History of My Hair Fetish 2007

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I have written before about my early experiences that developed my hair fetish. My stories stared from the beginning. I think you can still find them on this site, although the formatting is a bit off. As this is a fact based account, it may not be as exciting for some readers.

This story starts when I met the woman who is now my wife. It is accurate and based on true events, but I have made changes to certain facts to ensure privacy. This includes names and dates. I will try to keep it as factually correct as possible. This story has had parts posted on other sites, but focuses on her hair as time progresses. It also deals with her changes to appearance, including her weight gain over the years.

This begins in 2007. I had just ended a long relationship that had become toxic and was making me very unhappy. It was with a woman who was attractive on the outside with a great body, nice features, blonde hair that was below her shoulders and blue eyes. She was stylish and well put together. On the inside, however, she was the opposite – just plain ugly and mean.

For many years now, I had suppressed my hair fetish. I learned that it ruined relationships for me and led to embarrassment. I realized that I had to keep it to myself and find attraction is normal aspects of a woman. With that said, I still felt what I felt. I just learned to hide it over time.

March 2007

I had worked at the corporate office of an insurance company for about two years when one day I saw a new admin who was working in another department on my floor. Her name was Alison, but introduced herself as Ali.  She was cute and caught my eye immediately. Ali was 5’1″, looked like she was in her early 20s, had clear skin, a pale completion and hazel/green eyes. Her hair was light brown, loose curls, all one length and a bit below her shoulders. It was fine hair but nicely styled and looked like it was recently trimmed as it was even.

She had a naturally small build, but wore a few extra pounds. I would say she was about 130 lbs at the time. What caught my eye was her chest that was larger than one who expect for her frame and her rear was big enough that is sort of stood out. As we did not work together, I would smile when I saw her but we did not have any reason to speak. She was also younger than me, so I was sort of afraid to approach her.

May 2007

After a couple months, I noticed that Ali tended to eat lunch in the lunchroom on our floor. She would eat on the earlier side and would often eat alone. I started to try to eat at the same time as she did. Before long we started talking to one another and sometimes eating together. I saw that she was a careful eater who most had salads and other foods that one would eat on a diet. She appears to have lost a bit of weigh and looked like she might have now been around 125 lbs.

Ali’s hair was the same or perhaps a bit longer and grown out.  It looked cute on her, but was not as even at the ends as when I have first noticed her. Her curls were also looking a bit looser, which made me think that her hair was probably permed, as opposed to natural curls.

We had friendly conversations, but nothing serious. As time progressed we got closer. I would learn long after that she tried to be in the lunchroom at the same time as me so we could meet up. I learned after talking to her that this was her first real job after two years of junior college and that she was almost 21 years old. I was close to nine years older than her, but did not feel like age was a huge issues for us.  She was pretty shy, so nothing happened quickly.

June 2007 

One Monday when I arrived at work I saw Ali’s hair was different.  It was much curlier and now was above her shoulders.  It looked cute on her and complimented her appearance.  It confirmed that her hair was permed, as the curls looked very different.

I did not say anything to her at first, as I had learned to say as little as possible about hair.  Half way through lunch I finally mentioned that I liked her haircut.  She looked relieved and said that she was not sure about it.  She went on to explain that her mom had kept her hair and her sister’s hair short when they were growing up.  She said that she became used to having shorter hair that was easy and low maintenance, so when she wanted to grow it longer her stylist suggested that she perm it to keep it easier.  I just smiled and enjoyed hearing her talk about her appearance for the first time.

When she brought up having short hair when she was younger, it made me think of my past and having dated girls with short hair.  I said that I was friends with girls who had short hair when I was younger.  She then went on to explain that from the time she was 12 her mom had her keep her hair in bobs styles or shorter.  She explained that she was a chubby girl and her mom thought it was more appropriate. She said that by high school she wanted longer hair and by the middle of her junior year, her mom gave in and let her grow it longer.

The next week, I wanted to get her talking about her appearance again, so I asked if she was now used to her hair.  She said she was and that this type of style was no big deal for her.  She explained that she went to the same stylist who she has gone to since she was a kid.  She said that since she had lost weight she liked having her hair a bit longer and felt like she could pull it off.  I did not want to ask more questions and let her talk.  In my head I was trying to picture what she used to look like.

July 2007

By early July I got up the courage to ask Ali out. Deep down, I think I was waiting for her to make the first move.  She was a shy girl, so I doubt it would have happened.  She immediately agreed and we went out for a nice dinner.  For the first time, I saw her in non-work clothes and was impressed.  She was wearing really make-up and was dressed nicely.  What she was wearing showed off her chest that was bigger than I had thought.  I also noticed that she had probably lost a bit more weight.  I let her know how nice I thought she looked.

The dinner went well.  Unlike lunch, I saw she enjoyed eating and ate more than I thought she would. We went out a few more times that month, but took it slowly. She had never been in a serious relationship, so I figured it was better to wait and promised myself that I would not make a move until she did. This is something I had done in prior relationships and it always seemed to work out better that way.

August 2007

It took about five dates until Ali eventually made the move and kissed me.  It was at my place after we had gone for dinner. It was worth waiting for.  We took things very slowing, but I loved kissing her and feeling her soft skin.  I also loved feeling her curls, even if they had grown out a bit since she permed her hair a couple months back.  She was into it as well, but was shy.  I know it was hard for her to make the first move, so it meant a lot to me.

I also found that over time she was more comfortable around me.  She ate more when we went out and I could tell that Ali really enjoyed food.  Over time, she opened up to me about her weight and how she had been heavy most of her life.  She struggled with her weight as a teen and only started to seriously diet her senior year of high school.  I learned that she had been close to 190 lbs at her biggest when she was 17.  She was now around 125 lbs.

Near the end of the month, she cut her hair again.  It was not drastic, but was above her shoulders and more layers.  She told me that her stylist suggested taking it shorter and thinning it out to give the curls more body as the perm grew out.  She explained that her hair was fine so it was always hard to keep length.  She was not sure if she liked it as she thought it made her face look fat.  When she mentioned it, I noticed for the first time that she may have actually gained a bit of weight.  I told her that I thought she looked great and that she should not worry about her weight.  I think she was surprised to hear that.

September 2007

By mid-September we were a full on couple.  We stayed away from one another at work, as we did not want to attract attention.  I had learned that I was her first serious relationship, so I realized nothing would happen too fast.  She still lived with her parents, but we normally hung out at my place. Being older, I had lived on my own for years.

I met her family that month for this first time.  They were typical semi-rural, midwest folks.  Her mom looked like her with soft features and good skin.  She was about the same height, but probably weighed well over 200 lbs, which seemed to fall towards her lower body.  She had salt and pepper hair that was cropped short. I noticed her hair and immediately pictured Ali with a style like that. Her sister was three years older and was engaged.  She was 3 or 4 inches taller, had straight hair that was below her shoulders and a darker brown color.  She was heavier, but had an overall bigger frame so she wore her weight evenly. At the time I would say she was probably around 200 lbs. Her features were not as soft and she did not have the same feminine looks to her.

When I came over I also saw photos of Ali when she was younger for the first time and saw what she looked like when she was much bigger.  Her face was a bit more full, but like her mom it seemed like most of her weight was in her lower body. I also saw what she looked like with a short bob and in one photo a short wedge style.  I tried not to stare at the photos, but she saw me looking at them.  She made some remark that they were pretty awful and I immediately disagreed. She made it clear that she was not happy about how she used to look. I again reminded her that I would like her no matter what she looked like. At the time, she still did not believe me.

October 2007

As time progressed, I began to get to feel her body more.  As she was shy, I did not get to see her body very much when we were together. Any time that she was not fully dressed it would have to be dark.  I got the odd peak and it thrilled me.  I saw that she had pretty dark stretch marks and learned that she was very self conscious of them. This was not the first time I had been with a bigger woman, so I knew that it was likely a sensitive issue.

As we became more comfortable in our relationship, she also started to worry less about her weight.  She would eat more with me and that made me happy. She was still visiting the gym, but not as frequently. Her gaining weight was not very noticeable, but I was happy to see she was not as worried.  We did not talk about it much, but I would try to make her feel good about her body as much as I could.

November 2007

We grew closer to one another and more comfortable.  She warmed up to the idea of staying over at my place, even if we were still taking things slowly. I made it clear that I did not want things to happen too fast, but we could still spend more time together.  Her sister had broken her parents in so that was not the issue even if she was only 21. I remember the first morning seeing her in her underwear and her covering up right away.  I found it cute and it made seeing her body more of a thrill. I could see that her underwear was bigger than it should have been and was baggy on her.  I suspect it was a pair from when she was bigger.  She was wearing a t-shirt, but it was probably the first time I saw her without a bra.

Ali invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her family.  I liked the idea and agreed. She asked my opinion about her getting her hair done, as she would be seeing all of her family. I knew not to say much about hair, as it is a dangerous area.  I liked hearing her talk about her appearance, so I tried to listen well and get her talking. Her hair was now about shoulder length and was looking pretty limp with the curls growing out.  She was not sure whether to have it permed again. She explained that it was expensive and her hair would look shorter, but it made her hair easier to style and gave it more body. She said that without the curls her hair looked very limp and mousy as soon as it got below her chin.  I did not say too much, but was hoping she would go shorter.

When I saw her the next day, she looked very different.  Her stylist took off quite a bit of length and layered her hair so it was not really an even bob style anymore, but sort of a shag style. It was cut to the hairline in the back, with her neck trimmed with clippers. It was around her ears lobes on the sides.  It was layered in the front and the curls seemed a bit tighter than when she last permed it. It showed off her face more and probably showed that she had put on some weight. She could tell that I liked her hair this way and I think she did too, as it was much easier for her.  She told me that it was longer if it was straight, but the curls made it look shorter. She said her stylist got scissor happy, but that she was used to that as her stylist likes shorter styles.

At Thanksgiving I met more of her family.  They were nice people and mostly heavy set.  Her aunts and cousins were pretty much all full figured. Many people who saw her commented that she was still so thin.  Her hair seemed to be a hit as well, with her mom and aunt being happy that she was keeping it in a more mature style. I realized then that she was probably going to be bigger as time went by.

December 2007

Like most where we lived, her family made a big deal about Christmas. No shortage of food around the house and it showed.  By the time the holidays were over, she was showing some weight gain.  I could feel it in her mid section and her pants were fitting very tightly.  Her chest only looked different when she was not wearing a bra, but I noticed.  I liked the look and loved the way she felt.  She talked about it a bit and said that she wanted to lose weight for her sister’s wedding in March. I told her she would look good no matter what and that she had an amazing body.

Her hair still looked great and I was used to it being shorter now.  I liked it being trimmed in the back and exposing her neck.  She seemed to like it as well and I hoped she would not grow it out.

to be continued…

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