Her Huge Afro Buzzed Off at the Barbershop

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Sheila was a petite 19 year old with an amazingly large Afro and a smokingly hot body with perfect round firm C cups and a nice tight round bubble butt. A petite size 4 really showed off her large boobs.

She walked into the old fashioned barbershop. There were six barbers and leather and porcelain arm barber chairs. All the men looked at her. One of the barbers said wow that is some Afro you have, what can we do for you.

I want it completely buzzed off. Tripple zero with a high and tight fade. A couple of the guys said that will be amazing. The barber said if thats what you really want, we can do that. Have a seat and I’ll be with you in a few minutes. As the owner he clearly decided that he would get to shear this one.

A couple of guys who finished said I want to watch this Afro skinned down to nothing. The barber looked at Sheila and said you’re next sweetheart, move that beautiful bubble butt into my chair. A couple of guys whistled and made a couple of comments about her and how they were going to really enjoy this.

As she stepped into the chair the barber quickly tied a tissue tightly around her tiny neck. As she looked about at all the men stairing at her, she couldn’t believe she was sitting in a barbers chair about to have her beautiful massive Afro buzzed off.

She was getting so aroused and wet down below. The barber went to get a fresh cape. The guys were all stairing at her and a couple commented on her big boobs and her erect pointed nipples, and how they would love to squeeze and suck on those puppies.

She had on a tight shirt and her pierced nipples with metal studs were quite amazing. She felt on display sitting in the large barber’s chair with tissue tied tightly around her neck with her large rack protruding and the guys all waiting for her shearing. She knew this was a real man’s barbershop and she was enjoying the attention. Shelia said go ahead give them a squeeze. One man gently but firmly squeezed her boob.

The barber came back with the cape and said later boys and tied the black and white striped cape tightly around her neck.

He picked up his heavy duty Oster clippers and said are you ready cupcake as he switched them on. Every eye was on her as he plowed the clippers into the side of her head with a number 3 attachment. Pass after pass quickly reduced her massive Afro down to short stubble. He then replaced the attachment with a number zero further reducing her to almost nothing.

He switched attachments once more and announced, this is the tripple zero attachment. This is going to skin you to nothing. She’s going to be a cue ball when I’m finished using these.

Shelia was so turned on and was so wet, she couldn’t stand it. As he plowed his massive clippers into her, she thrashed around tightly holding the arms and moaned and had the most intense orgasim of her life.

When he was finished Sheila asked if he could buzz her below and give her a nice landing strip.

Without saying a word he tilted the chair back and she reclined. He pulled up her skirt and removed her drenched panties. He spread her legs wide apart and placed them on the porcelain arm rests. She said, I’ve always wanted to be fucked in a barbers chair. Smilling he said,  I can take care of that too he said.

The guys couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The barber picked up his Oster clippers and said that’s one massive bush and proceeded to mow her down creating a perfect landing strip. He then lathered and shaved her with his straight razor.

Shelia smiled as she felt the barbers huge member enter her and she screamed out as he plunged it deep inside her. He fucked her for over twenty minutes. She said, oh my god, my pussy loves you. Then at least ten other guys drilled her. She could see them lined up eagerly awaiting their turns. Some sucking on her tits and coming in her mouth. She said fuck my pussy, fuck me hard.

They then turned her over and kneeling her on the seat of the barbers chair, they plowed her from behind, ramming her butt and drilling her over and over. It was the best sex of her life.

When finished she thanked the barber and said how much do I owe you. He said our pleasure, come back any time. She said, I’ll see you in two weeks

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