High-N-Tight Graduation Hair Cut

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High-N-Tight Graduation Hair Cut

By JimB (C)eight June 2020

The school bell rang and I packed up my books before leaving the classroom. I’ve been clearing out my locker as well.

At the age of sixteen I was and within forty-eight hours I would be graduating from high school.

I strolled home along the streets of shops which led to my home just a few blocks down.

I wonder what hair style I should get for graduation night.

Graduation night is always the night for girls to shine in their best outfits.

Of course a complementing hair style as well.

However, I didn’t appeal well, especially with my long straggly mane which looks nothing but dull in the eyes of others.

Just as I almost fell too deep into thought, I passed by a barber shop.

There was a middle-aged lady getting her hair cut by a barberette, Julie.

At hindsight, it was probably just another simple trim the ladies around town usually get.

However, as I took a closer look, I realized the Julie was using clippers to give the lady a High-N-Tight hair cut!

It was so short I could see her scalp through the blonde stubble on the back and sides.

Seeing this gave me an idea.

Perhaps a High-N-Tight hair cut is what I need.

Furthermore, short hair cuts are the blaze these days with famous idols such as Anne Hathaway sporting similar styles as well.

Getting a super short hair cut, like a High-N-Tight hair cut will certainly garner attention for graduation night, which I was looking for.

With my fingers crossed, I pushed open the barber shop door and entered.

I sat on the bench beside the window as there was only one barber chair and it was being used by the barberette, Julie, for the lady’s hair cut.

I was mesmerized by how the super short hair cut could look still look chic on a female. I was convinced I needed the same hair cut.

As the Julie used  trimmer clippers to clean up the stray hairs on the lady’s nape, I knew my turn was coming up next.

True enough, she gave the lady’s neck a brush and sent her off upon receiving payment.

After oiling her clippers briefly and brushing the barber chair, she looked over and gestured for me to take a seat in her barber chair.

Upon taking a seat in her barber chair, the Julie took from the shelf a red pin-striped cape, and draped it over me and fastening it snuggly around my neck.

As she pumped up her barber chair to a more appropriate height, she asked simultaneously, “So, is it just a trim for you today?”

I deliberated for a moment, considering one last time whether I should go for the High-N-Tight look.

My mind was all set.

It was time to get rid of my long locks.

“Erm, I was actually thinking of getting the same hair cut as the lady you just gave!’ I replied.

‘Yeah, we could do that.

“A High-N-Tight hair cut will fit you nicely as your features be more accentuated without all these long locks framing your face,’ Julie answered.

With that said, she refastened the cape, this time tighter on my neck.

She grabbed her clippers off the hook under the shelf behind the barber chair, brushed the blades briefly, and turned it on with a thud.

“Are you ready?” Julie asked as she combed through my long tresses form the last time.

It seems as though I can never get ready.

But, decides to tell her give me the High-N-Tight.

I nodded and she brought the clippers to my nape and clippered brutally upwards, sending the dislodged locks of hair down to the floor.

It definitely seems like barbers and barberettes are masters of the clippers, as I saw how skillfully she worked her way around my head, shearing off all my tresses, leaving super short stubble in its path.

After she relieved me of my locks on the sides and back, she switched the attachment on the clippers to a longer one.

Pushing the clippers back from my hairline straight from the forehead to the back. I was astonished as I saw my originally thick hair being shorn away in the mirror over the waiting chairs.

Julie made the pain I had to suffer short as she quickly clippered off the rest of the length on top, leaving slightly more than half an inch at most.

She removed the attachment and cleaned up the stray hairs at my nape. It was strangely arousing as the vibrations of the clippers blades touched my nape.

With the attachmentless clippers, she shaved away part of my sides leaving a thin sideburn behind.

She unfastened the cape and brushed away the stray hairs on my face and neck.

I stared into the mirror intently, trying to get used to my new hair cut.

I caressed my super short hair cut as I realized how true Julie’s words were.

My facial features were indeed much more accentuated after she clippered away my long locks.

Additionally, the stubbly hair is so nice to caress, slightly prickly and soft to the touch.

I thanked her for my amazing hair cut and made sure to pay her a good tip.

Indeed, my new hair cut caught the eyes of many during graduation night.

To complete my look that night, I paired the High-N-Tight hair cut with a tight-fitting white gown which flaunted my S-line figure.

Many could not take their eyes off me.

I think I will be visiting Julie again soon to maintain this hair cut.

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