Head girl (nerd no more)

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Bianca Strauss was always an excellent student. She worked hard on her studies and received no worse grade than an A+ per exam. Her classmates thought of her as an introvert and a bookworm as she was notorious to be in the library, checking out books of various genres and subject matter. They called her a nerd and treated her like an outcast but Bianca was used to not making friends period.

Sophomore year, the young lady was placed in a Ms. Springer’s class. Bianca took fast to her assignments and got good marks on every quiz and exam. Really soon, Ms. Springer took notice. The woman took interest in the girl and one day, after class (which was the last class of the day), asked Bianca to stay after school for a little while so both of them could talk.

”Sure”,Bianca nodded as she walked over to the teacher’s desk,”Are there any problems with my grade”

”Oh no, honey”,Ms. Springer shook her head and then said,”I was wondering if you would like to be head girl for my classroom”

Bianca’s eyes opened wide with excitement,”Really, that’s such an honor! Wow, thank you! I will love to be head girl of your classroom”

”That’s great”,Ms. Springer matched Bianca’s giddiness with hers,”I know you’re just perfect for the role. Now, as head girl, there is a dress code that comes along with the role”

”A dress code?”Bianca was a bit surprised.

”Yes”,Ms. Springer nodded,”Truth is, I don’t have the uniform here but rest assured, I will get them to you. I would like you to stay after class tomorrow and pick them up. Could you do that for me, my best head girl”

”Yes, ma’am”,Bianca answered like a soldier.

Bianca returned home that day and told her family about her new position. Everyone was happy for her and gave her hugs in celebratory happiness.

The next day, as classes were filtering out of the school, Bianca came to Ms. Springer to receive the uniform. Her teacher was absolutely peachy as she opened up a drawer in her office and pulled out a stack of dresses. She unfolded one and showed Bianca how beautiful it was. The dress was a mixture of conservative styles and professional attire.

”Wow”,Bianca took the dress in her hands and put it to her chest to see how it could fit on her.

”You look incredible, darling”,Ms. Springer smiled proudly and blushed a little as she went on to say,”We have one thing left to do but that can wait until tomorrow. As homework”,she joked,”I would like you to try on a dress and wear it when you come back to school”

”I will”,Bianca said with delight in her voice,”What do we have to do tomorrow, Ms. Springer?”

”Oh, child”,Ms. Springer came up to the girl and said,”I need you to stay after school tomorrow one last time. Do you think you can do that for me?”

Like a good head girl, Bianca nodded. The young girl returned home again and went upstairs to her room. She put on a beige dress that fell down to her calf leg and had long sleeves. Ms. Springer gave her a black belt to wear also. When she was done, Bianca looked at herself in the mirror. Her fiery red, curly head of hair dressed her out beautifully. The glasses on her face really pulled the look together.

The young lady, confident in her look, called her family together in the living room to look at her dress. Everyone was amazed by Bianca’s new outfit. Her grandmother invited her to sit on the sofa with her and, when the girl had sat down, said,”I’m really proud of you, Bianca. You look very beautiful”

Bianca almost cried as she hugged her grandmother tightly.

As school came to an end the following day, Bianca met up with Ms. Springer.

”We are going for a little walk”,Ms. Springer replied as she getting her purse. When she was ready, she offered her arm to the young lady. Bianca interlocked her own arm with Ms. Springer and off the two went. They started to talk as they walked into town and headed towards Main Street. The young lady asked about her duties as head girl and Ms. Springer replied,”You are going to introduce guests to the school and escort them around. You will be doing announcements over the intercom. And you will be handing out all the awards for events”

”Wow”,Bianca said,”That sounds like a lot”

”I know”,Ms. Springer replied,”But I know you can do it”

As the two continued to walk, Bianca noticed a barbershop coming up. Ms. Springer seemed to be heading towards it. Butterflies began to fill the young lady’s stomach but she didn’t say a word as the woman came up to the door of the barbershop. Her teacher let her go in first and then, followed behind her.

There was only an old lady inside. Dressed in all white, shirt, skirt, and shoes were cleanest shade of white, the woman had a permed hairdo that seemed to have not changed since the the fifties. The glasses she wore were ten times as thick as Bianca’s and had gold rims. She looked over at the door and seeing two customers standing there, walked over to greet them.

”My goodness, dear”,the elderly woman gently took Bianca’s hand in hers,”You’re dress is absolutely gorgeous. And you have such a beautiful head of hair”

”Thanks”,Bianca thanked the woman for the compliment and sort of blushed to be polite.

”It is quite a head of hair”,Ms. Springer nodded,”But all my head girls need a more professional haircut”

”Oh, well, I can do that”,the elder smiled,”Come this way, deary, and let’s get you prepped”

Bianca followed the woman to the only, stationary, barber chair. The woman sat Bianca in the chair and went to go retrieve something briefly. Bianca smoothed her powder-blue dress and looked at herself in the mirror. Ms. Springer was standing by like an attentive guard. She smiled and came and put her hands on the young lady’s shoulders, saying,”I’m so happy you chose to be my head girl”

The girl nodded and was going to say something when the elder woman came back to the chair. She apologized for her tardiness and took control of Bianca. A striped cape was sprung around her and tightened snugly around the neck. Bianca removed her glasses and folded them quickly. She was going to put them under the cape but the elderly woman asked to take them. With them, the woman put ‘em into a drawer of a glasses case that was on the right side of the beauty station.

Next, the woman grabbed a hairbrush and started to brush out the tangles in the young lady’s frizzy hair. It caused Bianca a little pain to have her hair brushed and did make her hair look more frizzy and curly. No one could deny that she looked silly with a head full of frizzy, curly, hair like sort of resemble a lion’s mane.

”Already, my dear”,the elderly woman said as she put down the brush and picked up a comb to do a bit of sifting through the hair,”I think I’m ready to cut. I’m assuming Ms. Springer will be deciding the haircut today?”

”Yes”,Ms. Springer replied,”We are taking it all off today”

Bianca was shocked when she heard the words but didn’t show it outwardly. She wanted to be head girl and didn’t care what she had to do to obtain it but this was her hair. It is her pride and joy. So bright and fluffy, no one ever cut it before.

The young lady’s silence was taken as agreement with Ms. Springer. With no further discussion, the elderly barber reached for the clippers that were hanging just adjacent to the mirror. She blew on them to get rid of any stragglers from the previous haircut and switched them on. A low hum made its way throughout the room as the woman began to comb Bianca’s hair backwards.


In the clippers went. Hair started to fall quickly to the ground. Bianca knew that she had made a terrible mistake but it was too late now. Her stylist commandeered her balding head and adjusted it to her own liking. All that luscious, red hair was now on the floor or completely covering Bianca’s frame.

”My goodness, my dear”,the woman switched off the clippers and put them aside along with the comb,”I made quite a mess with your hair, here”

The barber took up a fine bristled brush and swept red hair off that was all over Bianca’s torso. She looked at herself in the mirror. Bianca was definitely bald. Her red look was transformed with a domain of tiny stubble.

”Are we going smooth?”the hairdresser asked.

”Yes”,Ms. Springer nodded in a heartbeat.

Bianca caught her breath as soon as the barber tucked a parchment into the neckline of the cape. She then grabbed a bowl and poured some white foam out from a dispenser. A bush looking kind of brush was used to mix up the foam in the bowl and spread it over Bianca’s prickly head. The young lady shivered at the touch of the foam which made Ms. Springer smile a little.

A razor was procured by the barber and sharpened with a sharpening block. The barber took control of Bianca’s head one last time to gently scrape the foam off her scalp. It was a very close and smooth shave, leaving the young lady’s head as smooth as steel ball.

Bianca couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror. It was all gone and didn’t hate her new look. She felt insane liking her new, bald head as the barber swaddled her head in a hot towel and when it cooled, used it to give Bianca the best scalp massage that she ever had.


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