The Heat Makes a Great Excuse

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They say that sisters do everything together, and that was especially true of the Cecily and Beth Markham. The two, who were only separated by a paltry couple of years, were inseparable and had even started to develop the same mannerisms.

It was summer time now, and the south Florida weather was getting to be extremely hot. In fact, their region was going through a hot streak like no other, which had people staying indoors as much as possible, and trying to avoid being in the sunlight for too long while out and about. For two girls who loved the beach, this simply meant more reason to get out in their bikinis and enjoy the ocean. At least, that was their first thought.

Beth was the first one to complain about the unbearable heat after a long day of swimming and tanning, saying that she was sick of the humidity and wished it would go away. Her first reason was what it was doing to her long, dark brown hair, which rested below her breasts and was often used to hide them. The heat, she also added, was making having long hair unbearable.

As someone who had become incredibly attached to her hair, and treated it as sort of a security blanket, this talk concerned the younger Cecily, who had just finished high school and always looked up to her older, college-enrolled sister.

“I know the feeling, but you love your hair. What are you getting at?” She asked.

The reply that came next was stark and calculated, and made it seem as if her sister had been thinking about this for more than just a couple of minutes.

“The weather isn’t going to change for quite some time, they say, and I’d rather be happy and comfortable than worry about dealing with this long hair anymore.”

She continued: “Plus, my friend Jessica told me about how she recently chopped off her hair, and how liberating it was. She donated her ponytail to charity, and it helped give kids with cancer wigs to wear.”

What came out of Cecily’s mouth next surprised her older sister, because instead of trying to talk her out of her brainwave, the younger Markham sister agreed wholeheartedly and said she’d tag along. Hell, maybe she’d be brave enough to let go of her security blanket, which she had been growing since their mom made them get bobs at the end of the seventh grade.

The day was winding down, but the girls knew that if they hurried they could make it to their friend’s mother’s salon in town. So, they picked up their stuff, discreetly put their bikinis tops back on, and headed the five minutes home.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Asked Cecily, as they finished showering and got dressed.

“Yes. I’m sick of dealing with this long hair, and it might as well go to a good cause, instead of me chopping it off and throwing it out in a fit of rage.”

“Okay,” the younger sister said. “Let’s go. Emily’s will close in just over an hour.”

Upon getting to the salon, the girls met their friend, Sarah, who was there helping her mom with the tills. She greeted them in the usual way, then asked why they were there. When she received her answer, the shock was palpable.

“But you both have such beautiful, long hair. And it’s so healthy-looking. Why would you want to get rid of it now, after looking after it for so many years? It’s the envy of our school.”

Even this concern didn’t stop Beth from wanting to chop her long hair, and it started to seem as if she was riding on some sort of high. It was almost as if she’d been wanting to do this for quite some time, and was just now getting over the fear of going through with it. At least, the fear of saying she wanted to do it.

“Who’s first?” came a call from near the chairs, where one of the junior stylists was sitting, texting in her chair.

“It was my idea, and I’m not even sure if my sister is willing to do it yet,” replied Beth, and it wasn’t long before she had positioned herself, and her cute, shorts and t-shirt outfit, in Heather’s chair.

“Okay. If you say, so,” replied the stylist, as she pulled out a pink, leopard print cape and secured it around the young woman’s neck while holding her gorgeous long brown hair.

“Let’s do this. I’m sick of waiting,” came the reply.

This was the longest hair that Heather had ever cut off, and she wanted to savour it. However, she knew that her client was getting impatient due to excitement, and did her best to make the required ponytail quickly.

The stylist then pumped the chair so that it was at a good level, before grabbing her favourite shears.

“Here goes nothing!” she exclaimed.

And, with that, Beth’s long hair, which had been with her for years and had helped her become the target of many a boy’s eye, was chopped to just below her shoulder blades.

The reaction that came from those who looked one was that of shock and disbelief, because they still couldn’t believe what was happening.
Beth, herself, was quite excited by what had happened, and shook her head from side to side as soon as the ponytail had been removed. She wasn’t done there, either, as all of this excitement had led her to realize that she’d been dreaming about cutting her hair short for quite some time. Not shoulder length short, but actual short.

She quickly produced a picture she’d had on her phone for a couple of months, and showed it to the stylist. It showed the image of actress Mandy Moore, whose pixie cut made her look both beautiful and radiant.

“I want to go shorter. Can we do that?” she asked Heather, and the junior stylist shook her head yes.

After a break to thoroughly wash and then rinse her now much shorter hair, Beth was lead back to the chair and the cape was put back around her neck. This time it was much easier, though, because there wasn’t much hair left to hold up and out of the way.

What happened next seemed like a dream, as Heather quickly got to work, sectioning Beth’s still gorgeous hair.

First, she combed it out, before moving her scissors into the fray and chopping off several more inches of hair, which tumbled down onto Beth’s shoulders and then onto the floor. Some stragglers stuck, and Cecily grabbed a couple to play with as she struggled with thoughts about maybe going shorter, herself.

As more hair was cut, a beautiful, chin-length bob started to emerge. It fit the girl perfectly, but simply wasn’t enough.

“Shorter!” she said.

Next came the spray bottle, which wetted the short hair virgin’s shining glory, before Heather started to cut closer to the nape. It was then, with all sorts of hair snippets littering the pink cape, that the pixie started to take form. It showed even more once the nape was mostly finished and clippers were brought out to edge and even up the nape of Beth’s neck.

After that, Heather worked on the front of Beth’s hair, as her trimmed and clippered nape looked kind of weird in juxtaposition with the chin length hair that hung around her face.

Snip went the scissors, over and over again, as more hair tumbled downward. Heather felt a rush, and Beth, realizing that her dream was coming true, started to feel a bit of a flushed sensation.

In just a few minutes, the college girl was shorn and looked like a completely new person. Gone was her once very long hair, and in its place was a beautiful, choppy pixie cut that framed her face perfectly. Although it was short, the girl had ideas of going shorter, but kept them to herself. She was honestly saddened by the fact that it was all over, but couldn’t wait to show her friends. Not only that, but she was hoping that her younger sister would also take the plunge.

After that, the cape was removed and different sized snippets of brown hair went everywhere.

“Wow, Beth. You look beautiful,” stated Sarah.

“Yeah, sis. It suits you perfectly,” replied a stunned Cecily.

All Beth wanted to say was what came out of her mouth next.

“Which one of you is going to get in the chair next?”

To be continued

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