Her date

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Edith Summers wasn’t looking for a tall, six-packed, beefy armed, hairy chested, long-legged, flat-footed, blue eyed, blonde haired, witty, heavy weight champion that could sweep her off her feet with a rose in his mouth. The guy she matched with was a bit pudgy but cute enough to warrant a date. She was head over heels for the gent but a question lingered and ate at the back of her head. ‘What if he only likes you for your looks?’,her mind asked.

”No matter”,Edith answered aloud, walking from the living room to her crafts room,”What I look like now will be different from what I will look like on the date”

The girl got straight to work. All afternoon and night, she made a pattern and sowed together a dress that would wow her man. It was a red-plaid, dress that had the aesthetic of cottage-core. Its balloon sleeves were puffy at the shoulders and arable. Edith also created a prairie bonnet for herself with frills that framed the face thickly. Lastly, the girl put together a black, fur muff.

”I’m glad I got my outfit assembled”,Edith breathed, running her right hand through her thick, brown tresses. She pulled a group of stands to their length and looked at the strands, saying,”Tomorrow, I will take care of my hair”

The next day, Edith threw on a powder blue blouse and light brown skirt that fell past her knees. She put on a white, winter jack that puffed out and its hood was lined with blonde, synthetic fur. With her boots on, Edith walked out of the house. The place she was going to wasn’t far so she walked the whole way.

It was an old place but Edith hadn’t gone there, even though she desperately wanted to. The building was a classic brick building had a multicolored awning. Edith peered through the window to make sure someone was home. An older woman spotted Edith watching and waved for the young lady to come in. Smiling, Edith walked into the shop and was greeted by the hairdresser.

”I’m Becky”,the woman stuck out a hand for Edith to shake. Edith shook her hand daintily and gave the woman her coat to hang up when she offered to do so. Becky had a wrinkled but youthful face. Her appearance would suggest that she had grandchildren who were in their teen years. She put an arm around Edith and escorted the young lady back to the chair. As Edith made herself comfortable, Becky grabbed hair pins and piled all of Edith’s hair on top of her head, securing it.

”So, pray tell my dear”,Becky sweetly asked, wrapping up her customer in a red striped cape,”What are we doing today?”

”I was hoping you had some ideas”,Edith replied innocently,”I would just like a change”

”Any change, hm?”Becky took out the hair pins,”I have a few ideas”

With that, Becky used a comb to separate the crown from the sides. Securing the top away, Becky opened a drawer and grabbed her clippers. She posted herself behind the chair and tilted Edith’s head down. The clippers started and removed all the hair from the sides. What was left was faintly visible stubble. Becky turned off the clippers and repositioned Edith’s head upright and straight. A can of shaving cream was produced. Edith giggled as the cold cream was sprayed onto the sides of her head.

Edith watched Becky spread the cream evenly and grab a straight razor from utility belt. The razor didn’t take long to remove the remnants of hair. When all the cream was wiped from Edith’s head, Becky released the top. She brushed out the hair, which was still fairly long. Becky used her scissors to cut the hair short. It was very short. But Edith didn’t freak out. She trusted Becky and was eager to see what the woman would do.

Becky left the chair for a moment, returning with some hair dyes on a trolley. First, Becky made Edith a blonde: washing out the dye in the sink that was underneath a board ahead of the mirror. Edith was a very light blonde when Becky added a teal dye to her hair. After the dye was in, Edith waited patiently and then the dye was rinsed out. The young lady was then put under heat. When the process was complete, Edith had very blueish-green hair.

The hairdresser was not done.

Next, Becky started to twist the short, teal hair into tight curlers. She put an elixir into Edith’s hair and covered it all under a hair net. Again, Edith was put under heat and then the excess elixir was rinsed out of her hair.

When all was set and done, Edith ended up with a head full of tiny, teal curls.

”You look so beautiful, darling”,Becky said, reclining the chair,”One last thing to do and you’ll be done”

Edith surmised what was going to happen so she closed her eyes. Becky smiled warmly as she took and unfolded her razor. She started to whittle away the tiny, brown stocks that were Edith’s eyebrows. Brow bare, Becky traded the razor for some small shears. She slowly started to trim off Edith’s eyelashes until they were very short.

She was finally satisfied. Becky sat up the chair as Edith slowly opened her eyes. The young lady lightly rubbed her eyes and then looked at herself in the mirror. Edith was definitely different. Her hands started to play with her short curls as she said,”I love it”

”I’m glad you do”,Becky smiled, removing the cape,”You look absolutely stunning, my dear”

Edith got up out of the chair and gave Becky a twirl. The older woman clapped and helped the young lady into her coat. Returning home, Edith readied herself for her date.

She met her date at a park downtown. When he saw, he stopped and stared: awing at the woman in front of him. She had on the dress and bonnet that she made. Her eyebrows were drawn on skillfully and her lips were glossy red. Blush added to her beauty.

“You are so much more beautiful in person”,he said.

The two of them went into a nearby dinner for dinner. There, Edith removed her bonnet: revealing her teal curls. Her date complimented her hair and she blushed heavily. He truly loved her.

2 responses to “Her date

  1. Such a cute tale … having a make over to impress is a wonderful idea and a perm is definitely very special …. My real life experience are matching your tale, perms are some real men are drawn to and a chubby man is sexy as hell …. Love this tale …. Franziska sissy

  2. This story delves into the themes of confidence, change, and the excitement of a upcoming romantic meeting through the perspective of a haircut. Edith’s transformation from insecurity to self-assurance is captivating, especially the paragraph detailing her dramatic hair change. The vivid descriptions and sensory elements bring the reader into the moment, from the sound of the clippers to the feel of the shaving cream. Edith’s eagerness for change demonstrates her readiness to try new things and move beyond her usual boundaries.
    This story delves into the theme of personal growth and the bravery required to welcome change. The detailed descriptions enhance the reader’s sensory experience, particularly during Edith’s hair makeover. The presence of intimate moments adds complexity to Edith’s character evolution, showcasing her path towards self-love and assurance.

    One small drawback could be the abruptness of Edith’s choice to get a drastic haircut. Including more information about her reasons or thoughts before making this decision could make the story more meaningful.
    The story could be enhanced by exploring Edith’s inner struggles about her appearance and how it affects her relationship. It would also benefit from exploring the aftermath of her transformation and how it impacts her emotionally and in her interactions with others. In general, the story effectively mixes themes of self-discovery, sensuality, and empowerment.

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