Her Punishment Shave

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Apparently mistress upset her dom. He brought her in, she was wearing a pick satin pussy bow blouse and a leather skirt. Her eyes were watery and red from crying. He said “I want you to shave her face, I’m tired of looking at peach fuzz.” Fair enough, I prefer a woman with a freshly shaved face myself.

I motioned for her to sit in the chair, her Dom instructed me to wait before caping her. He brought out leather straps and strapped her arms to the chair. I then placed tissue around her neck and fastened the white striped cape around her neck. I inserted the head rest and reclined the chair. She pleaded “please don’t, I don’t want my face shaved.” The dom had put on a pair of black leather gloves and slapped her face very hard several times. You will do as I wish.

I placed a warm towel over her face and the dom brought out a rubber dildo with a butt plug. He pulled down her panty hose and underwear. Spread K-Y onto the device and inserted into her ass and pussy. I admit I found this exciting. I grabbed an amount of pre-shave cream and lathered her face, the tears were streaming. I then applied hot lather on top of the cream and wrapped her face very tightly with a hot towel. The dom said “shave her like a man,.” Ok, I replied. I removed the towel and applied another coat of hot lather. The dom pulled out a huge pair of nipple clips and fastened to her nipples through the cape and her blouse. She screamed with pain. As I stropped the razor I instructed her to be very still, so I don’t knick her cute face. She looked up and nodded.

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