Headshave For A Pooja

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It was a friday evening, during the lockdown days. All the family members came to the living room for watching the television (members includes me , father , mother and my younger brother). At that time my father said to us ” This is an important message. Their will be Pooja in our house. Only four of us will be their. Other information will be giving by Lakshmi (my mother) “. My mother ” Oh ! I forgot to said about it. It is a Pooja done by female members of the family. I had done when I came to this house after my marriage, so this time it is you (me) want to do this pooja. ” I agreed with much pleasure ( I am very attractive towards this kind of devotional activities at that time and now also ). After hearing this I looked my father and I noticed that he was trying to say something to my mother with him eyes. At that time I thought of something fishy.


My mother stood up from the sofa and call me with her and invite me to their room. My father and brother continued watching the television. When I entered the room she locked the door. I asked my mother What is the matter ? . She said nothing complicated, I was just trying to say you about the pooja. I got relief. She continued, “I had also done this pooja after my marriage. Only we four will participate in this pooja. But their is one important prospect that the girl who perform pooja have to shave her head. I had also shaved my head during that pooja. Your grandmother shaved my head that time”. A shock passed through my body after hearing this. I asked, WHAT ! I NEED TO SHAVE MY HEAD !!. My mother replied: “Yes , you have to. It is our traditional. You don’t be sad, I will guarantee you that it will be fun after the headshave. It will be a new experience to you and remember it is now lockdown so you don’t have to go anywhere”. Then she unlock the door and she went to the kitchen. I ran towards my room and jump to my bed and started to cry in loud. By hearing my crying by brother came towards me and inquired what happened to me. I tightly hugged him and started to cry more.


After her work in kitchen my mother came to my room and decided to sleep with me at that night. My brother always slept with me. So we three decided to sleep together at that night. As a every girl, it was a sleepless night for me thinking about the headshave. I somehow managed to get the time passed. I woke up early as everyday. My mother again call me and said “You have to shave today as you don’t get time tomorrow as pooja should begin early in the morning”. I agreed to her with half minded. By seeing me in half minded, my brother again approached me. I never hide anything to my brother so I said this matter to him. He was also shocked by hearing this. He begged to my father and mother to not to shave my head. But they refused. He was a strong fan of my hair. He used to comb my hair often. I had a very long, thick hair upto my hip.


By 2pm in the afternoon, my father and my mother came to my room. They again said this to me and tried to make me confident. Then my mother said ” Appa, will shave your head right now, get ready for the shave”. I requested a thing to them ” Amma, Appa I had a deep request. Please allow me to shave my head myself in my room itself, please allow me.” After sometime of my request they accepted my request. My father gave me the trimmer to shave. I collected it from my father. I call my brother along with me for a confident and locked my room’s door. My room is a bath attached room, so I decided to shave at the bathroom. In bathroom their was already a mirror. I took scissors, trimmer and a shaving set. Then I sat on my bed for atleast 10 minutes and gained my maximum confidence. My brother was along with me at that time. He hold my hand tight , which gave me more confidence. Finally I decided to shave. I took off my earings and stand in front of the mirror to shave. I tried to turn on the trimmer but it was not working. I call my mother and said about the problem. After looking at it she answered ,”Ooh ! It is damaged”. “I will shave your head with the razor” she added. I agreed. My mother used to be our baber since our childhood. She cut our hair since we were children.


She went to her room and came back with a straight razor. She placed a chair in the bathroom and asked me to sit. I sat on the chair, then she covered my body with a cloth. Then she seperated my hair into two section from the middle. Then she took the blade and broke it into two pieces and placed one piece in the razor. Then she came to my backside and placed the razor in the middle of my head. She asked ” Are You Ready ?”. I replied positively with a scattered voice. She begun to shave. I felt the cool air hitting my bald head. She finished shaving within 15 minutes. NOW I AM BALD. I still don’t know how I survived that day by crying. Next Day came , I wake up early and done the pooja.


(Their is another headshave, after this incident , I will be written on next time)


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