seen in Hannah. Dinner went along without a hitch other than occasionally noticing that Hannah would seemingly close her eyes and drift off from time to time. Little did she know it was Steve and Betty sitting across the table each one with the different increasing and decreasing The pitch of the vibrator in her pussy and ass. It seems like at least twice she was going to go over the edge and have a massive orgasm at the table in front of her mother and children. But then he and Steve could always tell when she was close and turn the vibrations back down. After dinner was finished Betty and Hannah did the dishes while Steve played video games with Hannah’s son in his bedroom. Hannah’s mom read another story to her daughter who began to yawn. Why don’t you put her to bed Betty said, she looks tired. So Hannah’s mom took her daughter and tucked her into her own bed something she didn’t normally do covered with a blanket and watched her drift gently off to sleep something she didn’t normally do without sleeping with her mother. Steve returned from Hannah’s sons room after playing an hour of video games and announce that her son as well was tired and was going to sleep. This was unusual for Hannah as sometimes they were up till midnight trying to get the children into bed but tonight they seem to comply and do what was needed without having to ask. Now it was just Betty Steve Hannah and her mother sitting in the living room. Betty had removed the apron from Hannah’s outfit. Hannah’s mom couldn’t get over how much she looked like Cinderella. In fact she made a comment about it. But Steve said oh we’re just having a little fun since she loves Disney so much trying out each of the different princess looks on Hannah. Which one do do you think would look the best on her but he asked? Hannah’s mom and I’m really thought of Hannah as a Disney princess but her mind wandered from character character she wondered what she would look like as Ariel since Hannah had always had dark brown hair. She made a comment about it and Betty tucked that away into our mind as that might be the very next look for Hannah indeed. Steve had both of the remotes in his pocket and was alternating the pitch of the vibrations to a point that once again Hannah’s mom noticed that Hannah seem to drift off close her eyes and be concentrating very hard. Hannah her mother yelled at her what is going on with you girl! Hannah opened her eyes and didn’t know what she was going to do next. I think it’s time to tell your mother what’s really going on Steve said Hannah began to panic how was this all going to play out she asked herself in her mind. What do you mean what’s going on Hannah’s mother said. Betty and Steve then informed her that there are more changes than just what she could see on the outside. Hannah’s mom couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Let me show you Steve said and he led Hannah’s mother over to her pull her hair back on each year. As Hannah’s mom did she noticed a rows of studs on the one side of Hannah’s head and a row of rings on the other. Hannah her mother replied you’ve never had this many piercings in your ears what has gotten into young lady? Hannah looked at her mother and said it was something that I had always wanted to do. But Steve and Betty looked at her and Steve turned up the vibrations within Hannah and she quickly retracted her statement. No mother it’s not something I wanted to do it something that I needed to do and I needed to do desperately. Hannah’s mom looked at her and looked at Hannah who is it began to shake from head to toe. Hannah you stop that right this instant and tell your mother what’s going on. But Steve said it’s easier to show you what’s going on. And took Hannah’s mothers hand and put it but beneath her skirt. Hannah’s mother could feel Hannah’s plump swollen pussy lips and her swollen clit and then her finger found the clit ring. Hannah her mother screened, what have you done to yourself girl! Betty said that’s just the start help me and took Hannah’s mothers hands up and they begin to undress her and as the dress fell to the floor Hannah’s mother saw her daughter and her boobs bigger than she’s ever seen before encased in a pale blue corset with garters holding her socks up and then Hannah’s mother saw that her daughters nipples were pierced. While surprised in each thing Hannah’s mother was recalling Steve noticed maybe the wine was having its effect. Here let’s take that thing off and really let you see her Steve said and did the course and let it fall to the ground and now it was simply Hannah and her garters and stockings her high heels and all her piercings were available for viewing and touching. Betty took her mothers hand and let her begin to flick the bellybutton piercing. Notice the sound but she said? And Hannah’s mother noticed it was a bell. Her first transformation was as Tinker Bell Betty said. Betty had her turn around and bend over and it was that point that Hannah’s mother noticed there was a rather large object sticking out of her daughters asshole. She didn’t know what she was going to find next but she knew she was going to make sure she knew everything. But he said oh that’s just a vibrator in her ass here’s the control let me show you how works. Putting the control on Hannah’s mothers hand she showed her how she could increase or decrease the vibrations And every time she increased the vibrations she noticed Hannah’s demeanor changed and her begin to moan loudly. Steve came up and said here’s the other remote it goes to an egg deep inside her wet pussy you can do the same with this. Hanging at Hannah’s mother he got her on how to change it just like the of the other remote. Now Hannah’s mother was increasing and decreasing the numbers and watching her daughters demeanor changed and wondering when she would finally give into her orgasm. She can’t come until she begs for Betty said and more than that she needs special stimulation don’t you Hannah dear? Yes I need it badly Hannah said please let me come. Hannah’s mother was mesmerized by what was happening before her while part of her was recoiled by it but the other part wanted to know what would happen next. It was at that point that Steve had Hannah lay on the coffee table spread her legs wide and show her mother her new clit piercing. It was a bell and Steve took Hannah’s mother hand down to it and had her flicking back-and-forth to make its little and tinkling sound. Hannah was writhing now and begging to cum. Steve now got Hannah’s mother closer to see it as it really was. Take a look at how big her her lips get and how big the clit itself becomes. Hannah’s mom had never seen one get this big before certainly her own never got like this. Steve guided her how to continue to drive her crazy by circling it with her thumb and alternating pulling on the piercing. Hannah was beside herself. She was screaming please I need to cum. Let me cum. Steve said now now dear this is your mother you don’t talk to her that way. Hannah thought and she said please mommy please make me cum. Hannah’s mother didn’t know what it was, whether seeing her little girl in such a frenzy. Or her desire simply to help her. She continued to rub and pull and stroke trying to help her daughter get the release she was begging for. Then he came over and helped Hannah’s mother and before you know it Hannah began to scream and as she did Betty shoved Hannah’s mothers Face close to the opening of her vagina. And at that moment when she orgasmed Hannah once again had a violent squirting orgasm spraying her mothers face with her pussy juice. Hannah’s mother was shocked and Betty immediately stood her up and said let me help you with that. And began to lick the juices off of her face as she stuck her tongue deep and Hannah’s mothers mouth at the same moment Steve came up behind her and grabbed her arms and put them behind her back tying them up with the silk scarf as he ripped her blouse and bra from her he then slipped her pants and panties down and standing before Hannah was her naked mother with her friends ravaging her body. Hannah’s mother offered little resistance as the attention to her body was stirring feelings she hadn’t felt for a long time two pairs of hands exploring her things inserted into her pussy and ass and turned on and vibrating the feelings were so good she knew she had to finish this tonight. Once her face was cleaned up she was guided to Steve’s throbbing cock which she eagerly took into her mouth. Hannah watched and noticed that her mother better at sucking on his cock than she was. Hannah’s mom said here dear watch me and learn a thing or two how to please a man. Hannah watched as her mother expertly sucked back-and-forth licking and before long Steve grabbed her head and shoved it hard on his cock as he filled her mouth with come. Don’t swallow yet but he said I want you to come over here. And she brought her mom to Hannah and told Hannah to open her mouth and then Hannah’s mom began to drip steve’s come into her waiting mouth. Then they shared a passionate kiss exchanging the fluid between each of them. The nights not over yet Steve said it’s time for the finale. Hannah’s mom could only wonder what else could happen but it didn’t take long before Hannah assumed her position of all fours on the table and the machine was brought out and attached to her breasts as Betty strapped on her double dildo and stood behind her. You know what to say dear Betty said. And Hannah quickly replied please miss Betty milk and fuck this cow. My pleasure dear was Betty’s reply as she turned on the suction machine and Hannah’s mom watched as Hannah’s breasts worked back-and-forth and suddenly began to spurt forth milk. It was at that moment that Betty rammed the two dildos into Hannah and had her screaming for Betty to fuck her hard. Steve was sitting next to Hannah’s mother and was turning the controls back-and-forth on the vibrations with her mother. It is sexy Steve said as Steve continue to stimulate Hannah’s mother and she wasn’t sure whether it was the stimulation or watching Hannah that was turning her on but she knew that she was getting close to her own orgasm. Steve could tell it and he knew now is the time. You want to come don’t you dare he asked? Yes she said please let me come. Steve said no one comes here without belonging to the group. Are you ready to belong to our little fun group of loving friends? Hannah’s mom knew that she had to have what was going on. Her body was craving this. And so she said yes I want to belong. Steve had already guessed the answer and slapped the heavy collar around Hannah’s mom’s neck and locked the padlock on it. OK Hannah now you have what you’ve always wanted. Your mother as a slave. But he stopped fucking Hannah and said it’s your turn now dear. They stopped the machine knowing that Hannah wasn’t completely empty but wanting the next step to occur. Betty got Hannah and helped her strap on the double dildo. Then she guided her behind her mother. She removed the butt plug. But left the vibrating egg within her mothers pussy. She guided Hannah and then with one swift push Hannah was inside her mother. Now Hannah’s mother was begging. Please fuck me hard she said. She had no idea it was her own daughter. But Steve was taking plenty of video as evidence in case Hannah’s mother ever changed her mind. Hannah began to rock back-and-forth on her mother slowly at first but the more Hannah’s other begged. The harder she began to pound her. Make her work for it admonished Betty and Hannah now began to slap her mothers ass with hard spankings as she rocked back-and-forth in her. Oh my God screamed her mother! I need to explode. Let me have this orgasm. I haven’t felt like this in years. Please, please I need this so bad. Don’t deny me this. It was at that point that Betty stood in front of her mother and grabbed her by the hair and stuffed her face into her pussy. I guess if you can let me to orgasm. I can let you come, Betty said. Hannah’s mom knew she wanted this to work out more than anything and so she began to lick and suck on Betty trying to see if she could possibly make her cum so that she could have her own orgasm. Hannah’s mom thought of what it took to get Hannah off and do the same thing to Betty with her tongue. But she noticed that Hannah’s mother was really a champ and eating pussy and would tuck that away for something for further use later in time. It didn’t take long before Betty did in fact have her orgasm. She then looked at Steve who stood in front of Hannah’s mother and once again offered his throbbing cock to her mouth. Hannah’s mother didn’t hesitate a moment and quickly and eagerly began to suck Steve’s cock again Hannah noticed this and it seem to infuriate her so she began to roughly fuck her mother. The harder she did the more her mother moaned and the harder she sucked. It made Hannah mad so now she really began to ram the dildos home into her mother. But it only seem to encourage her. And then before anyone knew it Hannah’s mother exploded into a violent orgasm. Steve didn’t stop roughly using Hannah’s mothers mouth and he continue to pump his cock in and out of it until finally he shot his come deep into her mouth and she licked and sucked it dry. My dear Steve said that was quite an evening for you. It seems like you didn’t wait for the instructions to have that orgasm Steve told her. That will cost you but we will let things go for tonight. They stood Hannah’s mother up attach the leash and gave it and told her here Hannah you finally have your own slave to play with. Hannah looked at her mother and then the leash in the collar that and thought about all the years that she had been under her mothers cruel thumb. She then ordered her mother to the bathroom and placed her in a tub and scrubbed her from head to foot paying specially attention to all those lovely areas that always made Hannah feel so good. She had no idea whether her mother could come again but she would try to find out that night. Stephen and Betty noticed how well Hannah was doing in her new role as mistress over her mother. They came in and said they’re good nights and reminded them that they had an appointment together on Saturday to get their hair done. Hannah had no idea what was in store for her or her mother but she knew that neither of them would leave the salon the same. Hannah took her mother by the leash to the bedroom and later on to the bed knowing that more than likely her pussy would be shaved the following weekend. She did nothing about it that night. She took the toys that were left for her by Betty and Steve. Hannah placed a very large vibrating butt plug into her mother. And then used a curved looking egg shaped dildo called the G spot stimulator. She had her mother lay on her back she could feel the firm presents in her ass and not only did it vibrate but it added heat this time. And then Hannah began to work the egg shaped vibrator in and out of her mother touching certain spots that she knew would drive her crazy. Hannah’s mother couldn’t believe how quickly she was becoming stimulated again. It’s seem like it’s been years since it even had one orgasm little loan two and a night. She began to moan loudly and she knew what she needed to do. Please sweet Hannah please mistress Hannah make me have a violent orgasm. Hannah wasn’t satisfied with that. She said beg me as baby girl. Hannah’s mother then said baby girl, please let me have myOrgasm mommy needs it so bad. Hannah continued her assault on her mothers pussy going faster and faster until her mother began to buck and shake and Hannah could tell her her mother was at the point of no return. Rather than slowing down Hannah assaulted her mother faster and faster and it seems like the harder and rougher she was on her mother the more it stimulated her. So Hannah took that to her minds liking and she began to slap her mothers clitoris. Hannah’s mother began to scream oh my gosh oh my gosh don’t stop I want to have this orgasm so bad! Hannah knew it would be mixtures of pleasure and pain that would make her mother explode in a violent orgasm. So she continued to pinch, pool, slap her mothers clitoris until it to swelled and stretched out of the clitoral hood. And once it did all it took just a few flicks of Hannah’s long fingernails and her mother exploded into an orgasm not really squirting like Hannah but see could Fluid was beginning to leak out of her mothers pussy. It’s a long time since anything like that has happened to you isn’t it mommy dearest she asked. Yes baby, Hannah’s mom replied it’s been a very long time. Too long. That was so wonderful. Only will I be able to do this again? Knowing Betty and Steve Hannah said I’m sure it will be happening a lot. Hannah’s mom reflected on what that meant and she too knew she would have a life that would be changing. Hannah told her mother to follow her back to the living room and had her mother reattach the machine and continue to milk her breasts while she laid at her feet and played with her pussy and clitoris until Hannah could have her own violent squirting orgasm once again as she was finished being milked for the night. This is what I need five times a day Hannah told her mother it will be important for you to help me with my house and the children so that I can be fulfilled sexually. Hannah’s mother knew that she would do whatever she had to to help her daughter become happy the way that she had become happy that night. She had no idea what was in store for herself but she knew that the changes for Hannah were good and she was happy to see her the way she was.

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