House party turned to shaving party chapter 2

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Mike’s face lit up as he said, “hey, i’ve got an idea guys. We should set up some chairs downstairs and shave some more heads”. Everyone agreed, including Tay and Lily, and  they all made their way downstairs. Mike grabbed the clippers and went to the bathroom to look for more. Taylor walked in behind him and said “I could go to my house. My dad has a bunch of barbering tools. I’ll bring them over”. Mike turned and smiled as she left the bathroom to go to her house. He grabbed the chair from the middle of the room and took it downstairs.

With the music pumping through the house, and a crowd of people dancing in the living room, the guys managed to clear enough of a space to put three chairs down. Mike followed them and placed the other chair down. They were all lined up side by side in the middle of the living room. Most of the people started looking at them in confusion, assuming it was some sort of drinking game but many were oblivious. The music suddenly went silent and Mike turned the clippers on, raised them up and asked, “who wants a haircut?”

A girl from the crowd got pushed forward and the boys said, “we’ve got our first customer”. The girl was shocked and froze up as she was pushed then she was guided into the chair. She looked into the crowd in fear but she couldn’t find the strength to get up and run away. The girl just stared into the cheering crowd when her friend shouted to her, “you’re gonna look beautiful, Phoebe!” Mike grabbed the bangs of Phoebe’s bob cut, and plunged the guardless clippers into her hairline. Her mouth shot wide open as the clippers ran down the middle of her head. She was in disbelief that she was being shaved bald. She couldn’t believe that someone pushed her and caused this to happen. While Mike shaved Phoebe in front of the cheering crowd, Taylor returned from her house with a large box. She pushed her way through the people and multiple hands started rubbing her bald head. It felt amazing to Taylor. She got to the front and saw four chairs set up with Mike shaving a random girl. She found Charlie and put the box down. Taylor started pulling out multiple pairs of clippers and burgundy capes. Then she pulled out some razors and shaving cream. Taylor grew a big grin as looked at Charlie, holding the barber equipment. 

Two of the guys came over and each grabbed a pair of clippers and a cape, then walked back behind the chairs. They noticed that there were 2 girls already sitting in the chairs, waiting for their haircuts. One was a petite curly redhead and her friend was a little bustier with jet black hair cut into a long bob. The boys walked to the girls sitting next to phoebe and capped them both. The girls smiled as the cape was clipped around their necks then the guys plugged the clippers in. These clippers that Taylor had brought were much louder than the ones that Mike was using. Taylor then walked to the final chair and draped the cape over the back. She handed Mike a cape and another pair of clippers and said, “here. Try these. They’re way more powerful”. 

Phoebe thought the shaving was done but then a burgundy cape was thrown over her. She was a little confused about the cape but was still frozen in the chair. Mike flicked the new clippers to life. He pushed them through Phoebe’s hair and noticed that these clippers shaved way closer to the scalp. He then started shaving her entire head again. These clippers shaved her dark stubble right off. The crowd cheered louder at the sight of phoebe being shaved closer and the 2 other girls about to be shaved.

Mike leant over to Taylor and shouted “where did you get all this stuff?”

“My dad used to be a barber,” replied Taylor, smiling. 

The black haired girl and the curly redhead had the clippers pushed into their fringes simultaneously. Both girls had matching bald patches down the middle of their heads. The guys then shaved their napes. Neither girl was phased about being shaved and just sat there caped, looking at the crowd.

Mike finished shaving phoebe and unclipped the cape from the now bald domed girl. Phoebe stood up timidly and instantly had people rubbing her head and taking photos. She was so still in shock and disbelief at what just happened. Her friend then hugged her and proceeded to sit down at Mike’s chair. 

Meanwhile, another girl was convinced by her friends to sit down in front of a bald Taylor. Although she argued a bit, she eventually gave in and sat down laughing. Taylor threw the cape over the girl and clipped it nice and tight. She then pushed the girls head down and placed the clippers at the nape of her shiny, straight blonde locks. Taylor pushed the guardless clippers straight up with ease and mowed a bald path right through the middle of her head, just like the other girls got. All the girl could do was laugh hysterically from the feeling of being shaved bald. She said to her friends, “it feels so weird!” Taylor shaved her nape again while holding the girl’s head down then brought her head up and shaved the rest of the blonde locks on top. She noticed that the girl was laughing the whole time she was being shaved. Taylor finished shaving the side of this girl until she was skin bald. The girl was uncapped and she stood up and grabbed the hand of her friend and pushed her into the chair. It was almost like revenge. Taylor then caped this next girl when the recently shaved one said, “can i do it?”

“Sure” replied a smiling Taylor. She handed the clippers to this girl as she took position behind her friend. “All off, Jade?” said the bald girl while combing her fingers through Jade’s shaggy, brown boy cut. Without even waiting for a response, she drove the clippers into her friend’s forehead. 

The crowd of people were still watching in excitement while some even filmed the girls being shaved bald. The girls on the end were now completely shaved by the guys. There was nothing left of the redhead’s curls or her friend’s black locks. Just two shiny bald scalps poking out of their respective barber capes. The girls were then uncaped before they rejoined the crowd.

Taylor began searching for more girls in the crowd to give them haircuts. She spotted two girls watching on like they were hypnotized. Taylor went to them and without saying anything, she grabbed both of their hands and walked them to the vacant chairs. They both sat down and lifted their ponytails as the capes were fastened. The guys then used the clippers to shear off both of the girl’s ponytails. Taylor looked at the two girls and noticed that they were just letting it happen. They didn’t object and just grinned at the crowd as their ponytails were removed. The guys then dropped the girls’ ponytails into their laps and the two girls both looked down smiling at them. The boys then combed their hands through the girl’s fringes and ran the clippers straight down the middle. The girls just continued to smile out to the crowd because the clippers didn’t phase. They were both shaved completely on top when one of the boys stopped and shouted, “should we leave it like this?!”. The crows cheered loudly and the two girls just laughed. The boys left the cuts like this, then continued to shave them bald. 

Mike was so distracted from watching the 2 ponytail girls that he hadn’t even placed the cape on the girl in front of him. The girl turned around in frustration and said, “hey! Can you give me a haircut now?”. She lifted her mane of hair above her head. Mike snapped back into it and draped the burgundy cape over the girl and clipped it tight. She let go of her hair and Mike evened it out. It was so thick and curly but silky smooth. The girl sat there in the cape with her huge lion’s mane of hair surrounding her face. Mike then flicked the clippers to life and placed them on her forehead. Without hesitating, he slid them straight through the middle so efficiently despite the thickness of the hair. As he was shaving her bald, none of hair had fallen to the floor as her mane was clumped together. It seemed to just stay in the same shape around her balding head. She giggled from the tickling and vibration and smiled at her bald friend in the crowd. Phoebe still looked a little shy in the crowd with so many people still rubbing her bald head.

Mike then shaved her nape and began on the sides. He had to push her thick mane out of the way to be able to shave some areas. Most of the girl’s mane fell to the floor and all that remained were the thick curls fluffed up on either side of her shiny bald head. Her head was actually as shiny as her hair. He finished shaving the side of the girl’s head as the last of her mane fell to the floor. He then unclipped her and she walked to her friends laughing as they rubbed her and phoebe’s heads. Mike flicked out the cape as he looked at the floor around the chairs. There was so much beautiful shiny hair laying dead around his feet. It was very satisfying to look at.

While all this was happening, the girl at the end who was basically forced to get her head shaved, was now shaving her friend, Jade. Jade’s shaggy mop was now reduced to nothing on the front portion of her head. The girl had shaved all of jade’s hair that was in front of her ears. It made jade look pretty silly. The crowd had turned their attention from the 2 girls, to this bald girl giving her friend a ridiculous haircut. Jade was really embarrassed by this and almost screamed when someone showed her a photo of herself. Her friend and crowd laughed at her as she continued to get shaved bald.

For the rest of the party and the night, basically every single girl there, got shaved to the wood. Boyfriends would bring their girlfriends up to the front. Some volunteered and others were pushed to the front by their guy friends and were shaved too. Not one girl left with hair.

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