Her fragile side part 2

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He kept reshaving my nape without a guard every other day for a few months. Meanwhile  I dated that girl, let’s call her Jane Doe for now. We loved rocking expensive oyster bars, where you get a tray filled with raw oysters, served with some lemon. It was a rarity, since where I lived was a landlocked Central-European country.

– So is this thing still alive? – she asked.

– Yes, of course. Just lick it gently – I said while demonstrating how to eat a beautiful oyster and enjoying its salty juice. Her cheeks got all red because of watching me munching on that oyster. I kept licking its shell and I imagined eating out a girl. I loved giving a head to another lady. I’m sure Jane Does also noticed it.

When I arrived home, I noticed something on my Master – his luscious long locks were cut off to his ears, revealing more of his stunning face. He looked so well groomed. His black, feathery locks looked incredibly fresh and crispy I wanted to run my fingers through that nice hair.

– Darling, tomorrow I’m leaving for Paris. Which means only one thing – no one will take care of your hair.  So let’s give you a more managable, more practical style – he said, and I immediately knew what to do.

I took off my clothes, everything except for my collar, then sat in a chair.

– Do you want a cape? – he asked.

– No Master, I want to feel my hair falling everywhere. It is a sign of submission.

– Good gal.

He undid my ponytail, and brushed my thick, blonde hair.

– Let me see those cute ears, before I leave… I will miss you. I will miss your hair. I’ll even miss your long hair forever, but it must be done.

He put my hair in two ponytails, and chopped one of them, leaving a shorn mess on one side of my head.

– Much better, isn’t it? Let’s get rid of the other one as well.

He kept going, my hair was a bit longer than chin lenght. Then he kept working on the sides, I couldn’t see it without a mirror, just felt his presence, his heat, his sexy and sweet perfume. He was perfectly androgynous with that awesome fragnance.

– Master, will you shave my nape? – I asked.

– Not yet. But if the growth of your hair in that area makes you feel uncomfortable, well… you know what to do.

– Yes, sir.

After he finished his precise work, he cleaned my neck with a tiny fluffy brush, the same that is used in the barbershops.

– Look at you, darling, I’m sure you will enjoy your new look – he said, then took my hand and lead me to the mirror. He did give me a very short bob haircut, or a longer pixie, not sure how to desribe it. It was fluffy and soft enough to pet and make me feel like a kitten, but also very short, especially at the sides and in the back. This haircut made my ears and neck permanently visible.

– I will leave tomorrow at 3 AM, so I need rest now, Be a good gir, water my orchides, and don’t forget to feed my pet rabbit – he said, as he hugged me from the back. It was so gentle.

He kissed my cheek goodnight, then went to sleep. He did reveal his soft side for me tonight. He was so careful with me, so next time when he is my ruler and a really strict Master I will adore it much more.

Tomorrow the flat was so empty without him, so invited Jane Doe over. I was so horny all day long, I walked around in my laced underwear, and couldn’t stop touching my freshly cut hair. I loved how naked my neck and shoulders were. I took a selfie wearing my lingerie and posing like a suicide girl with my new short haircut and sent it to Jane Doe. ‘Where is your beautiful hair’ she asked. ‘Gone’ I replied with a rather naughty emoji. Then she elaborated how she didn’t expect me to cut off my hair, however it emphasizes my feminity so well, it highlights my pretty jawline and cheekbones as well. I felt how hard and sensitive my clit has become, and couldn’t wait to show her some love tonight.

To be continued… 😀



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