Hanna’s On-Campus Barbershop Haircut

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Hanna was a 21-year-old Sophomore with floor-length hair that was dyed crimson-red and maroon-violet. Hanna was being taught in M.I.T who is on her way to a master’s degree in Woodworking.


One day, while in Woodshop, Hanna went to the drilling station and unknowingly got her hair caught in the drill. She quickly asked for help and everyone was unable to get her out.


The professor reversed the drill, and her hair was wrapped around the drill bit. However, after getting Hanna’s hair out of the drill; the left side had chunks taken out that were uneven in big areas. She held her hand to her head and then looked in the mirror. Hanna gasped at the hair she had and put her brother’s baseball cap on.


Class was dismissed early, and Hanna had no place to get her hair done at 4:50 in the afternoon. She remembered that there was the barbershop on campus in Loggins Hall, all the guys went there and even a few girls.


Hanna grabbed her bag and went to Loggins Hall. As she entered the building, the spinning pole could be seen at the end of the hall. She once went there with a friend, Pam after she got tired of her hair. Pam’s hair was turned into a Short Pixie and it turned out great. She felt less hesitant as she thought.

When she entered the shop, it was quite busy for the time of day. The four chairs were full, but only one other waiting customer.


The barbers were mostly men, the one female barber came every other day because of work. They all were busy with customers. Mr. Smith was about 55, had black-and-grey hair, a handlebar mustache and prescription glasses. He was giving a Junior his monthly Flattop touch-up and Shave. Mr. Harrison and Daniels were both in their late-30’s, had short black hair and a small Soul Patch below their bottom lips. They had the long-haired Sophomore Madison Girls in their chairs and gave them Peter Pan haircuts, because of their ginger hair. Cameron was about 26, had a shaved head and a scar on his cheek. Cameron had Principal Samson in his chair for a trim. The room had one full mirror for all clients to see.


The person next to Hanna was Harold Parsons, her classmate in Biology. Harold went to Cameron and asked for an Induction Cut. Cameron shaved him clean in under 5 minutes and had his head covered in shaving cream to take Harold to the skin. He paid and then Hanna was the only customer in the shop. Her red t-shirt that said “Girl Power” with a girl holding a trophy and her jeans with denim stars sat in Cameron’s chair.


Hanna showed him the damage and winced, but he had a few ideas:

Blunt Bob w/Side-Shaved Undercut.

Liberty-Spike Mohawk w/ Chelsea.

Military Flattop.


Peter Pan Pixie.

Slicked-Back Pompadour w/Shaved Sides and Back.


She though hard and had images of her spinning in the chair with the different styles. She told Cameron to choose. Cameron then put a strip of tissue around her neck, followed by a camouflage cape. He pointed to the Flattop and said the cut will be 1 inch long.

Cameron put Hanna’s hair on top in clips to hold in place. He used the seat press to get Hanna to the correct height and then worked on the left side with clippers. The put on the #2 guard and started. The uneven hair felt to the ground as the giant clippers went around her head. She was faced away from the mirror and towards the door, which frightened her because at her usual salon; she got to see the entire haircut.


A group of Juniors came out of their electives and saw Hanna in the barbershop. One of them started clapping out of spite. She got nervous until Cameron turned the chair slowly towards the waiting area and the opposite end of the shop.

After the sides and back were shaved from a 1/4 of an inch near the top and around her nape. Cameron took a Flattop Comb to get the top to the desired length of 1 inch. Hanna saw her dark-red and dark-violet hair rain down on the army-colored cape. She was dry-eyed, despite being shorn too almost nothing. Cameron then cleaned up the sides of the Flattop with a smaller set of clippers and a different comb using the Clipper-Over-Comb technique.


Finally, Cameron took a container of thick, gooey black gel and squirted a large amount on his close-toothed comb. The comb’s teeth were a bit sharp and tugged on Hanna’s hair, despite her hair being shortened significantly. Every time Cameron inserted and combed her hair, she felt the thick substance pulling through her remaining strands. Cameron took off the strip of tissue and recapped Hanna.

However, she was caught off-guard when the chair reclined and her head was above the built-in wash basin. Hanna thought she would be getting a Shave. Cameron put a towel underneath her neck and she felt warm water, shampoo and Cameron’s big, but gentle fingers rushing through her new haircut for the next few minutes.

After about 5 minutes in the wash basin, Hanna had been reclined back to the normal position and was then towel and blow-dried. Cameron used the blow-dryer, a comb and a hairbrush to dry her hair completely. He then put a bit of quick-hardening hair wax to keep the Flattop in shape.


He then turned her around to face the mirror and showed her the finished look. She thought it was really short, but her hair felt really interesting. All of her maroon-colored hair had disappeared, and her neat crimson hair stood flat, yet feminine and sexy at the same time.


Cameron uncapped her and Hanna paid for her haircut. She thanked him and said she’ll be back in a month for a clean-up.


Later, Hanna got back to her dorm room and told her roommates about what happened.

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