Her fragile side part 1

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I’ve always been a dominant woman with a pale complexion, a tall, feminine figure and luscious blonde locks. I found it impossible for me to become a submissive one in a relationship, except for one field – haircutting. While ruling my girlfriend in my kinky platforms I’d have a Mistress or a Master who would tell me what to do with my hair. I had once a strange flatmate, a really cute guy with an adorable babyface, dark hair, modern gothic clothing, he was pretty much like a modern day Dorian Gray except for his hair color and he was much more gentle.

Once he cought me masturbating to some fetish stuff in the living room and he was so open, maybe a bit too much.

–  Look, I like this kind of stuff. I might be a weirdo, but…

–  It’s ok gorgeous. To be honest, I like you… you have really fantastic hair and a fierce character.

–  Hon, you know that I’m gay, I like women.

– Hair has no gender – he said, and grabbed my hair. I never thought he could do such thing with those soft hands.


I still don’t know what I saw in him, why I liked having these sexy games with him, but nothing else. Sometimes he would wash my hair, he was very good at it. He also trimmed it a few times, usually he would cut an inch a month, but then something had changed.

I was sitting in the chair as usual, he was about to trim my hair, then he put my hair in a bun to the top of my head, leaving some locks free at my nape.

– I’m tired of this amount of hair – he said, and he brushed agressively my bouncy locks.

–  What are you doing?!

– It’s time to make your hair lighter a bit – he said, then he took the clippers without a guard, and sheared my beautiful blonde hair. I felt its buzzing spreading through my spine, I felt my silky locks sliding down on my neck, and he went even higher, he almost reached the line of the top of my ears.

I got so scared yet horny at the same time. He left me with a clean nape, no more hair just my really pale skin. He neated my neck and shoulders from the fallen hairs, then put the rest of my hair in a high and tight ponytail.

– Now touch your bald nape. You gonna love it – he said, and I did so. I felt my cold fingers on my nape, it was intense.

I felt butterflies in my stomach, yet I was so nervous about this new look.

–  Can I undo my ponytail now? – I asked.

– No way. Whenever you arrive home, I will put your hair in a high ponytail, so your undercut will always be visible, and I will know when to clean it up. I will consider shaving it with some foam and my straight razor. You can only undo it, when you leave the house. This haircut will be your secret. Now clean up the mess you made – he said, and pointed at my shorn locks.

I swept the floor then dumped the hair that once belonged to me. For the next two days I couldn’t stop touching my smooth nape, then I felt some tiny hairs growing at my nape. He also noticed it when inspected my hair, so he ordered me to take off my clothes and sit down on a chair. He put my hair in a bun then used a straight razor and some soap to shave it clean, he went through it many times. It was a strange feeling as my skin got a bit irritated because of the blade, but I loved the sensation I had from the removal of my hair. In the end he cleaned up the shaved hairs and the soapy stuff using a really hot towel. That part was so arousing for me.

– Now you are ready. You told me about a girl you are meeting tonight. Now you are ready for your date.

– Not yet, my hair is not in a sexy ponytail. Please, Master…

– Good girl – he said, and put my hair in a tight ponytail, it hurt so bad, but at least my clean nape was visible for everyone.

– Thank you. I feel much better now.

– I have another gift for you. If you keep being a loyal gal to me, I might actually mark you. Be a humble servant… – he said as he put a chocker with a heart shaped pendant on it around my neck.


I left our home without a word. I was so nervous, I never told my date about my kinks, not even about my shaved nape. As I walked through the streets I felt the cold wind on my bald nape, my snatch became intensely wet under my leather pants, and I was wondering what’s next. Will I really become his slave? Will my date become a slave too?


To be continued…

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