History of My Hair Fetish 2008

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This is a continuation of the history of my hair experiences.  This segment is from 2008, which was a time when I was still dating the woman who would become my wife. As I am going year by year, some periods do not have as much change with her hair.

January 2008

We were becoming closer and Ali was now staying over at my place pretty frequently.  She was slowly becoming less shy, but would still try to hide herself from me if she was not dressed.  She would not change in front of me, but was becoming more comfortable with other things. I was happy to take things slowly after my last relationship.  I also did not want to push it with Ali who I knew was in her first real relationship.

By the middle of the month she started to become fixated with the idea of losing the weight for her sister’s wedding.  I did not want to tell her not to, but did not encourage it. She started to really diet and go to the gym more frequently. It was effecting her mood and was not a good thing for the most part. She also wanted to grow her hair a bit long for the wedding. It would not get too long, but would be a bit more to have styled for being in the wedding party.

February 2008 

Ali’s dieting and weight loss efforts continued at a rapid pace.  It made her a miserable person and changed who she was.  By mid February, we got into a serious fight.  For two weeks, I did not speak to her or see her other than at work.  She was now on a different floor, so it was not like we saw each other that much anyhow. It was the first time we really fought and I was not sure if it meant the end of what we had.

March 2008

By early March we were talking again and trying to make things better.  Our relationship was tense, but I knew she was trying.  She wanted us to be a couple at her sister’s wedding and I wanted this as well.  I was happy that this did not mean the end to our relationship.

She was still losing weight and it was noticeable.  As she was pretty short, even minor weight changes showed on her.  She wanted to look good in her dress, so I sort of understood. It could tell she was still miserable from dieting, but she was trying to be nice around me.  I still did not like what it was doing to her.

Her and her sister planned to get highlights for the wedding.  She was a bit scared to do it, as she had never had blonde hair before.  Her hair had not been trimmed since November so it was longer and the curls were grown out quite a bit.  She planned to have it straightened for the wedding so it would look longer.  I had mixed feelings on her going blonde, as I had just got over a relationship with a blonde.  I did not say anything either way.

She ended up getting some serious highlights to the point that she looked pretty much fully blonde.  Her her was straight for the wedding and she was happy with how it looked. I personally preferred her hair shorter, but it did look good. I just found that it did not look like her.  It took me a while to get used to Ali being blonde.

April 2008

After her sister’s wedding she relaxed her dieting.  We also had the first real talk about her weight and I explained that I would rather she is 300 lbs than miserable.  She knew I meant it too. It was around this time that I think she came to accept that she was meant to be bigger and fighting it was not a battle she could win in the long run.

By the end of the month she was eating more and was not really using her gym membership. We were also in a better place in our relationship.

May 2008

Things had gotten back to normal with us as the spring progressed. I was happy that Ali was back to herself.  I saw a bit of weight gain and now she was a bit less shy with me seeing more of her. She was staying over more often and there were times when we would have to share my one bathroom.

Ali looked different with her longer and pretty much blonde hair.  It was now to her shoulders. By then, her sister had done the newlywed chop. Her sister did not go very short, but got a short bob that was around chin length in the front and got shorter in the back with a bit clipped at the hairline. Her sister went to a fancier and more expensive salon.  I was not a huge fan of that style and cannot say it suited her sister that well, but I liked the idea of shorter hair on her.

Now Ali was the only one in the family who still had long hair. We were at house parents’ house one day when her mom started talking about her hair and when she was planning to cut it.  I do not recall her words but it was something let when she was ready to get rid of that silly mess and go back to a practical style.  I knew from stories that Ali told me that she had been hearing this from her mom since she was 12. I could tell Ali was used to it.

I did not say anything in response to her mom’s comments, until her mom asked my opinion. After trying to avoid the question with a non-committal answer, I ended up saying that I liked Ali’s hair when she had cut it short. Her mom responded by saying that what Ali had was not short hair, just a shorter style of long hair.  Her mom said that hair is not short if it covers her ears. She then explained how Ali had short hair a few times as a teen and it was much more suitable for her.  She took out photos of Ali when she had a wedge style when she was around 15 or 16. I tried not to seem too interested, but I was.  Ali looked very different in these photos, with short hair and probably being about 50 lbs heavier.

After dinner with her parents we spoke and she asked me if I really liked her hair shorter. I said that I liked it on her and she looked cute when she had short hair.  I said that she should do what she wants and not listen to others.  She told me that she always thought that she should keep her hair long as that is what guys like. I told her that what she thought is not true and I found that short hair suited her. I think she was surprised that I did not immediately tell her to grow her hair long.

June/July 2008

It seemed like Ali was gradually putting the weight that she lost for her sister’s wedding back on.  We spent more time with one another and went on our first trip together that summer.  She ate quite a bit on the trip and seemed to gain quite a bit over that week.  I could tell that she was a person who was meant to be bigger.  As we were sharing a hotel room, I got to see her dress which also reviled that she was getting bigger.

Her hair was still longer and the blonde was growing out.  It was not the most flattering hair for her but I did not say anything. She talked about changing it, but kept putting it off.  By the end of the month she was wearing her hair up in a ponytail most days. Her dark roots showed as the blonde grew out.  I do not think Ali liked the look, but did not want to spend the money on getting more highlights.

August 2008

August was a hard month, as Ali lost her job because of the financial crisis.  I kept my job, but it was a depressing work environment.  It was nearly impossible to find work as an admin in financial services at that time.  She was sad and worried about money. I tried to make her feel better, but it was not that easy.

Ali finally got her hair cut.  She did not want to spend money on more highlights or a new perm, so she just had her stylist give her a short bob that was about chin length.  Now that she went back to shorter hair, it sort of showed that she put on weight in her face. I liked that but the cut still left her hair looking limp.  The roots that were growing out were not really great either. I was still good with whatever she did and was happy to see that she was not planning to grow her hair long.

I told her that I liked how the cut looked on her.  She said it felt good to get rid of so much hair, but she missed being able to put her hair up in a ponytail. She hates having her hair in her face when it is down.  I did not say anything, but sort of agreed as it now got in my face when we kissed etc. I missed her being able to wear it in a ponytail when we were close with each other.

September/October 2008

Unemployment turned into a time for putting on weight for her. She seemed to eat a lot more when she was not working. I did not complain and she seemed to just accept it. By October she took a part time job at a supermarket.  This was discouraging for her, but she had to make some money.

By the end of October she had gained a noticeable amount of weight.  She also did not have the money to buy new clothes, so most of the clothes she wore fit her tightly. I really did not mind her having a few extra pounds, but she did not feel the same way.  I tried to give her support whenever and however I could.

Ali got her hair cut again near the end of October and her stylist went shorter with the bob.  It was above her chin and a clipped a bit in the back. I thought it was really cute and liked how it felt in the back where it was clipped short.  I asked if the clipped hair in the back freaked her out and she said that this was nothing for her.  She said that there were times when she was younger when her stylist would use clippers to tidy up the back and sides, so a bit of clipping near the hairline did not phase her.

Her face also looked a bit plumper after she got it cut again.  She told me that her stylist suggested a short style to cut out the remaining blonde hair, but she was afraid it would be too short. I did not say anything, but pictured her with short hair and sort of liked the change each time she went shorter.

November/December 2008

Things stayed pretty much the same for November. She continued to gain weight gradually and was now bigger than I had ever seen her.  I liked the look and realized that this is who she really is.  As she gained weight she also felt better to me when I held her.  As time progressed, we had more intimate time and I realized that this is probably the woman for me.  She was becoming very comfortable with me. I began to accept that I would be with a bigger woman and actually liked the idea.

By the time Thanksgiving came around, it was Ali’s sister who was getting the attention as she was a few months pregnant.  Her sister was already gaining some baby weight.  Ali was still the smallest of all the women in her family, even though she was starting to catch up.

The Christmas season was hard for Ali as she was still unemployed.  That did not stop her from eating and gaining weight.  It seemed like there was always food around her house that time of year. Ali gained more weight that month.  I think it might have been as a result of the season and her being a bit depressed. It was hard for her to find work and she enrolled in a job finding program for the new year.

She got her hair cut a bit before the holidays and stayed with the short bob.  She kept it a similar length to before, but maybe went a bit shorter in the back.  She told me that her stylist again tried to get her to go short to cut out what she called her two-toned hair. She passed on the idea, but told me after that she had second thoughts about it after. Her mom also thought that she should do something about her hair, as it might be better for the job search if her hair was one color.

For Christmas I took her on a shopping spree as she really needed new clothes by that time.  She was smart and bought mostly work clothes so she could look professional in interviews and when she returned to the workplace. She also bought new bras as she had grown quite a bit. She still wore the same jeans that by now were way too small on her. I sort of liked seeing them look tight on her rear and her stomach bunching up above them.

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