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Kitten Care
Having two children and a husband who worked away for weeks at a time was not the life Sarah had incisions. Work then home to take care of the house and children was taking its toll. Little time was left for her self, and that was relegated to online viewing of FB and Pinterest and Instagram. The modern day version of ladies magazines. Here she could dream of what she would look like in various hairstyles and makeup. A pretty petite woman herself, she dreamed of various glamorous looks for herself. Rocker chick to rockabilly and classic were her tastes. Her day to day style was shorts and a simple top and hair in a ponytail or bun. She longed for a dramatic cut and color, but her hair was one length and almost to her waist.

She had friends who suggested styles but it was never in the budget and time was always a factor as well. But a girl could dream couldn’t she? Her favorite was an symmetrical cut and a deep aborigines color. Very different from her dark brown color. Well, maybe some day. Enter Dave, a coworker who always brought her something to eat and was a good listener when she needed it. Little did she know how well Dave listened and watched her. By following her Pinterst posts and other likes, he was able to learn a lot about her.

All it took was a little planning and her life would really change. Working with her mother to get the time needed wasn’t too hard. Especially when it meant her long awaited day of beauty, at least that is what he told her. All the preparations were made and the day selected. Now the plan could be put into place.

Dave suggested a lunch date and just two adults so Sarah was eager to go. A nice place she had never been to before, not too fancy and lots of people helped her feel at ease. Salad then Italian food and homemade ice cream for dessert were just what she needed. Her favorite drink, or two, wasn’t bad either. Conversation was good with Sarah pouring her heart out about her life. Dave just listened knowing how his plan was going to make her a new women.

They talked about her desire for change but money was always the issue for Sarah, but Dave had a plan. What if what she wanted was possible? Would you jump at the chance he asked? Sarah didn’t know if it was Her desperation or the two drinks or just life? But she eagerly said yes. Dave smiled and took her hand and asked if she trusted him? Her heart skipped a beat for a moment, but she said yes. Well then, Dave said, follow me.

They left together and when they got to the car he asked if she was ready for a surprise. Nervously Sarah said sure. Dave asked her to close her eyes and then blindfolded her. Don’t worry he said, just enjoy the moment. Sarah agreed to the blindfolding and her easy compliance told Dave he had chosen wisely. He drove purposely around and around gauging her reactions, hands on her lap and occasional rapid breathing gave him even more clues. The car finally stopped. No peeking were his instructions when the car door opened. He took her by the hand and guided her into the waiting hotel room where everything was waiting. Flowers and candles where all around as well as everything else he had planned. He asked again if she trusted him and was ready for a day of transformation? Sarah’s mind was spinning, was she really ready? After a moment she said yes. Dave took off the blindfold and Sarah was amazed! All her favorite flowers and candle fragrances filled her eyes and nose. How did he know? First he said go and take a nice long bath with your favorite bath salts and candles, make lots of bubbles and let me know when you are relaxed. Sarah did as she was told and when she sank into the fragrant bubbles she was in heaven. How long has it been since she had taken such a wonderful bath with no one to disturb her? Maybe never. Dave carefully collected all her old clothes and stowed them away. Sarah finally called out after thirty minutes that’s she was relaxed. Dave instructed her again to close her eyes and when said had done so entered and placed to eye bandages over each eye. Sarah, he said, you have a choice to make. Everything can stop now, or you can continue on this afternoon. But as you can see, I know you and what you need. If you can give up control I can promise you and afternoon of transformation that you will never forget and that you richly deserve and need. He ran fresh bath water, this time with fragrant bath oils and gave her a drink, her favorite. Call me with your answer Dave said as he left her to ponder the next step.

Sarah enjoyed the next bath and her drink and thought about all the possibilities of what might come next. Her imagination went to all the extremes but she thought about her life and decided she needed whatever might come next. She called out to Dave and said she was ready for whatever was next. I am glad he said, be prepared for a wonderful afternoon. Then he took a soft bath sponge and told her that he was going to finish her bath himself. Place your arms on the edge of the tub were his next instructions to her. She complied and he began to softly wash her arms. Sarah felt like she was in heaven. Now your legs he said and the process was repeated. Now sit forward for your back. Again, she was in ecstasy. Lean back so we can finish, now is where Dave could see her breathing and posture change, but she willingly complied. He bathed her small but firm breasts, gauging her reactions. Unsure at first, but after each stroke a slight moan and then raising her breasts to his touch. Finally leaving her chest he ventured down to her stomach and lower abdomen and she automatically open her legs for him to venture on to her waiting pussy. Already wet from anticipation, Dave bathed her gently and watched her meet he hands and he opened her swollen lips. Then he asked her to get on all fours and he thoroughly cleaned her bottom and tight asshole. Rinsing her off, he than shampooed and conditioned her hair. He had her stand and wrapped her in a larger soft bathrobe. Feel good he asked? Yes was all she could reply. That was phase one Dave said. Come with me.

He took her by the had and seated her in the sun. She could tell by the warmth of the light on her skin. Softly her combed out her hair and began setting it on curlers. Finally finished he put on a dryer bonnet and turn it on. A low hum and warm air bathed her head and he then proceeded to do her hails and toes in a deep wine colored polish, finishing with three coats of high luster clear coat. Her hands and feet shown brilliantly in the sun. He then carefully did her foundation and lips, which matched her nails. He used her favorite lip stain and gloss from her Pinterst page. He carefully checked a test curl and when satisfied turn to hear off and let cool air set the curls in place. He removed the bonnet and undid the curlers. It was as stunning as he imagined. Sarah, I am going to remove one eye bandage at a time to do your eyes. Promise to keep them closed while I work? Sarah simply nodded, confirming what Dave already knew. He worked expertly on her eyeliner and then her eye lids with a striking color of deep wine and gold eye shadow and then shaped her eyebrows. He repeated that same to the other eye. When finished he asked her to keep her eyes closed and stand and follow him. He stood her in front of a full length mirror and asked if she was ready. Her breathing now faster than before she simply nodded yes.

He took away the robe and had her open her eyes. Sarah gasped as the reflection was not her but one of her favorite Instagram make up artists she followed, but it was her. Those were her breasts and small waist, but she thought herself beautiful! I love it! And involuntary wrapped her arms around Dave and began to sob. No one has ever done anything like this for me before I can’t get over how beautiful I am. Dave pulled her away and looked into her eyes and told her this was only the beginning, if she was ready for the next step.

Sarah thought, next step? What could be more? But this had been beyond her wildest dreams so if there was more, she wanted it, all of it. Yes, please, I want more. Think carefully Dave couched her, it means I will be giving you want you want, but it means you giving me complete control. Sarah thought for just a brief moment before nodding her consent. Dave was not satisfied and said she would need to speak the words for him to proceed. Sarah said I am ready for what ever comes next, I want and need this so much. Dave smiled as he already knew the answer when she agreed to the blindfold earlier. Very well Kitten, he said, let us proceed then.

He dressed her in different lingerie styles, each from her likes from web page she visited. Pushing up her hair into different styles with each fashion change. Sarah was amazed at each look and how sexy she really was in them. Rockabilly to glam, they fit her to a tee. Ok, now for the real transformation. Her head spinning, Sarah was eager to go on. Close you eyes again Dave instructed. She complied eagerly, her passion almost at the boiling over point. Dave then brushed out all her curls and began to apply a liquid all over her hair. Fruity smelling but with something else mixedI she couldn’t make out. He covered her head in plastic and applied to hear bonnet once again. Sarah, we must really do something about your personal grooming. He took her to the bed and laid her on a soft towel as he spread her legs. She felt he hands softly glide over her pussy and then she felt a comb pick up her pussy hair and both felt and heard what came next. She jumped at both the sound and the feeling of clippers removing her pussy hair. Kittens need to be smooth Dave said, and after clipping her close he applied warm shaving cream with a shaving brush. The sensory overload was getting to be too much. Dave cautioned her to be patient and control herself. He then used a straight razor and expertly denuded her lovely pussy. Rubbing warm lotion and oils until she was thrusting herself to his fingers. Bringing her back and forth from almost explosion was making Dave happy and seeing her follow his lead over and over was the icing on the cake. He then rinsed out her hair and blew it dry and straight. The deep Auvergne color was as perfect as the pictures she covered so much. He uncovered her eyes and Sarah was amazed at what stared back at her from the mirror.There stood a woman with her favorite hair color and a beatifically bare, glistening pussy. Do you like it, Dave asked? I love it!!! Sarah her hand through her hair and her pussy at the same time while softly moaning… Is there more she asked? Dave smiled and seated her again in the chair, this time restraining her arms. He showed her a petite pink leather collar with a tiny bell. Are you my kitten, Dave asked? She meekly bowed her head and nodded yes. Look at me he said. She raised tear filled eyes to meet his gaze. Tell me what you want? I want to be your Kitten, to be cared for and used for your pleasure she said. I am not convinced was Dave’s reply. I need to be your Kitten, please take me as yours now. I want this so much, I need this desperately she said.

Very well then, this is your collar which you will wear with pride, a symbol of my ownership of you and your body. Sarah trembled as he fastened it around her neck. It felt good in an odd way, giving herself up for whatever came next. Dave then began to brush out her hair and with each stroke her body began to betray her. You want me to cut your hair don’t you Sarah? See I know everything about you, haven’t I done a good job so far? Yes, please cut my hair she begged, legs open, pussy dripping from excitement. Very well, but I choose the style. Dave closed the scissors and 12 inches of hair makes it was to the floor. Sarah gasped and begged for more. Dave gathered her hair after parting it on each side just above the temples. The he took the clippers he used on her pussy and cut it cleanly to just the collar bone then he parted it deeply on the left and combed the hair over to the right. The affect was a long asymmetrical lob, one of her favorite styles. Dave showed her the results and Sarah sat with her mouth wide open. Exactly like the pictures she covered to much. Dave showed her how by parting it exactly the same but on the right. It became a mirror image, short right and long left. He untied he hands and had her stand and swing her head back and forth. He hair moved freely but always fell back into place. She cried tears of
Joy at what she saw in the mirror…

Dave came up behind her and held her close massaging her breasts, her breathing comely quick Sarah begged to be allowed to orgasm. Dave said, those too belong to me now. If you want to cum, be seated again. Sarah rushed to the chair she needed to cum badly. Dave once again pinned all of her hair on top of her head and pushed he head into her chest. Sarah knew what was next, but couldn’t believe it was happening. You want to cum don’t you? You need to cum don’t you, you want what is next don’t you ? Sarah tried to nod but her chin was firmly planted in her chest. She could only whisper, yes…give me want it want and need…very well Dave replied and the clippers once again came to life. Pushing them up the back of her head where she thought the wouldn’t quit, but they did. Pass after pass the vibrations driving her wild. Then they stopped and a fainter buzzing began.
This time light little touches against the back of her head. Odd angles and lines. Omg she thought not just and undercut, but one with designs!!!! Finally Dave finished and then came the warm shaving cream and the brush all over her neck. The scraping of the straight blade was fantastic but when he was finished Dave wiped it clean and began to massage it with fragrant oil. Sarah was begging to cum now, she needed to cum desperately.

Dave began to kiss her ears and ear lobes kissing Sarah in places she never knew to be erotic. He began to kiss her newly shave nape and when he told her to cum, she exploded so hard she had a squirting orgasm…. When she quoted down all Dave could says was more? Yes she begged, give me more. Dave then cut the rest of the length into an inverted bob with the back exposing the intricate undercut design, Sarah began to tremble as she felt herself getting ready to cum again. You want to cum again don’t you Dave asked ? Yes, I want it again, please make me cum..please. Dave took up comb and clippers and started lifting sections here and there and cutting different lengths. Sarah had no idea of the end result but she knew her orgasm was close and so did Dave… Beg me he said…please she begged, finish it so I can cum…so back to work he went, more clipper over comb. The sides were now a number 4 and then he went to work on the top. Cutting the front to no
More than four inches and the crown down to just one to two inches. Sarah now had her favorite rocker girl hairstyle slightly masculine but definitely girly in her. Are ready Kitten? Yes, please make me cum hard…he took her to the bed and bent her over her swollen glistening pussy begging for relief. Dave readied himself and ask her again…what do you want? Sarah responded that this Kitten wants to please you . Use me please….Dave lubricated his penis and placed it in her ass, and pushed…initially shocked but when she orgasmed and squirted once again, Sarah knew Dave knew her body better than herself. They made love every imaginable way and she even had multiple orgasms, a first firm her. Dave bathed her once again the dressed her in short denim shorts, a black wife beater tank top, plaid shirt tied open around her breasts and a pair of Doc Marten boots. Her favorite look. Her took her back to her car and told her to wear her collar proudly, she had earned it. She was to call when she was ready for another haircut. Sarah drove home and found her surprised at her new look but simply asked if she had a nice afternoon. Sarah the replied, the best. I can’t wait to do it gain…but she wondered what could she do next time to top this experience….time would tell for this little Kitten….Purrrrrrrrr

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