Her fragile side part 3

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I put on some clothing above my sexy underwear. I was wearing a white male shirt and an amazing black skirt, I totally felt like a kid whose punishment was cutting her hair off for misbehaving again and again. I fully butonned up my shirt, no hair was in my way anymore, it was out of my face completely. I wondered how it’s gonna feel when having sex again.

When I opened the door for Jane Doe to get in, she looked at me with awe.

– You look strange, darling.

– Why do you say so?

– Your hair looked so beautiful and elegant, why chopping it off? Also this shirt makes your chest look so flat and boyish. I’m not that kind of lez who is into tomboys.

I fell into silence for a few seconds to think about my answer. The way my Master cut my hair off, and what he said was just circling around in my head, and it would have been a bizarre thing to say to your lesbian date: ‘my Master told me so, he wants to dominate me’. I just didn’t have the nerves neither the will to elaborate my shitty kinky stuff… not yet.

– Less hair means more play and more visible parts of your skin. You should consider getting rid of it as well. Also it wont get tangled during sex – I said as I held her closely, and kissed her precisely shaped lips. I bit them gently, felt her circulation, felt her beautiful blood. I felt her bra under her sexy leatherette top.

We litterally fell to the couch, I removed my shirt while sitting in her lap. I took off her laced pants and kneeled before her. I was so aroused I really wanted to get her.

– Behave sweetheart, and I can show you something… – I said as removed her panties as well. I gave a kiss to her slightly hairy pussy, then I started eating her out. She moaned so intensely and pet my hair. She loved it. I almost had orgasm too when she was rubbing the tiny hairs on my nape.


She shouted when she reached the top. We were carrying on fucking for hours, pleasing each other, biting each others skin. After hours of playing with each others bodies we ended up laying in my bed, snuggling together. She had a smoke and I cuddled with her, because she wanted to play with my hair.

– It is so silky. I’m sure it was stunning when it was long. You did really seem to be that long haired kinda girl.

– I was. I used to enjoy taking care of my locks a lot, using fancy shampoo and conditioner, detangling it, but not anymore.

– Hmm. Your voice is a bit fragile. Did your haircut turn you on?

My eyes widened immediately. I didn’t want her to know all about my kinks and my Master, so I touched her between her legs.

– What are you doing??

– I’m making you silent. Excuse me mylady, but I’m still horny as hell.


The next day she left and I was all alone again, waiting for my Master to come home as soon as possible. I was so horny all day and all night, so I decided to take a next step.

My nape hair has already grown almost an inch long since my hair grows very fast. So next time when I washed my mutilated locks again, I would section them so I had access to my nape. I used some warm water and sope, I made my tiny nape hairs wet for one last time, then I used an everyday razor to shave it naked to the skin. Sometimes I even felt the blades touching my skin, it hurt a bit but I enjoyed the pain so much. I went through my nape many times, and in  the end my nape was all cleaned up. It looked very extreme, I felt like a punk kid. In the end I applied lotion to my irritated nape, it was also hella red because of the shaving process.


A few days later my Master arrived at home, during the meantime I shaved my nape clean with a razor every other day. I put on my collar when I welcomed him. He looked amazing as always, wearing his latex jacket, he also had a gorgeous floral scent.

– Hey Sugar, how are you doing? – he asked, as I kneeled before him, snuggling to his legs. He immediately noticed my naked nape and started rubbing it.

– I missed you, Master.

– I missed you too. As I can see you took good care of your hair. Sweet. How was your date?

– We had so much pleasure together, but she didn’t like my short hair. I mean she enjoyed it, but she seemed to have preferred me with longer hair.

– What a bitch! Chérie, let’s invite her for dinner, and… something more.

– I hope you won’t hurt her!

– Of course not, I might be sadistic as hell, but I’m still a gentleman. We will give her a makeunder. She should get to know us, and be grateful for having a lover like you.

– Well said, my Master. You did really change my life by chopping my locks off.

– Oh, darling. My pleasure. Also, I bought you some gifts in Paris, but I guess we will have a look at them after inviting your girl. In the meantime we have some things to get ready, such as you. Your napeskin looks incredibly irritated, put some gentle balm on it, it will reduce the inflammation and smoothen your nape. It will be so soft and amazing to touch, much better than having hair there.

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