Harley Quinn and a New Beginning

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When Harley flops down on Ivy’s couch, she sighs deeply, releasing what seems like a breath that’s been held for a long time. Ivy sits down on the arm of the couch, and pets the back of Harley’s head gently, trying to help her relax, even if just a little bit. For a little while, they stay in this position, until Harley finally sits up, and Ivy sits next to her. She tries to put an arm around Harley, but Harley just lies down again, with her head in Ivy’s lap.

Ivy smiles, and continues petting blonde hair, even though it’s a little bit strawlike, and clearly needs to be washed badly. As she runs her hands down the already-thin ponytails, they shed hair at an alarming rate- Harley has obviously been so stressed that it has been detrimental to her health.
Harley shivers under Ivy’s touch, and Ivy smiles gently- this woman may be downtrodden and abused, but this is a perfect opportunity to help her up, and bring her back from hell.

She begins a gentle scalp massage, while Harley tells her, “Thank you so much for letting me have a fresh start like this.. I just needed it so much. I feel like I need to change everything about myself so that this never happens again. But I don’t even know where to start..”
Ivy nods, and quietly begins, “I don’t think you need to worry about it, for now at least. For this moment, please just enjoy the peace, quiet, and relaxation. You’re safe now.”
Harley closes her eyes, and Ivy smiles as she can feel some of the tension leave. Before too long, Harley is asleep, snoring loudly, and Ivy carefully stands up, leaving Harley’s head with a pillow underneath it. She brings a blanket, and drapes it over Harley slowly and stealthily, careful not to wake her up.

The next day, after Harley wakes up, she stretches and yawns. Seeing that Ivy isn’t around, she frowns- she already misses her flowery companion. Even so, she gets up, and heads for the bathroom. Quickly she strips off her old clothing- she grimaces at some of the old bloodstains, throwing it aside. She also notices that fresh, new clothing with bright yellows, oranges, and greens have been laid out for her. She giggles at the panties with bright red flowers, and steps into the shower with a little bit of spring in her step. The old makeup washes away with some difficult scrubbing, make her face feel inflamed and irritated- she doesn’t bother thoroughly washing her hair because her arms are tired out, but she does give her body a cursory rub with Ivy’s shower brush, careful not to aggravate the scars, and uses the shower’s removable head to spray herself in the crotch for a little while, enjoying the pulsing water up against her mound.
When she finishes, she steps out of the shower feeling at least a little better. She puts her panties on, and looks at herself in the mirror- her face is prettier than she remembered, and she smiles at herself. She puts her hands below her tits, and jiggles them around, making faces at the mirror. Duck lips, ahegao, smug.
She jumps, yelps, and covers her tits with her arms when she feels a finger tap her on the shoulder, but then relaxes and lets her arms down when she realizes it’s just Ivy, holding a green box.

Ivy giggles, and asks her, “Having fun?”
Harley, blushing and smiling, nods.
“Well, before you get back to that, I had something I wanted to suggest to you. Your hair is thin, limp, and it feels like straw. It’s NOT an asset to you right now. So…”
Ivy pops open the box, and shows Harley an assorted set of barber’s tools.
“I suggest we start giving you a fresh start.”
Harley looks at the tools, and then at a smiling Ivy. She feels one of her pigtails, and then looks at herself in the mirror- they really do look absolutely awful, and they feel almost as bad. She turns back to Ivy, and nods.

Ivy smiles happily, and Harley sits on a stool. Ivy sets her box of tools on the counter, and pulls a cape out- she carefully wraps it around Harley’s neck, ensuring that it isn’t too tight, before clasping it shut. She folds a warm towel around Harley’s neck and under the cape as well, giving Harley the feeling of being embraced by gentle, cuddling softness.
After preparing, Ivy takes out a comb and a pair of scissors. She runs the comb up Harley’s nape, pulls some of the limp, wet hair out, and snips it away casually, letting long locks fall away to the floor. She smiles as her comb picks up another clump of hair from the nape, and snips it away as well, letting it fall onto the previous locks. Harley listens as the metallic snap of the scissors severs hair, and the plastic comb running over her scalp feels soothing. It gently pulls wet clumps of hair away from her neck, and snips them away, leaving only a fraction of the hair hanging there.

Harley breathes heavily as the comb runs up behind her ear, pulling away a wily strand which is shinked away by the scissors, quick and efficient. Harley watches intently, happily, as the wet strand falls onto her shoulder, before sliding down the green cape and into her lap. Ivy pulls up the hair on the same side of Harley’s head, and similarly snips it away, starting a growing wet pile that weighs heavily in Harley’s lap. Ivy combs out the bangs, and holds the scissors to Harley’s forehead, making Harley close her eyes with appreciation for the cool metal again her skin.

With a shink, shink, shink, the scissors repeatedly close on Harley’s bangs, dropping them onto Harley’s face. When she’s done, Ivy brushes the hairs away from Harley’s face, and she opens her eyes again. She laughs at the odd hairstyle she sees in the mirror, as Ivy pulls up hairs from the top of her head and uses her scissors to clip them away. Smooth and efficient, she works to the back of Harley’s head, throwing away long blonde hairs, leaving behind less than a quarter of what she began with, creating something of an uneven, undisciplined pixie. When Ivy gets to the other side and begins to clip it down, the pile of hair in Harley’s lap is weighty, and the ring of hair around her needs to be pushed away by Ivy’s foot. Harley watches it, smiling, as hairs drop down the side of her head- a sad pile of blondes and blues and pinks, dirty and soaked. She’s glad she doesn’t have to deal with it anymore.

After a minute more of cutting, Ivy puts down her scissors and comb, and picks up a blow dryer. She sets it to a high setting, and blows hot hair around Harley’s shoulders and through her hair, letting her revel in the feeling of hot air against her neck, and through her shorter hair, blowing away loose strands. In the middle of the experience, Ivy runs her fingers through Harley’s hair, ensuring it’s dry, and Harley leans into them happily- the gentle touch is something she hasn’t experienced in far too long, and she greatly enjoys it.
After a minute, Ivy turns off and puts down the blow-dryer, content that Harley’s remaining hair is dry enough to be sheared. She pops the guard off her clippers, and turns them on and off to ensure they’re working.

Then she turns to an excited, wide-eyed Harley, who is biting her bottom lip, and saunters forward.
She puts a hand on Harley’s chin and holds it down as she puts the clippers to Harley’s forehead, and pushes them down it, forceful enough to collect a cavalcade of lost locks against the handle which quickly fall off, but gentle enough to make sure that Harley isn’t shaken or cut. When she gets to the crown, Ivy throws off all the blonde hair she has collected, and doesn’t stop to let Harley admire her work- she only places the clippers to the side, and begins another quick pass, throwing away another clump of hair happily. After another pass down the top, Ivy slightly tilts Harley’s head to the left so that she can shear up the side. Harley watches as blonde hair tumbles down off the clippers, onto her shoulder and then the cape. She watches the smooth, steady motion of the clippers as Ivy makes another pass, and feels their warming blades against her scalp. Their touch is soothing, and she closes her eyes as Ivy places the clippers behind her ear, and shears up. Ivy watches happily as clumps of hair fall down the back of Harley’s cape, like dead leaves from a plant. Harley will perk right back up when she’s lost aspects of herself which can’t be revived, Ivy is sure.

Ivy enjoys the smooth motion of the clippers through hair as she makes another pass up the nape, and puts a hand on Harley’s stubbly scalp to push her head down. As the clippers push up to the crown, she flicks her wrist to drop hair away, and immediately starts another pass, exposing Harley’s pale scalp underneath. The soothing touch against her skin makes Harley moan with pleasure, and she does her best to thoroughly enjoy the warm, soft hands so close to her skin, along with the gentle vibration and warmth of the running clippers.

When Ivy pushes the clippers behind Harley’s ear again, Harley opens her eyes and watches as sad hairs fall onto her shoulder- she listens carefully to the loud buzzing by her ear, and the change in sound as it changes from clipping hair to ensuring everything is even. As Ivy finishes up the other side and begins buzzing the other side of the top, Harley looks at herself in the mirror- rather than a sad, limp pile of blonde hair, she has a head full of perky blonde stubble. After Ivy shears away the last few long strands, she runs the clippers over Harley’s head several more times, ensuring that everything is buzzed properly, before powering down the clippers and putting them aside. She puts her hands on the top of Harley’s head, and runs her hands through the stubble happily, down over Harley’s ears, to her nape, and back up to the top of her head.
Harley leans into the touch, sighing happily.

After a minute of playing with her cute little sheared subject, Ivy grabs her hair dryer again, and uses it to blow away stray hairs, away from Harley’s face and neck, leaving all of Harley’s former hair on the cape or on the floor. Ivy quickly unclasps the cape, and lets long blonde locks fall forward, and Harley watches them happily- while Ivy folds the cape up, she feels her head, and enjoys the sensation of the stubble against her hand, as well as her hand up so close to her scalp.
Ivy unpins the strip of paper around Harley’s neck, but puts a hand on Harley’s shoulder before she can get up.
“We’re not done quite yet,” Ivy remarks, “You’ve still got some of that unhealthy, damaged hair on your head. You need a real fresh start.”
She picks up a straight razor, and twirls it in her hand, smiling. Harley smiles back, and stays seated as Ivy grabs a bottle of shaving cream, and applies it liberally to Harley’s head. The cool cream is nice after the hot clippers, and Harley relaxes, practically enough to fall off the stool, as Ivy massages it into her head lovingly.

When Harley’s entire scalp is covered in a thick white cream, Ivy begins her work by shaving up Harley’s nape with her razor, frequently washing it under gently running warm water. The warm razor on her now bare skin practically makes Harley melt, and Ivy has to keep a hand on her neck to keep her still, ensuring no cuts. Ivy can see a clear difference between the stubble and the skin- whereas the stubble was angry and destroyed, the skin underneath looks substantially healthier, and happier. With some positive attention, it will probably even glow.
As she works her way over the nape and then up and behind Harley’s ear, Harley moans with pleasure, and Ivy smiles broadly, glad that this little Lily is blooming once again- or maybe for the first time.

Ivy takes Harley’s chin and holds it still as she runs her razor up the sideburn, and Harley lets her tongue out and licks Ivy’s hand playfully. Ivy tenses up a little bit but instinctively withdraws the razor, not wanting to cut Harley- when she calms down a bit, she puts the razor back and continues, even as Harley watches her and continues to run her tongue along Ivy’s hand wickedly.
When Ivy switches positions to shave the top of Harley’s head, Harley puts her hands under Ivy’s shirt, rubbing up the sides of her torso and making it much more difficult for Ivy to steadily hold and use her razor. Especially when Harley runs over a point which tickles immensely. Harley smirks and keeps up at it, but Ivy mostly keeps her cool, continuing shaving away the remaining hairs without nicking the skin, and with steady hands even as most of her body is shaking, and her breathing is irregular. When Harley take’s Ivy’s breasts in her hands, Ivy has to stop for a moment to enjoy the feeling- nobody has touched her in so long, let alone touched her sexually, and it feels good. When Harley strokes her nipples, she almost has to put her hands on top of them out of instinct, but she fights it, and does not drop her razor.
Harley smiles in a way that’s both impish, and genuinely happy, and Ivy smiles back as she tries to continue the shave. She does a good job, even as she’s distracted, leaving only smooth, pale scalp behind where once there was a field of tiny hairs. When she finishes the top of Harley’s head, she moves to the side, and Harley pulls back her hands, for the moment.
Ivy quickly finishes the shave, no longer distracted, and gently towels of Harley’s head, removing any stray hairs or cream. When she puts her razor down, Harley looks in the mirror, and smiles broadly, hugging Ivy.

Ivy immediately embraces the hug, and pats Harley’s head gently, before hugging it close, and stroking it. The softness of her skin is nice, especially after the angry, rough stubble, and the straw-like hair she’d had before. Now, it feels pleasant to the touch. Warm and smooth, and with the assurance that Harley is enjoying it- when Ivy lets her nails scratch gently at the skin, Harley holds her tighter, and moans.

After a long hug, Harley looks up, and Ivy smiles to her, eyes closed. Harley gives her normal partially genuine and partially impish smile, and kisses Ivy forcefully, knocking her up against the wall. Ivy, while surprised, doesn’t resist, and grabs Ivy’s back, pulling her closer. She runs a hand down to grab Harley’s butt, and Harley grabs her breasts with both hands, before Ivy tells her, “Wait, this is a bad place for this. Let’s take it to the bedroom, alright?”
Harley pulls Ivy back into the kiss while maneuvering vaguely to the bedroom. By the time they fall onto the bed, Ivy has lost half of her clothes, scattered along the hall and the bedroom, and Harley has two fingers up inside her. She bites her bottom lip for a little while before letting out a moan of her own, enjoying herself immensely, even though it had been a long time.

Over the next few weeks and months, Harley begins growing her hair out somewhat, again. She takes photos to document the process.

The first photo shows Ivy trimming Harley’s hair- it’s grown out about a half inch, and Ivy is turning it into a more presentable crewcut. Harley is smiling and her cape is covered in tiny blonde hairs, and Ivy is smiling working on the cut.
In the second photo, Harley is wearing something of a messy boyish cut, dyed bright green. She looks surprised as Ivy holds up a pair of clippers next to her, with narrowed eyes and a sly smile. A photo beside it shows Harley pouting with her hair buzzed back to her scalp, green hair scattered over her cape, and Ivy chuckling in the background.
In the fourth photo, Harley stands in the shower, looking euphoric as she runs her hands through a half-inch of naturally blonde hair, most of her body obscured by steam.
In the fifth photo, Harley and Ivy are laying on a couch together, watching a nature documentary. Harley’s hair has grown out to a pixie, and the ends of her bangs are dyed pink- a caption on the back says, “Learning how to use dye without frying my hair. Ivy, you’re the best!”
A sixth photo shows Ivy pulling bob-length blonde hair with the ends dyed pink and blue into pigtails, and another shows the end result- Harley smiling with fluffy, soft-looking twintails, one tipped with blue, and one tipped with pink, holding up a pair of peace signs with her hands. Harley’s bangs are similarly dyed, the opposite colors of her twintail tips.
An eighth photo shows Harley and Ivy out on a boat, watching whales breach. Both stand excitedly, and Harley’s shoulder-length hair is tied back, letting all the blonde and pink and blue blend together majestically. The two are embracing each other, and both have happy smiles on their faces.
In the last photo, Harley is sleeping on Ivy’s chest peacefully. Her mid-back hair is scattered all over Ivy’s chest and arms, and on the back is the caption, “I love you. <3 “

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