Harvesting a years worth of growth โ€“ A short hair lover girl

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Hello, I am a Nistha. I am currently in my sophomore year in college and I have a hair fetish. I have had it since childhood. I cannot even point out a single event because of which it started. There are some experiences I can point out which have amplified my fetish. Like my first bowl cut and my first undercut bob and that one time when I was a 7th grader I accidentally cut my hair with clippers and I had to shave my whole head(Well you can imagine how much of an accident it was and how much of it was an urge). I always have the want, to cut my hair short but there is also the fact that long hair is just sexy, and if I cut it short once it takes a long time to grow it back. So for some years now, I have fulfilled my fetish by watching other people get a short haircut or sometimes letting my hair grow long for a while and then having an undercut. When I got the undercut bob for the first time I still remember it to be such an amazing experience. I got permission from my mother easily since she knew how fed up I was with my thick coarse hair. Well, I made sure to voice my displeasure towards my hair very clearly to mother months before I told her I was getting an undercut bob. I keep whining all the time about how difficult it is to manage my hair. When I told her I was doing it she readily agreed as she had done some research on how to manage thick hair, well she did it most probably because I was winning all-day-everyday in front of her how much I hated my hair or maybe the fact that her own hair is also thick and she also has had a good experience with managing it when she keeps the length a little short. I had wished to cut my hair into a bob for a long time.

Oh, what an amazing experience that was getting my undercut bob, it is to date my favorite haircut and it also suits me really well as my hair is thick. I was in high school at that time as soon as I got permission from my mother before she could change her mind I left for the salon. I had a shoulder blade length lob at that time which was in dire need of trimming. At the salon, the hairstylist parted my hair, and the clippers made contact with my nape for the first time. I was aroused the second it touched my skin. This wasn’t the first time clippers had been used on me but it is one memory still fresh in my head. The feeling as the clippers went higher and higher I can never forget the first it was special.

Since then I have maintained my bob cut. I get it trimmed every 2 months but nothing comes close to the experience I had had the first time I got my nape shaved. All through high school and first year of my college I kept my hair like that. I didn’t the courage to cut and desire to feel the clippers didn’t allow me to grow it longer. There was something about the bob I felt comfortable in it. It looked good on me and also satisfied my sexual desires. I thought of getting a higher undercut but would always chicken out in the salon.

As my freshman year in college was about to end corona happened. I had to return to my home town as the lockdowns begin everything came to a standstill. I was stuck in the home with my mom and dad as were a lot of people. There was no sight of normal life returning.

As days passed in the lockdown I noticed an interesting trend going on the internet many women were shaving their heads. I thought to myself at least something good came out of this shit show. Every day you would get amazing new videos of women shaving their heads. Watching some of the outrageous head shaves where masses of hair were cut offย  I grew self-conscious of my hair. As normal college life seemed very unlikely now I decided to grow my hair when everyone was cutting it short so that I can also get a huge makeover. I also wanted to see a big chunk of hair on the floor whenever my next haircut would be.

And so I started taking good care of my hair. Applying oil every day, brushing it nicely washing it in a routine, and also stopped using any heat tools.

Time passed 1 month, 3 months, 5 months all this time I got to watch some amazing head shaves, and in the meanwhile my hair kept growing which was now up to my shoulders and the shaved nape now was decently long though it was falling behind form the rest of my hair.

6 months had passed and my dad had bought a full-on home barbering set by whal from amazon. It came with a clipper and a lot of guards for the clipper, beard trimmer, scissors, and one cape. Dad had bought it to cut his own hair which had grown really long. The day it arrived he shaved his head and also he trimmed mom’s hair. My mom tried to persuade me for a trim but I refused by saying that I would get it cut via a professional only.

As the government eased restrictions salons started to open I wanted to get my haircut now which was just past my shoulders. I tried asking mom but was she refused, rightly so that it was not safe right now. I was disappointed but my excitement also grew because now I would get to cut off even longer hair.

8 months had passed. My mom was getting regular trims via my dad one fine day while mom was getting her hair trimmed and I was also around mom asked me why I wasn’t getting my hair trimmed.

Mom: “you know a trim isn’t so hard to do your dad won’t mess it up.”

Dad: “Yeah why don’t you sit down after I am done with your mom.”

Me: “Thanks dad but I would like it to be done in a salon.”

Mom: “But you cannot go to a salon anytime soon. How are you putting up with that amount of hair earlier you would complain so much if your hair was even half the length of what you have now are you comfortable with it”

Me: ” I am not but I would only get it cut by a professional.”

Mom: “Your wish. But beware I am not letting you go to a salon till it totally safe to do so.”



And so I gave exactly these pictures to my stylist and after some debate, she agreed that my thick hair can actually look great in this hairstyle. She parted my hair this time the part was very high because this wasn’t your average nape shave it was an extreme undercut bob.

I explicitly told her to shave it all with Guard #2. She started the clippers and started shaving from the right side. It’s been 3 years since that haircut so has forgotten most of the thoughts I had in my mind at that time but one thing I remember is when the clippers made the first pass and the first chunk of hair fell on the cape the thick, heavy and long chunk that I can never get out of my head my ears were completely exposed by the clippers and after the shaving completed the amount of jet black hair on my lap and on the ground was a sight to behold.

But this haircut is also now a thing of the past I have always had a desire since I was a little girl. A desire to have a haircut in a barbershop. Don’t know where this particular thought grew out from. Maybe it was from my childhood days when I visited the barbershop with my dad but I never actually got a haircut there.

Well, this newly grown interest was because there was a barbershop on my way to the college it was jam-packed in the morning but noontime when I was going from my college it was always empty with just a single barber sitting on the chair. Well, there were some customers occasionally on some days at that time but it was mostly empty. I made this observation every day and had a dream one day in which I actually walked into that empty barbershop and asked for a haircut and from that dream, I had this fantasy of getting my hair cut there.

I had dozens of scenes in my head about how and what haircut was I going to ask. I had thought of so many scenarios. I was determined to get a really short haircut too I mean I had to I had also recently gotten my undercut trimmed so there was only one haircut after this the pixie. I mean I had just long chin-length hair on the top of my head only that could be cut right. I had to visit the barbershop I was completely ready that one day I was going to go and ask for a pixie and then some Chinese guy ate a bat.

So because of the sudden lockdown, I returned to my hometown. As the lockdown kept extending I felt like cutting my hair by myself. It was summertime what do you expect. Meanwhile, you had these girls shaving their heads online that were great content. But for once I settled down I saw how long my hair was I wondered the possibility of how long it could get after this lockdown. I decided that I won’t cut it and I didn’t. For a whopping seventeen months, I didn’t cut my hair not a single trim.

This brings me to today. College is about to start in September again. I visited the college today to get some work done and here I was again I was standing in front of the same barbershop where I had fantasized about a haircut there was only the barber there as it was noontime and the only difference was that my hair was so much longer now. My shaved part had grown to almost the lower layers touching my end of the chin and the top part which was long was now down to my shoulders and the desire which had been suppressed for 17 months was now out of control at the sight of the barbershop.

Today I didn’t work up the courage to walk into the barbershop it happened on its own. I opened the door and the barber guy who was scrolling his phone while sitting on the styling chair looked at me. I had this scenario played in my head thousands of times.

“Excuse me I am here for a haircut.”

“Yes please have a seat.” The barber guy said jumping out of his chair.

That wasn’t an expected response I thought he would say I don’t do women’s haircut but he enthusiastically got out of the chair and was ready to provide his services. I moved towards the chair and hopped on it and rested my foot on the footrest. The barber guy got a cape from the cabinet and covered me with it. While this was going on no one out of the both of us was speaking a word It was awkwardly silent.

“Umm, so I actually wanted a short haircut so I thought the barbershop might be the right place.” I broke the silence.

The guy got a comb and started combing my hair neatly and gently.

“So what kind of haircut were you thinking of.”

“I was thinking like a pixie with the side cut short wait I will show you a picture.”

I got my hands out of the cape and searched for fade pixies. While I searching for the picture the barber guy was totally fixated on combing my hair neatly. He was so foucused and to be honest he was doing it so well I was relaxing. I was going to miss combing my long hair.


Now I am a hair fetish person I keep pins on short haircuts on Pinterest just a glance at this pic made me aroused and I opened it.

“Oh boy that’s short. This is called a buzzcut. You sure want to cut it that short I mean that would explain why you came to the barbershop though.” I realized that the barber dude was staring at my phone. I didn’t even realize for how long I had that image opened

No I hadn’t planned to cut it this short no. But this picture reminded me of my headshave I didn’t get my head shaved by clippers as I told it was an accident so it was cut by scissors a story for another time but this picture really made me want to experience it by clippers.

After every haircut, I regret why didn’t I cut my hair shorter I would have that today also if I deny now. My hair won’t be this long ever again even if I try. I have the chance to make the greatest pile of hair I have made to date and the best part I wouldn’t have to give an explanation to anyone why I did it because of lockdown because every girl was doing it. There was no stopping me now I was ready to destroy all the hair on my head now.

“Yes, I want it cut like this clippers over comb.” I replied

The barber put down the comb on the counter.

“Are you sure girl, it’s a really mens cut do you understand that?” The barber asked. I gave him a nod. No regrets today.

“So you want it cut shorter first then shaved or you want me to go in, directly with the clippers.”

The direct clippers will make the biggest pile and the best memory so I gave the reply.

“Direct clippers please.”

The barber guy opened the drawer and got a clipper and a small tooth comb. He plugged the clippers and came up behind my chair. He used the comb to give my long hair a last run by comb.


The clippers started. The barber used the comb to lift up the back hair and made a straight pass of the clippers over the comb as I saw a huge black mass fell to the ground. I couldn’t believe it I was getting a spiky short haircut, what had I done, and as the comb went higher and the clippers followed it chewing any hair sneaking out of the comb the realization hit me hard I was as at the barber getting all my hair cut off. The comb again went down the nape and the barber lift another bunch of long black threads was gone ZZZZZZZZZZZZ continued and hair kept coming off of the back of my head.

By now I had 2 strips had been buzzed very high up to my occipital. Now the barber was coming up towards the left side of my head. I could see him in the mirror lift my hair and pass the clippers right through the comb this chunk of hair fell on my lap.He deliberately cut in such a way that all the tresses fell on my lap. The comb went higher and higher and the shearing continued as could really see the hair on my head becoming non-existent and the hair around me was something like this->

That’s some hair right. This was the only reason I waited and grew my hair soo long so that when I cut it short I get the absolute most massive pile of fallen hair. This is also part of my fetish.

Soon enough as the pile kept growing on my lap the hair on my head was reduced to nothing. The comb lay flat on my head and any hair sneaking out from that was severed by the ragging clippers.

When the barber started cutting the hair on top and left side and my full buzz cut head emerged I was aroused just by the sight of it. There were so many things going through my head like”oh my god it’s soo short!!!! That’s so much hair I lost today!!! What would people say!” yet this was the most fun thing I had ever done.

The girl in the mirror in front of me had only stubble left on top of her head. The barber continued to the clippers and comb over my head so as to even things out but that too ended quickly as the clippers came to halt. I had grown accustomed to the whirring sound and everything felt almost too silent.

I felt the knot of the cape being loosened and it became loose as the chunks of silky black hair fell on the floor.

I stood up my legs were still shaking and my new look was unbelievable. My hand went up to my head as I felt the stubble. Today was going to be a night full of orgasms.

I went to the counter made payment and left the barbershop.


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