Her New Boyfriend

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Christa is a girl just getting use to the big city. She grew up in a small town and recently got a job where she had to relocate to the city. She made lots of friends since moving but she had a secret. She was a hair fetish but never cut her hair short or told anyone.

For the longest time she wanted someone to hold her down and decide her cut for her. She was a decent size 5’5″ just over 110. Her hair was her biggest pride it reached to the middle of her back. Depending on the day it looked brown or red. She was growing tired of having her hair that took so much of her time.

Christa was doing work one Friday night. It was just past midnight and she needed a break from the work. She was surfing the web when she came across a site for Jar fetish individuals. She joined it but used a fake name so that she couldn’t be traced. She completed the questions and maybe 5 minutes later she was getting flooded with messages wanting to talk hair.

It got to be too much to handle so she closed her laptop and fell asleep. She woke up around 8 that Saturday and looked at her online account. 15 new messages but one stood out. This guy Chris didn’t have the same messages as the other guys. She messaged him back and they talked for about a week. She revealed her true name and they exchanged numbers.

He would call her and text her all day. They turned to more hair talk and they both had the same desires. He lived maybe half an hour away. They decided to meet up and see where things went. They went out to a bar got wasted and got a room in the nearest motel. In the room he decided this was his chance and took her by the arm and tie her to the chair in the room.

She was turned on by this and was getting wet. He started to kiss her and play with her hair. He ran his fingers through her hair and went and produced a pair of clippers. He told her that her hair was going and to enjoy what was left. He took the attachment off and ran it over her head. Her blonde hair was flying off quickly. Her pussy was so wet. He was halfway done when he ran his hand over the shaved part. He immediately got a hardon from it and stuck his cock in her mouth.

She was giving him a blow job while he shaved the rest of her hair. He came as he finished her head. He took a room towel and soaked it and placed it on her head. He took it off and covered her head with cream and shaved her smooth. He untied her and laid her on the bed and started to fuck her. He couldn’t stop touching her bald head.

They finished having sex and agreed it was a great experience and they had to get together again. He collected all her hair to take with him. When she saw her friends again they were in shock. She told them about what happened and about her fetish. They were all cool with it but her one friend Jessica was nearly drooling looking at her head. She started rubbing it and they kissed. Her friend has ass long black hair. Think it’s time she got it cut

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