Himiko Toga Captures Uravity

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“Every girl wants a haircut in their heart, they just don’t know it until Toga has them pinned down to her table with both the metal restraints and her hands, giving them that slasher smile.
“I just want some of your hair, Don’t worry.”

When Ochako Uraraka wakes up, she can’t tell where she is. Things are dark. She struggles to get up, but she finds herself pinned down by something, by both her arms and her legs.
Then she feels hot breath on her cheek. She looks, anxious, to her side, and sees Himiko Toga watching her, smiling.

“Heeeey Ochako! I’m glad to see you’re up! I’ve wanted to talk to you!”
Himiko jumps up, and goes off somewhere. A light switch flips, and Ochako sees that she’s on a table, with her arms and legs strapped down with steel restraints. There’s a smaller metal table sitting next to her with a razor, a pair of scissors, and.. a pair of hair clippers.
Confused, she looks at the smiling Himiko, who laughs, telling her, “You’re so cute when you’re all confused… don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you!”
Himiko spins over to the table, and leans toward Ochako’s face, letting her hot breath wash over her again. “I just want some of your hair. It’s so cute, and it reminds me of you. Let’s just hope I remember to show some restraint, unlike when I took your blood just now! Hehe!”
Ochako pulls at her restraints, but her struggling is useless- everything is solid. Himiko picks up scissors, and snips them, smiling broadly.
“Let’s begin.”

Himiko grabs a comb, before pushing herself onto the metal table, and putting Ochako’s head in her lap. She starts combing out Ochako’s bangs, snipping her scissors in her other hand, making Ochako shiver- the touch is much gentler than she had imagined, and the lap is soft and warm, but the snipping scissors and the restraints give everything a feeling of cold ruthlessness.
“Hmmm…” Himiko wonders, “What am I gonna do with your hair, huh? I don’t want to take all of it, just enough to Make me happy”. Her snipping scissors drift closer to Ochako’s head, and eventually rest on her forehead, still snipping. She smiles mischievously down at Ochako, before running the scissors over her bangs, stroking them happily. She takes one of the long pieces of hair running over Ochako’s ear, and snips it to the length of the rest of her bangs. She does the same on the other side, and then runs the scissors under the hairs above Ochako’s ear, snipping away at them carefully and slowly, letting brown locks fall to the table, until Himiko reaches the back of Ochako’s head.

Ochako closes her eyes, actually enjoying the feeling of cold metal on her head, and she sighs as Toga changes the position of the scissors to snip away the hair above the ear on the other side. Then she hears the scissors clatter on the table, and open her eyes.
Himiko, still watching Ochako with her tongue stuck out playfully, has grabbed the clippers.
She switches them on and off a few times, and puts them under Ochako’s bangs while they’re not running, having fun with the teasing.

After a lot of teasing, Himko finally turns on the clippers purposefully, and places them against Ochako’s sideburn. She carefully runs them up, severing all the hair to a stubble along the way, and uses her comb to stop them at the bang level. She does the same behind the ear, and after she has sheared the bulk away, puts down her comb and pushes Ochako’s ear forward gently. She pushes the clippers up behind it several times, shearing every hair, and Ochako shivers under the cold metal against her fresh-sheared skin, as well as Himiko’s weirdly gentle fingers on her. After shearing behind the ear, Himiko continues with the other side, repeating the same procedure, and giving Ochako chills when she shears behind the ear.

Then Himiko frowns.
“Hmmm. I can’t get to the back of your head like this- I’m gonna have to let you sit up. I’ll undo your arm restraints, but don’t forget, you’re mine for now. If you try anything funny, I will break your arms. Then I’ll shave your head bald!”
Himiko laughs joyfully, and undoes the arm restraints, quickly and skillfully. Ochako sits up cautiously, and Himiko slides up behind her, wrapping her arms around Ochako’s torso and blowing cool air behind her ear.

Ochako shivers uncontrollably, and Himiko giggles. “Don’t move too much,” she orders, as she starts the clippers again, and places them at Ochako’s nape.
Himiko runs the clippers up Ochako’s nape, using her comb to stop them at the same level as the sides, dumping a large clump of brown hair in between their bodies. She smiles gleefully as she does it again, dumping more hair down in her lap. Ochako sits still, partly out of fear, partly because the feeling of the comb and clippers against her head is actually very nice, in a strange way- Himiko makes each styling implement a gentle pressure on her head which is soothing, and reassuring. Himiko carefully makes sure to style the bowl she’s creating at the exact right length, not letting any stray hairs ruin the symmetry, nor cutting any too short, and always keeping her mischievous smile. She has fun watching clumps of hair fall, and thinking about the fact that they now belong to her.

When Himko powers the clippers down, she quickly puts them on the table, and runs her fingers through the back of Ochako’s bowl, fluffing it out. Ochako stiffens- she didn’t expect it to feel this good at all. After a second, Himiko puts her cheek up against Ochako’s sheared nape, and rubs on it happily. “It’s so fuzzy, and warm” she sighs, putting her arms around Ochako’s torso again.
Ochako seizes up and sits straight, not used to the feeling of skin against her scalp, but eventually, she leans into it, letting her eyes drift closed. What Himiko is giving off almost feels like genuine affection.

After a little while of cuddling, Himiko pulls her face off Ochako’s nape, and tells her, “Just one thing left to do! The fuzz is nice, but I want you to feel what it’s like to have a little bit of smooth skin on your head.”
Himiko grabs her razor, and smiles broader than before- she seems to really enjoy this- placing it gently at Ochako’s nape, pushing Ochako’s head down firmly, and begins shearing away the stubble quickly, expertly. Ochako gasps at the cold steel on her nape, and almost jumps, but Himiko’s grip keeps her in place.

After shearing away an entire stripe of stubble up to the bowl, Himiko pulls the razor away, and puts a fingernail directly underneath the remaining long hairs. She slowly, agonizingly slowly, runs it down Ochako’s bald nape, eliciting a massive and uncontrollable round of shivering, and forcing Ochako to moan out, all the way from the bowl cut to the bottom of Ochako’s neck, where Himiko stops. Biting her bottom lip excitedly, Himiko continues running the blade up and down Ochako’s nape, and she wraps an arm around Ochako’s head to keep her still when she folds the ear down to shave behind it. Ochako’s moans get lost into Himiko’s arm, but Himiko feels her hot breath, and understands perfectly what she’s doing. She does the same for the second ear, and Uraraka’s trembling makes her giggle excitedly.

When she’s done shaving, Himiko puts her razor down, and sits back on her haunches. Ochako has a shaved bowl cut at her original bangs, and sits shivering.
Leaning forward again, Himiko breathes against Ochako’s nape, and wraps her arms around Ochako’s torso again, before gently sticking her tongue onto the nape. Ochako gasps, and closes her eyes, even as Himiko runs her tongue along, letting its warmth and wetness permeate Ochako’s newly bare, bald skin. She licks along the back of the head for a while, having fun exploiting how sensitive Ochako is in the area now, before moving to the ear, biting down on it gently and licking behind it forcefully. Ochako yelps out with the bite, even though it doesn’t hurt- Himiko wraps her arms around her tighter as a result.
“I really had fun with you, Ochako,” Himiko tells her, “But I think it’s about time I give you back to your hero friends. They’re gonna start to wonder what happened to you if I don’t.
We’re gonna have Even more fun the next time you see me though, okay?”
Himiko smiles, and Ochako can feel her warm, soft hands on her as she slips into black again.

When Ochako wakes, she’s back in her bed at the academy. She sighs, thinking it was a dream, but when she goes to rub the back of her head, it’s incredibly sensitive and smooth- she jumps out of bed, and goes to look in a mirror.
She’s still sporting the perfect bowl she remembered, and there’s a piece of paper with something marked on it wedged in the corner of her mirror- a heart drawn in blood.

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