Happy Birthday To Me

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So, when did I first shave my head? Well, it was on my birthday last year. I went out with some friends that night. Quickly bored by a night like many other nights, I faked sick and left the club early. It was around 11pm.

As I walked home, I passed the local barbershop. It’s run by this cute young Black guy with a shaved head. He’d sometimes wink at me if he caught looking through his window, which I often did. Much to my surprise, he was still in there as I walked by that night. There was a gorgeous Black woman in his chair. Her scalp was lathered and ready to be shaved. Mesmerized by her beauty, and a little drunk, I watched him deftly run his razor over her head. I had watched him shave many other men before but never a woman. When he finished, he wiped her head with a towel. Then he gave her scalp a vigorous massage with oil. She touched it the moment that he removed her cape. Looking pleased, as she should, she said something to him that made him laugh and then bend down to kiss her.

Oh, that must be his girlfriend, I thought, my cunt starting to drip over the thought of their beautiful bodies intertwined and their bald heads touching. Well, just as I was about to leave to go home and masturbate over that thought, she noticed me staring at them. She got up from the chair and peeked her head out the door. Much to my surprise, it was a friendly invite to come inside. Bored of boredom, I decided to accept.

“Look at you, sweetheart,” she said, grabbing a lock of my waist length blonde hair, “Are you the curious blonde that my man keeps telling me about?”

He tugged a lock of my hair. “Yup, this is the one. I have been wanting to get her in my shop for months. I’ve been waiting for you to be here too to do this. I figured that you’d want to watch me give her the full works as punishment for being so nosy. The razor from head to toe. Then make her service us after.”

“Mmmm, yeah, shave everything, her head, her eyebrows, and her cunt. I think that she’d like that even though she’d look horrible after. Look at her eyes. She really, really wants to serve us. Would you like to be our baldie slave, blondie?”

Too aroused to speak, I just nodded. Pleased, they marched me over to the chair. Before they sat me down, they stripped me head to toe. As he caped me, I looked at myself with long blonde hair in the mirror one last time.

The barber noticed me staring. “Can’t spoil the suprise,” he said, turning me away from the mirror.

As he started sectioning off my hair in a dozen ponytails, she knelt down and crawled under the cape. He took out a pair of scissors, which he snipped snipped by my ear, before he took the first ponytail. I barely even noticed because she started to eat me out. He took his time collecting my ponytails. By the time that I was just about to climax, he took the last one, piling it on the counter with the others. Then he exchanged his scissors for clippers. No guard at all. He wasn’t slow with those. No, he ran those quickly over my head and eyebrows military barber style as his girlfriend made me organsm. When he finished with the clippers, he gave my head a rub.

“Look at this bitch,” he said, “From Rapunzel to GI Jane in fifteen minutes.”

His girlfriend pulled away from my still aching pusy. “Oh, wow, what a difference! She looks almost perfect. Shave her smooth, and then I want to see you fuck her in the ass, using one of those ponytails as a gag.”

He spread hot lather across my scalp and eyebrows. Like he did for his girlfriend, he shaved me smooth with a straight razor. He then flipped up the cape. For my pussy hair, which was sparse, blonde, and already trimmed short, he lathered it up and used a BIC to shave it smooth. With a rough towel, he wiped me clean. No oil massage for me, the lowly slave, I thought as he uncaped me, which suited me fine. I was enjoying the experience of humiliation too much to ruin it with any tenderness. He stood me up and made me confront my very, very bald reflection. Before I could react, he took one of my severed ponytails and gagged me with it. Then he made me watch as he fucked me in the ass in the mirror. Once he took his pleasure, he ungagged me, handed me my clothing, and kicked me out of his shop. I needed to dress in the alleyway behind the shop.

I never intended to shave my head or eyebrows after that night. I mean, it’s not a good look on me, which everyone felt the need to tell me once they saw me afterwards. In fact, my boss threatened to fire me if I didn’t get a wig for work. It was that bad. For six months, I let my hair grow out. Not wanting to be fired, I wore a shoulder-length blonde wig at work, but, everywhere else, I let the world see my shorn head. I think that I liked negative comments. There was an erotic thrill each time that I got a pitying comment from a friend who was secretly thrilled to see me stripped of my beauty or a scornful look from a man who once found me attractive. As my hair grew back, however, those comments stopped. By six months, I had a stylish pixie and almost acceptable eyebrows.

One morning, as I looked into the mirror, I made the decision to go back to the barbershop. I arrived just as he opened.

“Finally back for a touch-up?” he asked mockingly.

My face red from embarrassment, I nodded. He hustled me inside and into his chair. After he caped me, he got his girlfriend on videochat. She watched eagerly as he ran his clippers over my scalp once again.

Every morning since then, I visit his shop for my daily head, eyebrow, and pussy shave. I’m always his first customer of the day. Once I suck his dick, as a thank you for shaving me, I go to my new job as his girlfriend’s assistant. She would never made me cover my bald head. In fact, it’s her favorite thing to make me kneel by her side throughout to run her long red nails down my scalp. It’s my favorite thing too.

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