Hedwig buffs

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When the shop opened, she had only one style. People say she should broaden her horizons to draw in more customers, she refuses every time. This was her shop.

Being in the direction of a large neighborhood and their only school, not to mention but there was an arcade nearby, Miss Hedwig Nickels saw her fair share of heads full of hair. She liked to see them walk by, maybe they would take a look inside and, if she was damn lucky, a teen might want to get a taste of her talents.But for the time, she only gets regulars and must wait for a new face.

The bell above the door chimes.

A new face, a new girl.Brown hair in two braids, dang, and the straight fringe: she’s gorgeous. Hedwig was smart, methodical, she may have to convince the lass into the chair. Or she may want a job, who knows?

”Hello”,she shyly greets the hairdresser.

“Morning, evening, and afternoon”,the lady smiles with a genuine smile.

”I hear you cut hair”, she can’t even look directly at Hedwig’s face. She didn’t blame her.It takes guts to walk in here.

”The best”,beamed the composed barber lady,”You know I only do one style”

“That’s fine by me”,the new girl,Roselyn, blushed,”I like that bout you”

”I like that you’re open to it”,Hedwig takes the lead and seats her client. She drew open a drawer and drew from it a cape of Navy Blue: her favorite color.

”So, how did you find your style?”Roselyn asked as she folded up her glasses and covered them with her hand on her lap.

”I like to be transparent with my customers”,a motherly hand uncovered the eyewear and gently put them in a case on a mantle,”I like it when my customers are transparent with me”

Her smile received a smile from the girl. A recap of highschool life passed the time as the cape was buttoned up and one braid was in the crossblades of the sharp shearers.No backing out.

One, two braids were lifted off the teen’s short hair.The caped girl ruffled such a short cut and maybe she should’ve stopped there.But she was committed and there was only one style.

Hedwig handle the clippers with a flair of a devoted actor to his craft. She had seen one shaved head, seen them a million times, but each time, her desire to see one more grows.A number couldn’t exactly give this girl justice, her head being shaved is just art; a priceless experience.

Clippers up the back of her head, clippers up her sides, then they turn down her crown and make the length even.Short, short, short; but she really isn’t done.Her fringe still hangs low over her eyes.Rest assured, it will fall.

”Give me a smile”,the barber asks for.

It was so cute, so innocent. Her smile was like a walk alongside the peer.Baldness will surely rival the sun in its brightness.

Fingers wave the fringe from her face,”Let’s keep going”

”Please”,she replied.

White cream spread on her head like soft butter, a hot towel and another coat of cream prepared her for a smooth shave. Hedwig summoned her razor blade and swiped down Roselyn’s head.More blushing and she was shaved, except for the fringe.

That, she took the razor to also, brown strands are whittled away like stray. She rains them atop her customer’s little head.If shaking won’t dislodge them, the barber will dust her off.When she couldn’t whittle no more, the shaver woman scraped off the outliers to make all the head look the same: clean and bare.

”This is just an option”,Hedwig started.

”Do it”,the baldgirl asked for it.

”Daring little one”

”I’m almost eighteen and nothing is stopping me, not even me”, she tells her barber as the back is lowered, almost to a laying position.

”Full or partial?”

”Whatever you may”,she consented.

With her in position, eyes closed, the razor begins to swipe right then left.Brush off the strays and open a drawer.Pinch and take, one after the other, she may well with tears so dab them away and keep going.

When it’s done, Hedwig put her back up into a sit and let her inspect.Her choice seemed to be the best option for her.No hair but still the style was not done. A dollop of wax was spread across her head and a towel neatly shrouds it.



Working like a machine, the towel vibrates up down the baldgirl’s head. The high of it all, so exhilarating. Soon, a cueball comes live.

She catches her breath and loves herself for it all. Hedwig shook off all the shorn hair from the cape and neatly put it back.Smiling, she takes the glasses from the case and gives her client the ability to see herself for the first time.


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