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Amy felt stressed out. College life and its courses were really taking a toll on the young girl’s mental health. She decided to sign up for a yoga class. The girl couldn’t wait for the first class to start.

She arrived at the campus’s fitness center. Amy met many women who were also taking the class. They all needed to stretch their muscles as well as their minds. Everyone started to file into the classroom but the teacher wasn’t there. They were confused but decided to set up their mats and wait patiently for the teacher. As they were meditating in their own, unique ways for fifteen minutes, the door to the classroom opened. A woman came into the class. She was lengthy and wore an unusual but traditional outfit. Her head was bald and her eyebrows were nonexistent.

”Good evening, class”,the woman said as she made her way to the front of the class,”You all seek the way to inner peace, is that right?”

Everyone nodded slowly. The woman continued,”We all want inner peace but all are still attached to this plain of existence. I teach this class so that you all may have a chance to truly live”

Amy, as well as everyone around her, looked at the woman with confusion. The woman smiled warmly and said,”It may be a hard road ahead but I’m sure that you all can achieve enlightenment”

She chanted a prayer to the class. Sitting on the floor, criss-crossed, the woman said,”When I point to you, I would like it if you will come up and sit across from me”

With that, one of the woman’s slender and young fingers started to hover around the classroom. It stopped, pointing at a girl with a green, crop top, grey yoga pants, teal flip-flops, and a voluminous Afro. The girl looked about, trying to see who the finger was pointing to. Realizing it was her, the girl got up and walked over to the guru. She sat down just across from the yogi and the two stared into each other’s eyes.

”You have a beautiful soul”,said the lady guru,”Tilt your head down for me, please”

As if under a spell, the girl lowered her head in a respectful bow. Amy watched as the teacher retrieved a straight razor from her pocket. Everyone looked on in surprise as the teacher unfolded the blades and rested it at the base of the girl’s nape. In tiny and multiple strokes, the teacher started to remove the coily hair. The girl did nothing as her hair was being whittled away.

The classroom’s floor began to be covered with tight curls. In ten minutes, all the girl’s hair was gone from her scalp. She raised her head and smiled at her teacher. Her hands to move over her smooth head as the teacher said,”I’m glad you are happy. I must ask you for another favor. Please close your eyes”

No resistance came from the girl, and she did as she was told. Again, the razor removed the hair from the girl’s brow. Afterwards, the girl was able to open her eyes and run her eager hands over everything. It was all gone, and the girl seemed to be happy about it.

Another prayer came out of the guru’s mouth. She welcomed the girl and allowed her to return to her mat. Amy looked at the girl. Just a second ago, she was secluded and depressed. Now, she was confident.

One after another, everyone had their hair shaved off by the teacher. Amy was the only one left. She wasn’t keen on having her head and eyebrows shaved at first. But soon as she sat in front of her yogi and lowered her head, she could feel herself changing. The light tugging on her head was uncomfortable for awhile but then, it was so refreshing to feel the light breeze again.

It was all done. Everyone had their heads shaved and their eyebrows removed. They were all one now. Their teacher stood up, blessed them with one, last prayer, and asked,”Would you all help me clean up please”

As one, they all grabbed brooms and dustpans and threw their old tresses into a metal bin. When they finished, the teacher lead the students outside. She lit a match and put it into the metal bin. The flames grew higher as the girls old lives faded away.

After that day, Amy became focused and determined to graduate college. Her grades rose as a result of the meditation and guidance from her guru. When the college asked her to do tours for them, she would always invite new comers to the yoga classes.

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