Headshave fantasy

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Hi all readers
This is real story happens in my life

My name is Reena I was with my family during school days after I started to live my independent life by staying alone in one small room taken rent and studying collage. during school days I watch one girl who shaved her head .that full day I think about that and I started to see some headshave videos in net in my phone after I read some story’s .I like that very much .one day night I didn’t get sleep it was mid night I thinking about ” what if I shave my head” after some days it runs in my mind .I think about what people thinks .I ask some people’s in net all says it just HAIR then I went my home for marriage function for 1 week I didn’t see any videos.

After one week I say headshave with porn videos . Girl shaved her head with smile I like that. And some times I see girls with bald head I think they are brave they didn’t feel shy. it goes for 2 years my hair fetich became more strong .I see again and again same video it bored me .so I thinks about me with bald head in mirror and joys ..

One day I strongly decided to shave my head .I informed my family .I only have hair medium hair. finally I got green signal from my family .I went to mall to buy clipper .I think my is next day .I didn’t get sleep at night .I saw some videos .

Next day I have head bath and locked my room .I removed all my cloths .I was nude and sit in chair .my feeling was amazing .I started clipper and went to my forehead .that sound “shrpp shrpp shrpp ” my forehead was bald and my right and left side I shaved many times my hair fall in.my body it was price less happiness .it feels cools in.my head I shaved nearly 10 times on that same day . Then every week I shave my head .then I leave it to month .. I didn’t let my hair to grow .it feel s crazy and awesome .. everyone started ask me “why you always bald’ i say “I didn’t like my hair and I like this ” and my next dream is to have sex and headshave in my first night with husband


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