Hawks vs. Eagles

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There is a town, a town with a notorious history.A rivalry of clans, two weird but equally stubborn families. A trait of each house is crucial in distinguishing between the tribes. The women of these houses frequent the same saloon to have their hair done, on different days of course.

When a maiden of one of these groups reaches a certain age, around thirteen, she is brought to Bob the barber for their first cut. No portraits of these ladies in the chair are on the wall as not to offend the other side but he is aware and chuckles at their feud. It’s just business to the man.

Marigold is thirteen, she has been for a week, her mother made the call and the appointment was made. She does not want to lose her raven hair but what other choice does she have?It is her duty as an Eagle to get the cut or forever be a stranger to her own family.

Her mother dresses her for the occasion and they leave for the shop.It is a good day to become a proper Eagle.

The shop is old but modern, the only reason he stays open is because of these women. So many he cut, so many he will continue to cut: it has become a ritual.

Place smells good inside, Marigold is nervous but her mother pushes her before the barber to be aquatinted with her most trusted ally. He is quite jovially about the whole thing and why shouldn’t he be.He invites her to the chair as so many of her ancestors were invited back.

She accepts her fate and a hand from the man, sitting daintily in the cushioned seat.A cape is thrown over her and fastened tightly around her neck.He waits for no signal, bringing out the clippers that tore out so much hair from so many a head over the generations. Head tilted down, the clippers went up her scalp.

At the top, the bell rings. The enemy hath come. Another couple came through the door.A thirteen and mother, dressed in their family’s colors to display their loyalty.

”Still shaving?”the female Hawk mused.

”Still looking like a horse”,retorted Mrs. Eagle.

Tension was high but Bob cooled the air, it was a mistake on his part that the two forces had to clash.A deal was offered but swiftly rejected, the hawks took seats to see an eagle shaved.Through humiliation, Bob continued his work.

Up and down, jeers and retorts, the girl was buzzed. Lady Hawk made comments but her daughter did not, she was focused on her turn in the chair.

The paint job covered all of the young Eagle’s head; the razor became sharp, as did the hawk’s eyes. The metal took the blanket from the girl’s head and wiped it offscreen. Bob was proud of this little lady for following tradition.

The cape came off, her head, petite and smooth; this one girl sealed her place among the eagles.Would the hawks do the same?



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