Hema’s Haircut

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This is when I was 17 years old. There used to live a girl in my colony named Hema. She was the same age as mine. She’s not a good friend of mine though, as we both were introverts. Her lifestyle was very simple. She wore normal clothing like a dress and leggings. She used to always have two double plaits no matter it was a working day or a weekend. Her skin tone was fair and she used to wear a small bindi on her forehead. To my surprise, She looked prettier than most of the girls in my colony. That year they were having a wedding at their house. It was her sister’s wedding. They were a middle-class family. And so they were trying to cut most of the unnecessary expenses.

One such afternoon I was chilling on the sofa watching tv as usual. Mom tells me to tidy up the hall. I enquired her was she expecting someone to visit. She replied affirmatively ‘Yes, Hema is going to show up in a while for a haircut.’ I got very excited after hearing this. I got up and started cleaning the hall. Meanwhile, my mom spread a big cloth on the floor and placed a chair on it. Then she brought her kit bag and placed it on the table. I was eagerly awaiting for Hema to arrive. Eventually, the bell rang. I went and opened the door. This revealed me to her pretty face. We had a brief moment of eye contact then both became shy and smiled at each other. ‘Raj is your mom home?’ She asked. Before I could reply to her, mom said ‘Come inside Hema!’. She came inside and very obediently started helping my mom with her preparation. My mom was amazed to see her manners and looked at me to mock me. I smiled back and took my seat on the sofa. I was eagerly waiting for the haircut.

Finally, the preparation had ended and Hema took a seat on the chair. My mom secured a big white cape around Hema’s neck. She slowly removed the ribbons holding her double plates which revealed me to her very long braids. I seriously had no idea that her hair was so long. Her braids reached her waist. Mom then opened her rubber bands which slowly opened her braids. Mom combed Hema’s hair with her fingers to untangle them. The texture of Hema’s hair was wavey which was the result of her braids. Her long hair covered the whole backside of the chair. Her hair should have been till her butt. It looked very fascinating as my mom combed her hair with her fingers. Her hair was looking very beautiful in that one length cut. Mom pulled Hema’s head back. Her head leaned over the chair. Beautiful wavey hair were hanging from her head giving an impression of a waterfall. Mom massaged her scalp for a while and then proceeded towards the face for a facial. Mom applied cream on Hema’s face and massaged it all over her face. Then placed two slices of cucumber on her eyes and informed Hema to wait for 15 min. Hema nodded her head in approval. Mom departed to the kitchen to wash some dishes until then but Hema had no clue about this.

Seeing a girl caped with her hair hanging in front of me was just too tempting. There was no one around and I just couldn’t help myself. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I didn’t want to miss it. I slowly sneaked behind her. As her head was leaning backwards it completely exposed her cleavage. My down instantly aroused upon seeing this view. As I touched her hair with my fingers I had already started feeling feverish. I gently stroked her hair with my fingers. It felt silky soft and smooth. Her hair was so long it took me forever to stroke through her length. I caressed it slowly trying to feel it to the fullest. I put my hand on her nape and combed her hair backwards. My down hardened as a rock. I Collected all of her hair on the crown and made a pony. It was really heavy, I could only wonder how she carried that much weight on her head. I could smell the heavenly fragrance of her hair. The scissors were sitting right beside me on the table while I was holding her beautiful mess in my hand. Those scissors were begging me to do the dirty work. I held the scissors in my hand and placed it at the base of her pony. I was so tempted to just slice those long tresses of her but, somehow controlled my emotions. My heart was saying me to take a snip while mind was concerned about the consequences. I was getting chills and my heart was pounding faster. Suddenly I heard my mom approaching and so I quickly let off her hair, dropped the scissors on the table and laid on the sofa. This was as close I had ever got with fulfilling my desire of cutting a girl’s hair. Although I didn’t get a snip but it was still a thrilling experience.


Mom took her position and started where she had left. She took the cucumber slices off Hema’s eyes, sprayed lots of water on her face and wiped it with a towel. Then she sprayed sufficient water on her hair and made them damp. She combed Hema’s hair with the comb and gave a sleek center partition. She she secured Hema’s hair in three distinct partitions on the left, right and back of her head. Mom snipped almost 2 inches of Hema’s hair at the back. Though it didn’t look as drastic to me but it was surely drastic for the ladies. Mom open Hema’s hair on the right and left and started snipping them. She gradually started trimming her hair and shaping them in a deep ‘V’ shape. About 3 to 6 inches long pieces of her hair form the sides made their way to the floor. Mom sprayed some more water on Hema’s hair making them wet. She made two more sections on the crown. Then she pulled one off the section straight up and combed it intensely. This view was very erotic and made me even more feverish. She held the hair in between her fingers, then rapidly snipped half of it. Upon seeing this my down became super hard. She did them same to the other section. Long tresses of hair gently slided down over Hema’s face In front of her eyes. She became scared upon seeing such long tresses falling on the cape. Mom made few more sections in the back and rapidly hacked 3 inches off. She went in the front combed Hema’s hair over her face and gradually cut her a nice curtain fringe at her lip level. It was looking very tempting. Mom then plugged in the blow dryer and starting blow drying with one hand while vigorously shaking Hema’s hair with the other. This gave Hema a shaggy look which slowly revealed her beautiful layers. Honestly her hair looked beautiful then ever and she looked pretty hot in this new look. Although I was craving to see more of her hair on the floor then her head, I was still happy with what she could offer. It didn’t actually meet my expectations but it was still a hell of a treat.








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