Heather Loses a Bet and Gets A Visit to the Barbershop

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At John Quincy Adams Middle and High School, a 10th Grade girl had become the most popular person in the school their long Rapunzel-like hair.


They often persuaded guys to do whatever they wanted, which made their girlfriends jealous.


The girl’s name was Heather, who had full breasts; slim figure, expensive clothes and had ankle-length curly ginger hair. Despite her popularity, she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed: She skipped classes, got to school late, and sometimes didn’t do their work.


One day, another 10th Grade girl named Lizzie, who had a shaggy, brunette pixie haircut wanted to sit with her at Lunch, but she laughed at her and refused. Lizzie decided to try something devious. She said that her old-school’s football team, the Wolves was going to play their school, the Raptors tonight and wanted to make a bet. Lizzie said that if her old-school won, she would go with her tomorrow afternoon to where she got her hair done. If her school won, she got to pick her next haircut.


Heather was a bit anxious but made the deal.


Later that night, the game’s final score was: Wolves 24- Raptors 10. Lizzie said she’ll meet her in front of the school after the final bell.


The next afternoon, Lizzie drove her car with the Heather to a small old-school barbershop. The sign says, “General Morrison’s Unisex Barbershop”. She was shaken up a bit but went inside.


The inside had three old-school barber chairs facing away from the mirror. The walls were a deep blue color, and the floors were checkerboard colors.

Two of the three barbers had someone in their chairs: An 8th Grade boy getting a Short Back and Sides by Mr. Willis, a 60-year-old barber who served in the Cold War; and a 7th Grade girl getting a Fauxhawk w/Bangs by Mark, a 36-year-old barber who ran the shop for the last decade. The third barber was Sam Morrison, the son of Gen. Morrison who passed away a year ago. He worked with his dad to become a military barber and then started working in his shop after his passing.


Lizzie greeted Morrison and told him about the bet she made. Morrison chuckled and asked if he should choose. Lizzie said yes, but she needed to be cleaned up first. He agreed and Lizzie sat down, while Morrison wrapped a strip around her neck and put a red-and-white pinstriped cape around her to prevent hair from falling on her clothes. Lizzie asked for a half-inch Butch Cut.


Morrison took his Wahl Clippers and put the #2 guard on. He combed a section of hair, turned the chair towards the waiting area and started on Lizzie’s left side. Her short hair fell to the ground and Morrison turned the chair to get the back and right sides of Lizzie head.

Morrison took of the #2 guard and put on the #4 guard. He went from the top of her nape to her forehead. Pass after pass, Lizzie’s hair became shorter by the second. Finally, Morrison used a small set of clippers to clean up her back and around the ears.

He turned her around and showed her the back. She smiled and was uncapped.


Morrison asked for his next customer. He pointed to Heather and she sat in the chair. Heather put her arms on the cold, metal armrests, while her legs were slightly crossed. She was turned away from the mirror and had a strip of tissue put around her neck. However, Morrison put a camouflage-colored cape around her instead of the pinstriped one that Lizzie had.


Heather’s hair was draped over her covered body. She got afraid Morrison was going to give her a bowl cut or a mullet. Morrison pumped the chair up several times so Heather would be nervous.


Heather’s long mane was sprayed down with water until it was wet. Morrison turned Heather towards the window, he then took out a pair of 10” heavy-duty scissors and a handled-comb. He started to comb out the long hair and then used the Cut-Over-Comb method on Heather, which was hard because Heather’s hair was very thick. However, Morrison was able to get around this by using his foot to turn the chair while he was working. Large strands and chunks were taken off, leaving various lengths on the front and sides of the cape, as well as her canvas sneakers. This left an unaware Heather scared about the amount of hair he took off.


Morrison put down the scissors, picked up his Oster 76 clippers and put the #4 guard on it. He pointed Heather towards the window once again and started to shave her left side rather quickly. Large clumps bounced onto the cape and onto the floor below. Morrison started to slowly turn Heather away from the window as he went to the right side and back to quickly shave her down. More hair had rained down from the fast-moving motions that Morrison was using on Heather’s head.


After finishing the sides and back, Morrison put the clippers near her forehead and pushed it forwards toward the remaining long hair on her crown to become short stubble. He then took the #4 guard off the clippers and put the #3 guard on to create a fade from the middle of Heather’s forehead level to eye level and he did the same with the #2 guard from eye level to her neck.


Finally, Morrison used the straight razor to cleans up the back, sides and around her ears. After that, he brushed the hair off and turned Heather towards the mirror.

Morrison had a small, handheld mirror so Heather could see the back. She was shocked her hair was reduced to a Shaved Pixie with a Fade. But, after looking at it for a few seconds, Heather started to like her short hair.


Morrison asked if she wanted any wax to keep it up for a bit spikiness or down to create a Short, Pointed Bang. Heather thought about it and said said spiky. Morrison took the tube of wax and the comb he used to create the short, thorn-like spikes on her crown.


Heather was lowered down and uncapped. She then thanked Lizzie and Morrison, paid her share and left the barbershop.


The two girls went to Lizzie’s house to do their work for the night, quickly became fast friends and even girlfriends once they entered 11th Grade. Heather’s friends would not believe what she’d look like when they see her at school tomorrow.

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