Headshave for a student

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I have always been a good student all my life. I am currently in 11th grade and last year my parents did something drastic.

I vividly remember the day I got the ‘big chop’.before my shave I had hair till my butt and cherished it.

Just as soon as my 9th standard got over my father bought Me to his barbershop, I was very confused as to why we are there. I asked him,” Papa, why are we here?”

He replied,” To shave your head”

I wanted to protest but he pushed me onto the barber’s chair and he told the barber

“iska pura sir saaf kardo ek baal nahin baachna chahiye”(shave her head really smooth, no hair should be left on her head)

Hearing that I started to cry but had no choice. I had heard stories of my cousins getting short hair during boards. They are kept with short hair or bald for 3 years

I began to cry as the barber sectioned my head in 2 ponytails

My father said “This is the last time you will have such long hair for a long time”

hearing this I become even sadder.

The barber used a straight razor (ustra) to shave me. In 5 minutes half of my head was shaved.

then in another 5mins, I was completely bald. All my hair was lying on the floor. I couldn’t understand just for some marks why was I shaved like a baby, If you saw me from behind you would think I was a boy. Many men there were laughing at me

My father checked my head and told the barber to make it smoother. after about half an hour we went home. On the way, I felt like people were staring at me. the wind hit my bald head And I felt cool.

My mother saw it but wasn’t shocked. Instead, she told me that she was anyways tired of combing my long hair and now that I was gonna be bald for 3–4 years is a big relief to her

I was shaved every week

and I am still shaved to this day

My father says I will be shaved until my 12th boards are over

I have accepted my bald head now. It feels very cool, but It is difficult being a girl with no hair. I waiting for my 12th board to be over so I can re-grow my hair

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