Head shave

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Anusha was newly married. She s from village . She is very homely girl. She s tall girl fair and her hair is very thick. It will reach to the bottom of her back. She will always kept her hair in plaits. She never trimmed or cut her hair. After marriage she shifted to city. Her husband is busy with works. He will taken her out whenever he finds Time he loved her so much. She tried to change her look. She will always wear saree. But later she started to wear modern dresses. Her husband also loved her more. One evening her husband told he will be going for trip and will return on next month she packed his clothes. Changed her dress to tight T-shirt sleeveless and short skirt. Her her was tied in ponytail. She went to the airport and dropped him. Return she was coming the wind was blowing heavy and it was about to rain. She took a cab and reached her flat. She saw a new pole spinning near to her apartment. It was a new parlour opened and she thought she will go for eyebrows. She went inside, the lady greeted her very well and took her to the chair. Today we have special offers package yu can take tat and started to give her full body waxing. After 1 hr she trimmed her eyebrows into thin line. . She took a cape and tied. Her hair was little wavy she sprayed and combed for five min stylist told we will cut your hair to shoulder level. Its damaged at the bottom. She thought for a while and she also thought lets have modern style and accepted for the cut. She gave straight cut to the shoulder level. Her long hair touching the bottom was now barely touching the shoulders. She removed the cape Combed and dried her hair. Paid and left the parlour. After one month her husband returned and he was shocked by her wife haircut. Her complete back s visible now. He kissed her. After two days Anusha thought she will go for haircut. Summer season started and all shops were crowded. The parlour was closed. She was wearing a saree and her back was completely opened. She started to sweat. The parlour was closed as the lady was busy. She saw one more parlour and went inside. It was filled with guys. She realized its barber shop. There were three chairs and two chair was filled with school kids . The barber was giving summer cut for both the kids. The third barber made her to sit in the chair. And tied cape tightly. He removed clips from her head . He asked summer cut madam. She was scared and nodded her head slightly. The barber without wasting time turned on clippers. She was saying no clippers. He pushed her head down holding tightly and passed the clippers to the back after several pass he removed the guard and again passed to her side and back. Her side and back are saved to skin. . She lifted her head the barber pushed her head and rotated her away from mirror. Once he s satisfied he attached guard 1 and passed to her forehead. Her top were reduced to stumbles and the side and back are saved to skin. Once the barber satisfied he removed her the caped and applied powder to the back and sides. Aftet tat he removed the cape. She was looking like school kid. She saw herself in the mirror and rubbed her head. Ther was one lady siting and reading newspaper and her son was getting summer cut. She smiled at her and told yu look cut with bald head better shave to smooth. She thought for a while and took the chair again. The barber shaved her head roughly and in hurry. There were no traces of hair. It was smooth. He put a hot towel and again shaved her head.once done . He removed the cape. The lady smiled and told sexy. She told thankyou. Anusha went to her flat and took bath. Her husband came and saw her bald. He kissed her and told yu look too beautiful. From then she went for regular headshave and sometimes the barber gave her 0 cut and shaved only the sides.

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