Heidi H, the sexy barber

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My husband Glen always seems to be checking out women with really long hair. Over the years I have noticed it. He doesn’t seem to care about just mid-back length hair, even if the woman is drop dead gorgeous. I have always kept mine nearly to my waist, as I am afraid he would not look at me the same if it were shorter.

The peculiar thing is that his hair, over the past two years, has become shorter and shorter each 4-6 months or so. He does not realize I even notice, but I often see him running his hand up the back of his head each time he gets his hair cut. Over the past two haircuts, in particular, I’ve noticed him almost obsessed with feeling the back of his head when he gets a haircut. So, after the second time he got a haircut and started feeling his head with his hand, I decided he must like it so I would start checking out his cut. I figured that if he likes that feeling, he may like me doing it!

I started off just running my hand up the back of his head as I stood behind him while he was cutting vegetables getting ready to cook supper. He’d almost moan, and say, “oh my gosh that feels good!” So, I tried it when we were making love. I’d constantly keep running one hand up, then the other, switching off one after the other, constantly running my hands up the back of his head. He responded very well, as his orgasms became much more powerful!

One night during dinner, after he’d gotten his haircut that day, I asked him why he had decided to get his hair cut shorter and shorter over the past couple of years. He said that he had always wanted to try shorter hair but never dared. He said that it got to the point where he felt it was quite short, and on an occasion where he went in to get it cut to the same ‘short’ cut as he’d had the previous two cuts, he had said to Heidi that he was really liking his hair short. He said that at that point he had been asking for a number 5 guard clipper in the back, and scissored on the sides. He said that Heidi misinterpreted him and thought he meant that him saying he liked his hair shorter, that she was to cut it shorter!

Glen said that during that haircut Heidi had for the first time used clippers on both the back AND sides. He had been getting a number 5 in the back, and scissored on the sides. But when he said he was liking it shorter, she used a number 4 in the back AND the sides. “I was scared to death when she clipper cut my hair on the sides, and the difference in the back between a 5 and 4 was quite noticeable,” he said.

I mean a number 4 haircut is not really all that short as far as most short cuts go,” he said. “But a couple of cuts later she took it upon herself to a number 3.” I was so amazed at how much shorter a 3 was than a 4! I couldn’t believe it.”

It’s kind of embarrassing honey,” he said. “But I have this fascination with getting my hair cut now!” “Please don’t say anything to your friends, or anything.” “It’s just kind of a turn on for me.”

Well that was no surprise to me, because every time he got his haircut, over love making became double the pleasure for at least a week! He said that there was something arousing about Heidi having control over him cutting his hair. He’d say, “she has complete control over how I’m going to look when she lets me up from that chair.” And he said, “some day I’d like to go in there and tell her to just cut my hair as short as she wants to on the sides and back, but leave some length on the top.” “I’d be like telling her to take complete control over me.”

Why don’t you do it,” I asked. He looked at me with amazement. “You think I should?” he said.

If it would arouse you, I’d be all for it,” I replied.

He never said anything more. I thought that someday he’d come home with a super short clipper haircut, but he didn’t. Well, until the day I helped him out with it.

He had been telling me that Heidi left the salon, and that the new woman, Michelle, just kept cutting it with a number 3 every time, no questions asked, and even if he said cut it shorter she still used a number 3. He went on to say there was another woman who had just rented the other chair in the salon, another woman named Heidi. He called her Heidi H., so that I could differentiate between the two Heidi’s.

I really want to try Heidi H,” he said. She’s about the same age as you.” “I think she might cut my hair shorter if I asked, “he said. “Because I’ve watched her cut other men’s hair while I’ve been waiting for Michelle. “She seems very skilled, and takes her time with the clippers,” he said. I like her. “You should see her hair!” he said. You should get your haircut like hers. I wondered what her hair must look like. It must be longer than even my waist length hair I thought.

I could tell that Glen was really, really absorbed into this haircut fetish! He watches how other hairstylists cut people’s hair, he notices if they take their time, etc. So I said, “Well why don’t you go to Heidi H?”

He hesitated and said, “because I don’t want to offend Michelle.” I loved
Glen, partly because he was so sensitive to other people’s feelings. I tried to think of a way that he could get Heidi H to cut his hair without offending Michelle. I told him I had a plan.

The next day I went to the salon when I noticed that Michelle’s pickup truck was not there, only a black jeep. I assumed the Jeep was Heidi H’s. I entered the small two chair salon, it was empty, except for a woman sitting in the barber chair reading a magazine. I immediately thought, oh this is someone else, not Heidi H.

I figured that if I asked for the gift certificate for Glen for Heidi H to cut his hair, that maybe this woman could at least sell it to me now and he could give it to Heidi H when he came in.  Surely this lady would sell a certificate for someone else who worked in the salon with her.

I wanted to buy a haircut gift certificate for my husband, I said.” “Is there a stylist here named Heidi H? “My co-worker Greg says he gets his haircut from Heidi H and I noticed his haircut looked so nice, I thought I’d buy a certificate for my husband Glen from Heidi.” “Can you help me with that?”

She smiled pleasantly and got up and started to fill out a gift certificate. “How much will it be for?” she said. I asked her how much a standard haircut costs, so I said, “the standard price plus ten dollars.” I paid her and thanked her so much for helping me. She just said “thanks!”

Oh, does Michelle take a routine day off during the week?” I asked.

The lady said that Michelle takes every Wednesday off, and that I take every Thursday off. “Oh, good to know I said.” I continued, “does Heidi take a regular day off during the week?” She said, “yes, I take every Monday off.” It took me sometime to register what she said. “oh, wait, YOU are Heidi?” I said. “Yup, I’m Heidi,” she smiled. “So your husband can come in any day except Monday.

I was so taken aback. This woman had super short, black hair. In the back anyway. It was shaved with clippers in the back pretty high up, and inverted downward covering her ears on the sides, with pretty, wispy bangs. “Oh, yes,, I’m sorry Heidi, I didn’t know who you were.” “it’s just that I wanted for my husband to have someone else cut his hair. Not that Michelle does a bad job, it’s just that…” She cut me off, “I get it she said, no worries, I won’t say anything to Michelle. Just make sure Glen does not come in on a day other than Wednesday or she will be here!” “Is she not taking her time when she cuts it?” she asked.

I told her that Glen said he thought Michelle hurried through his haircut and sometimes didn’t really cut it short enough. “No worries,” Heidi said. I can take my time, and I can cut it shorter if you want.” “yes, that’d be great,” I said upon exiting.

That night I gave Glen the haircut gift certificate. “There, you don’t have to worry that Michelle will be upset if someone else cuts your hair. You can tell her I gave you a certificate for Heidi to cut your hair!”

He smiled. “Good idea,” he said. “I can get Heidi H to cut it.”

I went on to say, “So one time you said you liked Heidi H’s haircut?”

Yes, I do like it,” he said. “What do you think,” he asked

It’s pretty darn short Glen!” “I thought you liked long hair?”

I have always liked long hair,” he said. “But recently with this enthusiasm for getting my own hair cut short, has made me realize, many women look incredible with short hair!” “Again, it’s embarrassing, but it’s really a new thing for me. I seem to be attracted to women with hair cut like Heidi H’s. Please don’t judge me, or think anything less of me, it’s just kind of a new found interest.”

Well, Glen, my hair has never, ever been shorter than Mid-back length. I don’t think I could go that short.”

OH, i’m not asking you to,” he said. I still love your long hair, it’s just that now I also have a fascination with short hair like Heidi H’s!”

Thank you for the certificate, hon.” I can’t wait for Heidi H to cut my hair! I like her, and I love her haircut, and I think she can do a good job cutting mine!”

The next Wednesday Glen came home from work with the new ‘Heidi H’ haircut. He said, “wow, I didn’t realize she was going to cut it this short honey!” There’s an incredible difference from a number 3 cut to a number 1. I can’t believe how this feels in back and on the sides. She just took it upon herself to cut it much shorter!” I remembered telling her he might like it shorter.

The way he was stroking his hand up the back of his head I thought he was going to have an orgasm right there in the kitchen! I asked him to turn around so I could see the back. I thought, “wow, that’s not a number 1 at the nape and up a few inches, that’s a zero, bald cut, up to a 1, to a 2, to a 3 at the crown. “That looks AMAZING,” I said, as I ran my fingers up the back of his head. “I know, right?” he said, as he ran his fingers up the back of his head as I stopped doing it.

Thank you for the haircut gift certificate babe,” he said. I would not have gone to Heidi H if you had not done that.” “Can you get me another certificate?” he said with a grin. I had it in intention to run right to Heidi tomorrow to get him another one! I loved his hair!

It felt so incredible to have her cutting my hair,” he said. I kept looking at her haircut while she was doing it, and imagining the clippers cutting her hair. She is really sexy.” He realized he’d said something he shouldn’t. “But not as sexy as you babe!” he said. We went upstairs and he redeemed himself for that statement.

He had an amazing orgasm as did I. I stroked the back of his bristled hair, and he seemed focused on the back of my nape this time. He kissed it many times, and ran his fingers over my nape.

I began to think, “i might need to get my nape clipper cut like Heidi H’s.

Heidi H.   Heidi H the sexy barber.  Even I thought she was sexy! That’s all I could think of for the next couple of weeks. Should I go see her for a haircut? Should I stop in with the excuse of getting Glen a certificate and then proceed to get my own haircut from waist lenght to something shorter?  Even clipper cut like hers in the back.  I couldn’t do that, could I?  Time will tell.




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