Her desire

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“You’re pretty, miss”,he slurred his words as he drank another sip of hound-dog elixir,”Wherever you’re taking me, lead the way”

He thought he was getting lucky and in a way, he is lucky. Drink more and fall deeper into this dream as she takes you to a heaven of her own design. Be keen as to not fall but oblivious to her plan.

She has red hair, blood-red, bobbed, cut just for him. Her desire wants him to come on down. The place is not much further.

Three main colors, mixing into one another. A neon sign, the lights are on inside. She takes good care of her clients and never fails them. Give yourself to her and she will be kind to you.

Once in, lock the doors and she leads her customer to her chair. The one for washing, she reclines him and scrubs his head thoroughly, her voice is but a whisper. She might love him or not but the evidence is clear, her manner describes her figure and mind.

Desire, take this man to the chair and have him comfortable. She follows its orders and has his head to clean. All hers, he lets it happen; he lets her do it.

Snip it, show him what he must sacrifice for a night with her. Clippers, come live and do you duty to the mother. Keep straight, down his head and up the back of his scalp.

‘Do not stop’, his demands to her. He is alive with passion and needs a change. No one is in power but the hands that shave him.

Give to him, a shiny scalp and some one to match his being. Strange indeed, the bare head makes herself a mate. Surprise and love, make love and feel it.

Nine months, routine not altered; she keeps him under her spell which his will so desperately wants to keep alive. Heart and heart, both beat to one rhythm. That of the clippers power line, it serves them well.


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