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As far as I can determine my haircutting fetish started when I was young, which was during a time when boys having long hair was cool and short hair was not cool by any means.

As much as I wanted to have “cool rock star-looking long hair” my parents had me buzzed every summer as soon as school was out.

I remember the exciting feeling of the last day of school, the fact that I would be free for two months to sleep late and do whatever I wanted to do when I wanted with no homework or studying. But to kill my happiness my mom would be waiting in the parking lot to pick me up even though we lived within quick walking distance from the school. Just seeing mom in the parking lot immediately told me that I was being taken to the local barber shop (or butcher shop as my friends and I called it) for my summer shave.

Now as an adult I have a good career and good friends, one of my closest friends David went to barber school and worked at a respected unisex salon in the big city nearby to prepare him for taking over his families barbershop and salon that his grandfather started, and his father ran until he decided to retire. David updated the inside to be a modern unisex place that is popular and frequented by both men and women.

David and I also enjoy giving back and helping the community, we both volunteer at the local shelter giving out meals to the needy and helping at food drives collecting and stocking donations of food, clothing, and general supplies to be given to those in need.

One early hot summer when all predications were pointing to an extraordinarily hot season David posed an opportunity to Shirley the shelter’s director, that he would volunteer his barbering services to everyone that frequented the facility and give them a free summer haircut.

After some discussion of logistics, they decided that it would be more practical that he would come to the facility and offer some form of a basic buzzcut to the patrons who frequented the shelter.

The anticipation of patrons looking to be relieved of their hair for the hot upcoming summer, or needy parents looking to have their sons receive a free summer haircut seemed like it would be a hugely successful event for the shelter.

As the signup sheet for the breakfast and haircut event filled up quickly with more responses than expected, David realized that he needed another barber to help him and after talking to his counterparts in the business he found that no other shop had any extra personnel available to help.

“You could be my second barber,” David said convincingly to me as a last resort.

“Me, a second barber”? I asked astonishingly sensing that he was getting desperate for help with the knowledge that his proposed haircut event had elicited more interest than he anticipated.

“I don’t have any experience cutting hair as you do.” I protested when David first proposed that I be his second barber for the event that he organized but underestimated the interest.

“It’s easy, the cuts we’ll be giving are basic all-over buzzcuts, they can only pick a guard length and that’s what they’ll get on their whole head,” David reassured me, and somehow my inner fetish secretly convinced me that I would enjoy shaving heads for charity.

The day of the event arrived and after watching online videos of head shaving (which admittedly I had been doing for a long time) I settled on the technique that I would use to fake my way through posing as an assistant barber.

We set up two chairs and organized a line that the patrons of the shelter filed into for a free haircut.

I admittedly fumbled through my first few haircuts until I found a rhythm as David was clearly the professional as he systematically and efficiently mowed the hair off of everyone that got into his chair.

After about 30 minutes of cutting, I was gaining confidence and focus and getting to a decent pace.

My focus was distracted when I glanced at the line and noted that the next in line was a young boy whose mother was standing outside the line supporting her son through to a summer haircut. To my complete shock, behind the boy was a tall, slender woman with long legs, and what appeared to be a fit body, she had long blonde hair with well-done highlights that seemed to have been growing out and untouched for months which gave the impression that she once had expensively well-maintained hair that had been let go for quite a while.

I looked at David and he was about halfway through a number #2 cut on a middle-aged man who was smiling at the feel of being relieved of heavy unkempt hair.

I was more than halfway done shearing a man in his late twenties that asked for a number #1 buzzcut and repeatedly thanked me for the free haircut. As I was cutting he elaborated how he was going to be traveling to the south to try and get back to his original home in Florida and hoped to find better shelter with his family he has not seen in a while. I slowed the pace on the man and watched his sandy blonde curls fall to the floor as David sheared his victim with the sternness that he showed even towards me when I got a haircut at his shop.

My ploy worked because David finished shaving the customer that was in his chair and was so focused that he did not pay any attention to my pace or the current shave that I was fumbling to complete.

As his last cut was completed and left the chair, the young boy that was next in line was summoned to be David’s next shearing. The boy’s mother from outside the line spoke to David and asked, “Please give him a good shave for the summer, maybe number #1”. The boy gave a harsh scowl towards his mother as he obviously did not want to be buzzed down as short as his mother had directed. David nodded to the mother and quickly mowed a clean path down the center of the boy’s head.

My attention turned from David’s young reluctant victim and I quickened the pace to finish the cut I had been unattentively working on and hustled him out of my chair and finally was able to focus on the tall long legged blonde woman that was now at the front of the line.

“Next” I called trying to sound calm and control my intrigue of this strikingly tall, pretty woman that was in line for a free buzz cut in a homeless shelter.

The woman seemed sure of herself as she walked directly to my chair without pause. As she approached my chair she swiftly and graciously took off the jacket that was covering her upper body and I was even more taken by her tall, shapely form. She sat down with a resolve that showed willingness and a lack of hesitation.

“Hi, my name is Bruce how are you today?” I said trying to give a smile that I regretfully had not displayed to anyone else during the haircutting.

“Hi, I’m Candace,” she said simply without making eye contact and kept her head down.

“You do know that we are only giving short clipper cuts today right?”

“Yes, I know that.” She answered again shortly without elaborating.

I struggled to engage more conversation as I noticed her high cheekbones and bright blue eyes that showed a beautiful woman under the unmaintained long highlighted hair, I also took note of her clothes that were obviously not cheap but had signs of wear and had not been washed for a while.

Surrendering to her lack of conversation, I went ahead with focusing on the haircut. I reached under her thick hair to tie a neck tissue around her neck and covered her with a cape that had the name of David’s shop on it. I again had to reach under her hair to snap the cape and noticed the volume and weight of her hair.

“Ok, so what kind of haircut are you looking for?.”

“It all has to go” Candace replied confidently and without emotion or eye contact.

“All?” I responded refraining my surprise towards this intriguing woman who asked me to take all of her beautiful long blonde hair away.

“I hate to pry but you have beautiful hair, you want to shave it all off?.”

She hesitated, bit her lip, and took a deep breath which told me that this was a decision that I should not ask further about. “Yes please sir, I just can’t take care of it anymore and it reminds me of my past and why I’m now here so it has to come off.”

I noticed her eyes tearing up as she spoke so I decided to stop talking and give her what she wanted.

“Very well miss, I apologize again for prying, do you know what size guard you want?”

“No guard” she responded quickly and assuredly.

I dismissed any inclination to discuss this further with her and picked up the clippers on the makeshift table behind the chair and removed the guard from the machine. I was strangely and slightly aroused at the opportunity to shave a woman’s head from mid-back length to a zero buzzcut.

I had procrastinated enough. I flipped the switch and the machine jumped to life with a loud buzzing hum, I held the clippers with no attachment at her forehead less than an inch from her thick blonde hair.

“Ready?” I asked quietly.

“Yes,” Candace answered quickly.

Without any further hesitation, I pushed the clippers towards the center of her forehead and noticed the change in the tone of the motor as they fought the resistance of her thick blonde hair, but my worries about the machine were quickly suppressed when I saw the white strip that was quickly left behind the clippers as long full-length hair start falling straight to the floor.

She closed her eyes and let a slight moan slip from her lips, then must have realized that I may have heard her, and opened her eyes and looked embarrassingly at me, but I pretended that I didn’t hear or notice her looking at me.

After the first white strip at the top middle of her head was done I brought the clippers back to the front and mowed another clean path, I repeated this front to back shaving across the top of her head as the rest of her hair on the top of her head slid gracefully to the floor.

When the top of her head was reduced to stubble, I moved to her left side and placed the clippers at the bottom of her sideburn area and pushed up toward the bald top, and worked around her ear to the back. I continued working around the back taking all of the long length away causing the lengthy hair that was down to the middle of her back to follow the fall to the floor.

As I was shaving her long hair down to nothing I noticed that she was lightly biting her lower lip and had again closed her eyes. She seemed to be enjoying the feeling of the machine vibrating on her head as it mercilessly removed all of her long silky hair.

I embarrassingly realized that I was becoming aroused and hoped that she didn’t look at my pants and noticed them tightening in the crotch area.

After removing the back of her long hair, I worked around to the last side moving up behind her ear and around the sideburn area, after I had it all gone I noticed some spots on the top of her head that needed to be touched up. I surveyed my work and made sure no hairs were missed.

As I walked around the front of her I was taken aback by how beautiful and stunning she looked, she was extremely pretty with long blonde hair, but shaving her head brought out her cheekbones and chin. She had a perfectly shaped head and ears for being bald, and her bright blue eyes were no longer hidden by hair.

During the whole haircut, her eyes were down while they were open but she sensed me staring and looked up at me timidly, “is it bad”? she asked.

“If you don’t mind me saying, you look beautiful and amazing,” I told her honestly

Candace smiled slightly and just nodded then she seemed to finally relax and un tense slightly.

Hearing me say this finally brought David out of his focus and he looked at me quizzically, but that look changed to surprise when he realized that the bald head in my chair belonged to a woman. He looked down on the floor to see the area around the chair and my feet covered in long golden hair over two feet long.

I carefully unclipped the cape and shook it out in front trying to avoid getting hair on her clothes, as she was getting up Candace finally looked me in the eye and with her small, repressed smile she said “Thank you” but the words barely came out. She stood and quickly walked to the back of the room.

As my next customer was sitting down I looked over and saw Candace talking to Shirley who was nodding approvingly and smiling.

David and I finished the haircuts for the rest of the people that were in line, swept the floor, and packed up the haircutting tools. We took a break when Shirley invited us to sit with her for coffee and some dessert that was left from earlier. Shirley noted that the haircutting event was successful, and she hoped that David would sponsor another event in the future.

I couldn’t wait or continue the small talk any longer and had to ask.

“Shirley, who was the tall woman that got her head shaved”?

“Oh, that’s Candace, didn’t she look great with no hair”?

“She is beautiful with a shaved head” I had to reply.

“You did seem taken by her buddy,” David added.

Ignoring his remark, I continued trying to get information from Shirley. “Is she new here, I haven’t seen her before”?

“She has been coming in two or three times a week for the past few months, it’s actually a crazy sad story”

Guessing that I wanted to hear more Shirley continued,

“I don’t know if I should tell you everything, but she was working for a large local supply company and was in an abusive relationship with the owner of the company. When she finally got out of the situation after a very violent dispute, he was afraid that she would file charges against him so he had her fired and accused her of stealing from the company, which absolutely was not true.”

Again, Shirley realized that I wanted to hear more and continued, “The accusations against her prevented other companies from hiring her and eventually she lost her savings, and apartment, and was sleeping in her car. She is highly intelligent and hardworking, whenever she comes here for a meal she insists on helping with the dishes and cleaning tables.”


Since the haircutting event, I couldn’t stop thinking about Candace, especially after hearing about the situation that led her to depend on the shelter.

About a week later David and I were having a beer in the local sports bar and waiting for our other friend Brian who was always late. Brian owned a shipping and storage facility that kept him at his office for long hours.

Brian showed up apologizing as always, “Sorry guys, I just got two big accounts and there isn’t enough time in the day to manage the inventory.”

David quickly shot back, “If you weren’t so cheap you would hire some more help.”

“Actually, I’ve been looking but can’t find anyone that’s smart and mature enough, that wants to work in a warehouse managing inventory.

“Well Brian, I think I can help you with that,” I said to Brian happy with the idea that just came to me.

I told Brian the story about Candace, he was understandably skeptical of hiring a bald lady and I assured him that the accusations of theft were false, luckily he needed help badly and said he could try her part-time for now and see how it goes.

I quickly called Shirley and hoped that she could contact Candace with this information.

Two weeks later my phone rang, it was Brian. “Brian how’s it going buddy, it’s unusual to hear from you before 7 pm on a workday,” I said surprised to hear from our usually busy friend.

“I wanted to call you to tell you that I owe you dinner,” Brian said.

“What? You’re offering to buy me dinner, did you hit your head today”? I asked sarcastically.

“No, I can’t thank you enough for connecting me with Candace, she is amazing.”

I was thrilled to hear about Candace and that she was doing well at Brian’s company.

Brian continued, “She has made an enormous difference in the company, she is smart and organized, she has quickly come out of her shell, and we don’t even notice her short hair anymore. I made her full-time and she came up with a plan to upgrade our inventory tracking.” I am going to promote her to supervisor

I managed to wait until the next Friday and decided to visit Brian’s warehouse. When I was in the reception area I asked to see Brian but was told he was off for the weekend with his family.

“He’s taking time off?” I asked incredulously.

As the receptionist agreed it was rare that Brian is taking the weekend off I saw Candace talking to several workers behind the reception area. She was vibrant and confidently led the team to rectify some challenges that had come up. She stopped mid-sentence and smiled when she noticed me at the reception desk and excused herself from her coworkers.

“Hi Bruce,” she said excitedly with a smile that could light a room, I was lost in her blue eyes as she finally held eye contact.

“Hi, how are you doing?” I asked feigning surprise so as not to let on that she was the reason for my visit.

“I don’t know how I can ever thank you for what you did for me,” she said sincerely.

Then she continued, “You went out of your way to help me with Brian when I was in a bad place.”

“It was nothing, I’m glad it worked out for you and glad I could help,” I replied

“But,” I said with a pause, “If you really want to make it up to me, you can let me take you out for dinner?”



Candace and I have been dating for about a month now, she is not only beautiful but smart, funny, extremely sweet, and affectionate.

She is coming to my place tonight for dinner, nothing fancy just Chinese takeout.

She did ask if I would give her another haircut after dinner because she is overdue.

Then she’ll most likely spend the night, again.

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