Heat filled boat day

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“You know if you didn’t have that long of hair you wouldn’t be so hot and sweaty” Emily told Hayley while pulling the anchor up.

“I know, you always say that right as I start to complain about being hot”

“Atleast put it in a ponytail or something, If you were really that annoyed you’d cut it off. But I don’t see that happening”

“What do you mean by that?” Hayley asked as she started the boat motor.

“Exactly what I said. If you were really bothered by it you would cut it, but instead all you do is complain about it”

Hayley didn’t reply, she never wanted to cut her hair, after all that’s what got all of her lovers attention. She’s always had the same beautiful and thick hair for years. Never cut more than an inch off. Always the same sun bleached blonde as well.

Her hair hung down to her waist, hiding her perfect body. Only when she put her hair up or braided it, would her goddess like body show.

Everytime Hayley and Emily took the boat out, she wore a revealing turquoise bikini set that showed off her money makers. The turquoise paired well with her tan complexion, making all her gorgeous features pop.

Emily was a bobbed brunette with an above average looking body. Her best weapon was her tits.

Emily was consistent with hair appointments. Once a month she would go to her hairstylist and have her bob trimmed and maintained an inch above her shoulders. Sometimes cutting it up to her chin. She hated the heat, and loved how easy and light it was.

The two women ran the boat to a local dolphin hot spot. Hayley pulled out some watermelon and pineapple. Their staple snack when out on the boat.

Hayley started to brush out all of the knots in her hair. Struggling to pull the brush through as she got halfway down.

“I don’t get how my hair always gets so tangled and knotted up. Like it makes no sense.”

Emily said nothing and just gave her a side eye while munching on some pineapple.

“Omg It’s so hot out today. Why did we pick such a hot day to go out on the boat?” Hayley asked the unamused Emily who started digging through the compartment under the center console.

Emily pulled out a pair of scissors and tossed them onto Hayley’s lap.

“Either you’re gonna cut your hair yourself or I am.” She said with a stern and dominating tone.

Hayley looked down at the scissors then back up at emily with a confused look spread across her face.

“Wha-what do you mean?”

“I’m tired of you complaining on how hot it is. You need it cut.”

“What? I can’t cut my hair!”

“Fine. Stand up. Turn around.”

Hayley stood up while feeling uneasy.

“You aren’t really going to cut it right?”

Emily didn’t respond. She stood up and grabbed the scissors. She then pulled Hayley’s hair tie off her wrist and gathered her hair in her hands.

Emily fastened Hayley’s waist length tresses into a low ponytail. The hair tie set right at the start of her neck.

“You better only be cutting off like an inch.”

“Yea well see about that”

Emily pulled her ponytail down causing Hayley’s head to told back.

“This is what happens when all you do is complain” she whispered in Hayley’s ear.

She relieved the pressure and held the scissors up two inches above the hair tie.

Emily started hacking away at her treasured ponytail. Every snip sending little shocks of fear raging down Hayley’s spine.

“You can not be fucking serious right now”

Hayley couldn’t even hear if Emily responded. All she could hear were the scissors severing her hair.

As she kept cutting more and more, Hayley started to feel the resulting length tickling her skin slightly below her nape.

She was in shock and didn’t realize Emily was cutting the remaining hair still attaching her sun bleached ponytail to her head.

Following the last cut, was a dull thud of Hayley’s lifeless hair being tossed onto the deck of the boat.

Hayley stood there in shock looking down at her feet where her prized hair lay.

Emily ran her fingers into Hayley’s heavily shortened mane and shaking her hair out.

Hayley’s head felt immensely lighter, her new hair laying right at her chin, circling around to her hair line on her nape.

“There. Maybe next time you won’t complain how hot it is.”

Hayley stuttered before she could even say anything.

“You cut it so fucking short!” Hayley squeezed out.

“Yea and you look a hell of a lot better now don’t you?”

Hayley shook her head around feeling her new haircut swishing along her cheeks.

She never felt a feeling like this before. From her hair bobbing around everytime she moved, to the feeling of no hair running down her back or covering her breasts.

There was nothing for her to hide behind anymore. Nothing to hide her goddess like body.

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