Her grandma’s preference

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“Nicki, let’s go”, the girl’s mother called up to her daughter who raced downstairs, saying,”Coming mother”

Nicki and her mother went to the hairdresser, an adventure to the little, 14 year old Nicki. They entered the shop and Nicki mounted the chair. The hairdresser spread a striped cape around the girl and asked her mother,”What cut are we getting today?”

”Well”,the mother said,”She is going to her grandmother’s and needs to be presentable. A bob with straight bangs should suffice”

The hairdresser nodded and cut the girl’s hair to the style. Nicki enjoyed the process and adored the cut when it was done. And she got a lollipop for sitting still for the hairdresser so all in all, a good day.

Nicki’s mom drove the girl to her mother’s place and dropped her off. Nicki was delighted to be on the farm again and her grandmother welcomed her with open arms. But something was a bit off.

Her grandmother addressed it one evening, she called the girl down and they headed for town. As she drove, Nicki’s grandmother said,”We just need to get your hair cut and then we can go out for ice cream”

Nicki was confused,”But I already had my haircut?”

“It’s too long”,her grandmother replied,”Don’t worry, we’ll have it done in no time”

In town, Nicki’s gran stopped outside a barbershop downtown. It was old, brick and mortar establishment, with a purple awning that was widely spread. Nicki walked cautiously inside with her grandmother.

The place was empty except one chair and one barber. It was an old barber lady with curlers in her shiny, grey hair and she wore a white shirt. Her arm was already draped with a white, red, and blue cape when the duo entered.

”Hey, Sandra”, the grandmother hailed,”I brought my granddaughter in for a haircut. She desperately needs one”

”Alright”,the barber lady nodded,”C’mon girl, let’s get you started”

”But I already had my hair cut”,was all Nicki could say and it was ignored so she got into the chair to please her grandmother.

”What are we doing today?”Sandra asked the grandmother, tightening the cape around the girl’s neck.

”Use the clippers, get rid of some of this length”,requested the grandmother,”We’ll go from there”

”Will do”,Sandra said, taking her comb and clippers off the wall,”Now, you just sit still and we’ll be done in no time”

She started up the clippers and combed through the girl’s hair. Nicki could only watch as her freshly cut bob was cut off piece by piece. The sides were reduced up to the top her ear level when the clippers were shut off. As Sandra wetted and continued to comb through the hair, the grandmother said,”Shorten up the sides and bangs and I think we’ll be set”

”Okay”,said the barber lady, using the scissors to cut and trim up the girl’s sides.

When it was all said and done, Nicki had a severely shorter style than she did. The bangs that were on her eyebrows were shorter and couldn’t reach that far down.

”Now”,said the grandmother, looking at the stunned child in the mirror,”That’s a proper haircut”

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