Headmistress’ regulations

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The light on the landline lit up, its tone began to buzz. The receiver was plucked up by five long-nailed fingers.
“Five minutes”, said Miss Vesper,”What is it?”
“Ma’am, the bus with the fresh girls has just arrived, your orders?”
“Send them to the commons, will you. I will be right down at once”,put Ma’dam Vesper.
The receiver was put down and the headmistress got up.
Going to the mirror, she tidied herself and combed up her Gibson Girl hair with fluent strokes.
Taking up her authority stick, Vesper clacked her heels through the corridors and down the steps to greet the cluster.
The closer she came, the louder chit-chat could be heard.
How annoying, thought Vesper, I can see why the tinny-boppers’ parents sent them to me.
In the commons, Vesper saw girls about the tables and chairs like normal youngsters would.
All heads turn to her and Vesper put on the smallest smile she could muster.
“Greetings”,said she, as though to address a flock of sheep,”So, your parents have decided to strip you of naughty behavior and sent you here. Welcome to Dainty Rose Academy! Here, you will be molded into proper civilians and proper young ladies”.
The girls looked without bother onto their new den mother.
“Any and all descent will be dealt with swiftly and justly. The rules will be your new best friend if you want to graduate on time, is that clear?”
“Yes”,the girls put blankly as they had no care for Vesper’s authority.
Vesper stamped the metal tip on the carpeted stairs.
“Is that clear!”
The girls became frightened,”Yes, Ma’am”
“Good. Now for the altering”
Vesper organized the girls into two, long lines.
“You are to follow me. No dawdling”, commanded the headmistress.
“Oh, come on!”said a prepubescent voice at the middle of the line.
Vesper stopped and clacked all the way down to the child that spoke out of turn.
It was a girl, about 14, with twin tails of duchess braids.
“Are you the-“
“Save it!”said the girl,” I already know whatcha gonna say”
Vesper turned and called for her assistant, Clara.
The young helper strode over with a clipboard and her spectacles shone brightly.
“Yes, headmistress”,she said as Vesper motioned for the flat board with the metal clamp.
In her hands, Vesper looked up the troublemakers info.
“Miss Luna Good”,addressed the mistress,”Quite a paradoxical name, don’t you think?”
Luna scoffed at the words,”I’ve already been kicked out of six schools in the past year for trouble reasons. What makes you think-“
“Shush!”interrupted Vesper, smacking the child’s dome with the clipboard.
Vesper took hold of one of Luna’s braids and brought her to the front of the line.
“Now. With the troublemaker’s antics done with. Let’s get started with you girls’ introduction”
Luna refused to march so the headmistress took hold of her ear.
“Alright! Alright!”she shrieked,”I’ll walk!”
“Excellent”,said Vesper, releasing the ear.
The two strips walked into a tailor shop of sorts.
“Girls! Here, you will sit and when your name is called, you will be fitted with the academy’s dress code outfit”,concluded the headmistress.
Luna was up first, two young tailor maidens put her in a T pose and measured her up and down.
“What a drag”,commented Luna.
The headmistress came over and took Luna by the chin.
“This is your second warning, shush and be a good girl or I will have to punish you”
Luna became quiet for the rest of her tailoring session and when her new clothes were made, she was forced into a dressing room to change.
A blouse, jumper, skirt, ankle-high socks, and brown loafers became her new outfit and she loathed it with a vengeance.
Once all the girls were fitted and dressed, the process of walking continued.
They came to a waiting room with one door wedged in an offshoot of the architecture. Plastered on the door, in gold letters, were the words: School Barbershop.
“Alright”, said Vesper, positioning on the wall opposite the door to the hair reaper parlor,”Same process as before. I will announce your name and you will go in, sit nicely in the barber’s chair, and receive the regulation cut that all girls in this school are to get. Is that clear?”
“Yes, ma’am!”
“I’m not going in there!”exclaimed Luna.
“I’m afraid that’s not an option”,calmly put the madam.
“How so?”dumbly uttered Luna.
“Miss Luna Good”,stated Mistress Vesper,”You’re up first”
Luna outright refused, maddening the headmistress. Vesper took hold of the braids and marched the protesting Luna.
The overhead lights blinded the girl. Once she could see, she saw a white walls, grey and white tiles, a mirror and a white counter cluttered with tools and gels and sprays, and a lone leather barber chair with a young barberette at the helm.
“Cristy”,hailed the headmistress, straightening up Luna by twisting her braid,”Be a lamb, and clean up our little troublemaker here”
“Certainly, madam”,Cristy bowed,”Come sit, dearie and let’s get you cleaned up for class”
Luna was thrust fourth and Cristy patted the chair with a smile.
Although this was forced, Luna couldn’t help but blush at Cristy’s smile.
Luna was taking too long so, taking her by the scruff of her jumper, Vesper put the girl in the chair.
“That’s a good girl”,mocked Cristy with a motherly smile, tying a white strip of roll paper around the nervous neck of the girl and daintily applying the cape.
Luna braids laid on the sheet as the chair was pumped up.
Luna did not know what was to happen but soon she would learn. Cristy picked up the clippers from the marble counter and with a swift move of the index finger, the tool started shifting its blade with a buzzing sound.
Luna was about to bolt but the headmistress laid a firm hand on her shoulder.
“Sit still”,she mouthed as one of Luna’s braids was lifted.
Grasping it firmly, Cristy aimed the blade at the braid and sailed it through the strands.
The braid, try as it might, yielded at the clippers severing powers.
Luna was tearing up as her braid came off.
“Can you finish this?”asked the headmistress, giving Cristy the other braid.
“Yes, I’ll have her done in ten minutes”
The headmistress nodded and took her leave, Luna was finally at the mercy of her reaper.
“Now”,ordered Cristy,”Sit still like a good girl or do we have to do this the hard way?”
Luna gulped,”Proceed”
With that, Cristy began severing the other braid.
Both appendages lay on the floor, Cristy shut off her tool and undid the hair left on Luna’s head.
Wetting down the hair and combing it out, Cristy sectioned off the crown from the sides.
Reuniting with her tool, the barberette powered up her stylus.
Hand atop the crown, Cristy man-handled Luna’s head slightly down.
Without hesitation, the hairdresser buzzed up Luna’s nape and didn’t stop until the back was fully buzzed down.
Same as the back, the sides were buzzed down to the scalp, Luna was dying inside at the loss of her black tresses and regretting her actions in life.
With the sides buzzed to the skin, Cristy undid the crown and ruffled it some. Attaching a number #2 guard, the barberette started buzzing down the crown to 1/4 inch to start, I say that because Cristy got clipper-happy and buzzed it down a little more.
Luna thought she was naked with so little hair atop her head, all she could do was see her lost tresses on the cape and floor.
“All done”, cheered Cristy, clapping her hands to rid it of the small hairs that fell on them.
Luna was released and the crestfallen girl dragged herself to the door.
Vesper watched her come out and look at her. Vesper nodded approvingly like a motherly caregiver.
Luna then exclaimed,”Why are we girls subjected to this, this humiliation. Why must we fit into a certain mold like we’re clay. Tell me, headmistress, why won’t you go in there and get the regulation cut since you’re a stickler for the rules!”
The easy answer was obvious: Because I’m the headmistress. But instead, Vesper became silent.
Luna exited to go cry to herself and Vesper took a quick moment of silence.
Composing herself, Vesper called out,”Lucy, you can go in”
As Lucy was being shaved down, Vesper thought over what Luna had said.
“Susan, go on in”
As the clippers hummed to life: Was she right? Am I a hypocrite?
One buzzed girl after another, Vesper thought and thought.
The two lines became just one and then, only two girls remained.
Isabella opened and Rena took the door, Vesper made a choice.
Rena came out with her curls buzzed down in a tidy lawn.
Belladonna started through the door and Vesper went with her.
The redhead had a Celtic braid, ripe for the clippers and beret sat upon her head.
“Sorry, sweetie”,said Cristy,”No hats allowed”
Belladonna took off the headpiece and handed to Cristy.
Cristy handed it off to the counter as Belladonna sat in the seat.
Roll paper: tied, cape: applied, and chair: pumped up, Cristy was ready to shear the redhead.
Cristy looked at Vesper,”You alright?”
“I’m perfectly fine”
Cristy smiled as she started the clippers and sheared the redhead’s sides down to the skin and buzzed her top to a 1/8 inch.
Belladonna seemed to be in good spirits about her locks finding a new home in the cape and floor.
She was released and the little one excitedly ran off.
“What’s going on?”queried the school’s hairdresser.
Vesper looked depressed but then, she straightened herself and spoke with authority.”I request a haircut”,she blurted out.
“Okay”,mused Cristy.
With the words in the opening, Vesper came and sat in the hair-littered chair. The paper and its twin were tied and draped accordingly.
Vesper undid her Gibson Girl and her graying, Auburn tresses flung about her skull.
“How short are we going?”
“The tour will take all afternoon, how much can you take off before then?”the headmistress asked.
“Well, I’d be able to remove it all”,joked Cristy.
“Then do”
“What?”she asked, scared for the answer.
“Remove every hair on my scalp, is that clear?”
Cristy gulped,”Yes ma’am”
With trembling hands, the clippers were started.
“Oh! Give them here”,demanded Vesper, taking the clippers.
Pausing for a moment, Vesper raised the tool to her hairline and with passion in her eyes, she slid the clippers through the hairline all the way down to her nape’s neckline.
Pass after pass, Vesper’s locks vanished. She did, however, did need Cristy to get the nooks and crannies of her scalp.
Vesper, upon request, was lathered and shaved with a razor.
When the headmistress was bald, Cristy thought it was over.
“It’s only three hours til the tour ends. We have time to do my eyebrows”
“You want them plucked?”
“I want them removed, completely”
“You have gone mad”
Vesper became serious,”There are plenty of other women out there who would love a cushy job as a school barber. Now please, let us continue”
Cristy became uneasy as she relaxed the chair and buzzed then shaved off her superior’s brows.
Opening her elder eyes, Vesper gazed into her bald, brow less self and smiled.
“I am now the headmistress of this academy”

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